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By boomman17

-I figure its time for a new view on this, or a new way of delivering it.

So I think the Gospel asked me this...

"Can you adapt to change, and ball like LeBron James?"

Cause I know a person who can do both.

You call him Fr. Jeff, I just simply call him J-Vo.

J-Vo has helped me these past seven years. He's showed me a lot and taught me to never say to yourself "I cannot"

-This guy has done a lot for us.

You know he's' healed the sick, baptized feisty babies, and shown us nothing but love and compassion.

He treats the youth like his own children, as we treated him like a father.

Hip replacement and all, he's gonna go even farther.

-This guy I know, J-Vo, has an incredible level of patience

As I'm sure all of you know that cause he rarely lets his frustration show.

At least I don't recall a time where he got mad and let everything go.

-But this guy, J-Vo

This guy right here......this guy right HERE!!!!!!!........can BALL!!!!, even with that hip of his.

And I cant remember the last time he missed a shot.

-Furthermore to you J-Vo, I believe that you have an incredible walk with Christ.

May he continue to walk with and bless you as you close one chapter of your life to another.

From all of us here at St. Elizabeth:

Have fun,

Take care

And be safe.

-Also, as President of and with love from the youth council:

"We gone miss you J-Vo"

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17 Jun, 2013

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