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Jacks' Dream
Jacks' Dream

Jacks' Dream


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a young boy named Jack. Jack was a spoilt young boy with very loving and generous, possibly too generous. They gave Jack everything he ever wanted, no matter what the cost.

There was only one problem. Jack was unthankful for everything he had been given and took everything for granted. Then one night, when Jack laid his head down to sleep, he had a dream sent from God.

He dreamt his family had lost everything. Everything was gone, and his family had gone broke in his dream. Jack was crushed! Later in the dream, he had to work a tough, laborious job in order to eat anything.

After he worked really hard for hours under the scorching hot sun, all he could have was a small bowl of porridge, which he hated. See, unbeknownst to him, his mother and father had worked very hard to live a comfortable life and give jack all that he desired. When jack awoke, he sprang from his bed and sprinted downstairs to his parents and gave them the biggest bear hug he could give them.

From that day forward, he vowed to change his ways and stop taking things for granted.
He even started going to church, and he actually liked it. He got to hang out with other kids his own age. From where Jack was an only child, he didn’t have a brother or a sister to call his sibling. Sure, he had every material thing he could ever want, but he didn’t have a sibling. He got lonely.

One day after church, Jack went home and asked his parents if he could have a sibling. Well, after a while, they agreed, and nine months later, Jack was a very proud older brother. See, you’re supposed to appreciate everything you are given because what Jack dreamed is a sad reality in other countries, so it is very important to be thankful, respectful, and humble.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a review to let me know how I'm doing as I am a new, young writer.

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10 Mar, 2022
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1 min
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