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Jane, Part 3 - Her Grave
Jane, Part 3 - Her Grave

Jane, Part 3 - Her Grave

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She wanted to be buried in white,

in a white dress, with white roses, white

everything, but sadly, she was buried in black.

The funeral, in my head, was very solemn,

even though I wasn’t invited.

Of course I wasn’t invited

The night after she was buried, I shoplifted

a bouquet of flowers and hitchhiked to

the cemetery she was buried at.

I wore white, for her

I kneeled in front of her grave, the

bouquet of white roses I got her

sitting on her headstone…

It...It was cold

Like her, it was too cold,

and I couldn’t stand looking

at that disturbed dirt, knowing

she was gone.

She never told me goodbye…

I told her goodbye though…

I didn’t want her to go

I wanted her to grow old with me,

to have a son named Jerry, or a

daughter named Mary

I wanted us to have a house in

the middle of Oklahoma, where

we didn’t have to worry about anything

but each other…

But now that she’s gone

I have to move on too...

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16 Oct, 2019
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<1 min
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