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By jaynejohnstone

hello my name is jayne johnstone. the story you are about to hear is about a 14 year old girl named jessie. enjoy.

i wish i had the dignity to talk to him, but i find that i dont have enough courage.
really? is this all i can say? really? i will continue my story but sadly its time for school

AT SCHOOL; "hey loser!" said niome, " did you bring me my lucnh money?"
"leave me alone Niome!", said jessi. "whoa!, slow down there speed racer!,
"I AXED YOU A QEUSTION, NOW ANSWER IT!" she screamed in her face. then jessie treid to run away but niome was too fast for her. she grabbed her up threw her on the ground and punched her in the nose. " HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT BITCH?"
as jessie layed on the ground and cryed all bruised up and bloody the school bell had rung,"SEE YOU AFTER SCHOOL BITCH, HAHAA!" yelled niome. after niome had left jessie got up from the groung and hurried to class. " YOUR LATE." screamed miss archibald. " im sorry miss. archibald." jessie said quitly. " AND WHAT IN SAM HENNRYS IS ALL OVER YOUR SHIRT?" blurted miss archibald. " its nothing ma'am, just a little blood." said jessie. " WELL DONT JUST SIT THERE! GO UP TO THE OFFICE I AM TIRED OF YOUR NONCENSE!!!!! YOU ARE A NUCENSE TO THIS CLASS YOUNG LADY DO YOO HERE ME???? LEAVE!" screamed miss archibald.
"okay" said jessie in tears. as, she headed up to the office. the office called jessies parents and her father answered. "oh no... please dont let him take me!!" she begged the office lady, "plaese!!" what is wrong with you child... are you mental?? said the office lady.then her dad came through the door. oh nooo........oh noo... oh n-. " what is wrong with you bitch?? i had to take time off of work to get u?? get in the car!" she got in the car. and.....

helloo people!!! if u liked my story you can vote the little 5 star thingy... anyway.. should i continu? im gonna anywayz... well get ready for an epic series :)

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19 Sep, 2011
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