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A Journey

A Journey

By Optimism101 - 1 Review

Day 1, I know this journey will be a long one, and I start off today. I have packed as many supplies as I could find, which disappoints me as I could not find much. I have some water, some food, an extra change of clothes and my bag. I don’t know how long this will take, but I know that I won’t stop until I have completed my journey.

Day 30, I have been walking in a field for many days now. Thankfully I scavenged some firewood and fire starters from a small log cabin a while back. I have been using that for warmth and light now in the night, so that I may walk farther. Food hasn’t been a problem as of yet, but surely it will become one. I have plenty of rations, but I don’t know how long that will last me.

Day 79, I finally got out of the fields, and miss fresh water. The only water I can find is the occasional spring and rain. The forest I entered is scarier than it appeared from the outside. There are no trails and I am afraid to sleep without a fire near me, for fear they will attack me. The only upside to the forest is the berries I can find and the firewood I can scavenge. That is able to supplement my loss of rations from the raid.

Day 156, After the forest I encountered more field, this time it w natural however. Some animals were scattered throughout them but were scared off from my presence. I guess they haven’t seen anything like me.

Day 383, I have found a collapsed city. They built huge structures and buildings in a block like pattern, but now they are barren of life. The city provides nice supplies though. I was able to find a lot of food and fresh water. After many long hungry nights I was able to feast upon the food of the city. Not a sign of life throughout it however. Not even the animals dared to venture in. I guess that makes me one of the only life forms that ventured in here after a long time.

Day 426, They returned. Small packs of them have started to spring up around the areas I travel. They don’t approach me, but they are curious. I guess they can’t even destroy themselves. They reverted back to their savage ways though, without the splendor of life they once had. But they still start over with everything. I see some with small animals around them, and with some of the clothes from before.

Day 815, The animals are becoming more and more used to the presence of others. Some of them even come up to me, as if they had been trained for this. One now follows me as a companion of sorts. It looks like what they call a “squirrel”, but with more of a wolf’s features. I share with it some of my food and it brings some food back to me.

Day 1005, My companion, now named Andromeda has grown quite accustomed to me and now stays by my side almost always, willing to venture with me no matter the destination or motives. It even warns me of other oncoming animals, or even when They are near.

Day 1382, Andromeda is no longer with me. I was attacked by a pack of Them. They started by hurling spears at me and then rushing forward with more weapons, stabbing at me and trying to take my things. Andromeda, after the first spear was thrown, attacked one of Them, and was able to take one down, but was impaled by another. After the attack I was able to find a safe spot, and I mourned the loss of Andromeda. I miss it, but I still have to continue on.

Day 1765, I have entered a desert area now. Everything around me is a wavy yellow with darker tones. The sun beats down on me and makes it harder to move on. My supplies are whittled away every day, but I don’t have to eat or drink much, so I think I can survive. There are none of Them here, which is good, I don’t think I could fend them off or escape if they attacked again. The animals here were around the same size as my companion but were often active during the night instead of the day.

Day 2362, I have gotten past the immense desert, which took longer than I thought. On the other side of it, an ocean. Besides that a small forest lay along the coast. Some of Them have built huts a long the coast. I will be sure to avoid them. But for now I will have to build something to go across this ocean, a boat if I have to.

Day 3056, Today I set sail across this ocean with a boat large enough for me and all my supplies. They helped me with it in some cases, gathering wood and such to help. Maybe not all of them are as bad as they seem. I even got another companion, named Sol, this time, it was a bit bigger. Sol was like a wolf, but with a longer body, like a snake. It helped me carry some of my things and even caught some fish which was more useful and would be nice for my journey. They also had some companions too. The companions were bigger and were a lot more useful in building. It is interesting how They develop and grow.

Day 4508, I have been sailing for quite a while now. Sol stays with me still and attaches himself to me like Andromeda. The sea has been very quiet. No storms have troubled me and the fish we catch have been plenty. The only barrier for my progress is time. I can only go as fast as the sea.

Day 6937, I have landed on a new shore. Sol and I were happy to be on a solid now. Another destroyed city lies in front of us. It looks just as calm as the last, but this one is much bigger with taller buildings. I could use some more supplies.

Day 6938, The city isn’t barren. They have taken a residence in many of the buildings. They are armed with weapons from the past that destroyed them in the first place. While I was searching through one of the buildings, I found Them. Soon after rushing out more of Them came out from the many buildings. They attacked me and Sol, but we were able to make it away safely to a small building on the edge of the city. The city spanned for miles, and They no doubt had a residence in all parts of it. Through was the only way, but I’m not sure I can make it

Day 6942, Supplies are running low. I have been hiding from Them but They are getting closer. They perform scans of each building to see what lies in them now. I am not sure how much longer I can stay in hiding. Sol grows weary and hungry as well. Tomorrow I go out.

Day 6948, I have been running from Them for a bit, and They have not spotted me yet, but I’m not sure how much longer that will hold up. This city is very large, and I still cannot get out of it yet.

Day 6950, This will be my last entry. They found me when I had let my guard down. They fired at me time and time again, tearing into me. Sol fell quickly when the strike started, and I already miss it. I had been foolish to believe that They could even be worthy of faith. They destroy themselves, and then do not think about the consequences. I could not even pass through peacefully. My journey, my faith, all for naught. I can feel myself losing sight of the world. I’m struggling to stay with it, to hold out for hope, but no hope could ever be found here.

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6 Dec, 2019
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