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Journey to the Unkown Homestead

Journey to the Unkown Homestead

By Haynes

Project: Journey To the Mysterious Homestead

Chapter 1 The Journey

On this peculiar evening Jeannie had been tossing and turning during the night troubled by her dream the night before, impulsively she looked at the clock, around three am, Jeannie sat up on the edge of her bed with her head in her hands for awhile. Her dreams were becoming more prevalent, leaving so many unanswered questions in her life involving her elder brother Brian. Unanswered questions, and many others Jeannie and Brian had tried to understand over the years.

"I must go and visit with Brian," she said to herself.

Tonight Jeannie had another dream that had been so vivid almost as though she was in a state of full consciousness. An intense argument between two people, she did not know them. Brian had always played a part in her previous dreams,she would know of him as her protector. There seemed to be telepathic messages that had been reaching out in her dreams emerging from her sub-consciousness hidden for many years. Meandering down the hallway from her room to the wash basins in her living quarters she filled the washbasin with cold water and refreshed her face. Finally, she was able to dress in her jeans and check shirt and riding boots, she scribbled a quick a note for her boss Mrs Milton, whom had also become her friend.

Jeannie started driving in her little Morris Minor and after an hour had passed she happened to hit a something on the road with a great thud on the underside of her car. Frustrated as Jeannie stopped off to the side of the track, the many times she had driven along this road, there was never any boulders along the road, she knew the road and could foresee dangerous any stones, boulders,or hazardous twists or turns. Jeannie's beliefs managed to draw her to the open road at an dangerous hour of the morning.

After stopping the car, and getting out to see what the striking sound was under the car with a dull sound, that she felt. It was still dark and luckily she kept a torch in the boot of the car, along with water for the radiator. Walking around the car with the torch looking under the car she found the axle was broken. Jeannie sat down on the side of the road with a great thump next to her car door, she felt more frustration build because of the many times she had driven this road any hour of the day.

"Oh! no!" she screamed.

"I do know better than this, Daddy taught Brain and myself how to look after ourselves in the bush, Mr and Mrs Milton wont be up for hours yet," she said angrily to herself.

Jeannie had become stranded on a deserted outback gravel road during the early hours of the morning between Milton sheep station and Brentwood sheep station where her brother Brian worked.

"What I am I doing out on this road, at this ungodly hour of the morning?, no one knows I am here," she said, “And I've done this on impulse, from a dream.”

As the morning outback sun began to beam down on her, "I should have know better, " she screamed at herself.

She grabbed the water from the boot of her car, and had a small drink, "I may as well have a drink, it is not going to do me any good for the car," she added.

Walking along the deserted road talking to herself hoping to keep her mind active, it was going to be a long day,”My hat is still in the car too,” she said.

“Brian will be cross with me not letting him know I was going to visit, I can see him now!” she thought.

Reprimanding herself for being so impulsive, “Well I got myself in this pickle, now I am going to have to get myself out of it.”

During the heat of the day walking along the most direct route she knew in the direction of Brentwood sheep station. A feeling coming over her as though there was a sudden strength build up inside her. Aware of the state of consciousness the heat of the day had started playing tricks on her mind, as though she was fleeing something in her life. She stood still under the shade of an isolated tree and shook herself,

“What happened?” she said, then suddenly she realized a strange voice came out of her mouth.

A voice she recalled from her dreams and from, childhood-adulthood but could not place it, “Look about you! can you see a group of trees and ruins of an old homestead?,” frightened by the choppy change in her voice.

She looked about her and spotted the trees and homestead and began walking through the scrub in the direction of the trees and rambling growth spreading out in different directions. It seemed to take forever, the trees and old homestead seemed to be still far in the distance. Finally as she made her way through the trees it was not ruins, but a beautiful old homestead. She glanced to the right side of the verandah where an cemetery plot stood almost fully covered in red sand blown in by the north winds. As Jeanie glanced at the cemetery she thought, “What a sorrowful sight.” An unusually huge work or shearing shed was also in the distance.

She could not believe her eyes as she opened the heavy front door to the homestead, almost as though she had walked in the homestead in another time. Jeannie was able to walk around the home knowing where every room was, there were cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, sheets over chairs and, hanging ornaments all around the walls, faded pictures that she could hardly distinguish whom they were.

“What spirits were in this home? Who or whom lived here before?” she thought as she peered into the pictures brushing the cobwebs from the pictures. She could feel the eyes of the people in the picture follow her as she glanced around the room.

“I must get busy and look around for some more water,” she thought.

Jeannie went into the kitchen, surprisingly, there was a water pump exactly where she expected it to be.

“I hope it works and is nice and cool,” said Jeannie.

An inner strength gave her the energy to work the pump, there was only red dust bellowing through the pump and making Jeannie cough.

“Please work!” thought Jeannie as she slowed.

The creaky sound of the pump was causing her concern, “Was there any water down there,” she thought? The water well was sounding rather hollow, water had not been drawn from the well for many years.

There was a strange voice, similar to the voice she heard this morning coming from within her. Panic-stricken, Jeannie began to open the back door slowly anticipating someone being there, but instead she felt a feathery touch brush past her. A touch she felt many times in her dreams. That touch had invaded her dreams many times.

Suddenly she shivered and shook herself, and looked around the kitchen to see the water pump moving up and down, but no one was standing there and all the red dust was gone.

A voice said to her “Jeannie your water is now running fresh and clear, it has been a long time since anyone needed water here,” she continued to look around, but could only hear this voice and see nothing at all.

“Where are you?, Who are you? What are you doing?” she yelled.

She heard these strange heavy footsteps heading towards the parlor and fire wood was floating in the air to along the passage towards the parlor. She followed the fire wood arriving in the parlor just in time to see it drop on the hard cobbled floor by the fire place. Just standing there watching the fire start and glow warmly, now she was really alarmed. This strange homestead had a past.

Jeannie almost fell into the rocking chair that was covered with a sheet by the fire place, dust engulfed her as she collapses into the chair exhausted with fear. She had been so tired, noises, echoed in her ears, lights were flashing before her closed eyes.

The dream

Jeannie fell into a troubled sleep and began dreaming again this time more vividly than before. This time it was in color and in the homestead where she was now sleeping. In her sleep as she was dreaming again, Jeannie was leaving her body and floating above her parents arguing over the running of the sheep station and the drought. Brian was crying at the door peeking through the gap and sheltering Jeannie. She could see it all in her dream.

Suddenly father is screaming at the top of his voice,

“You are not taking the children back to the city.”

“You are not going to stop me,” cried their mother.

“You will never bring them back, you will find Rodger again and stay with him in the city and I cannot let you do that,” cried their father

Suddenly there was gunfire and a thud as mother fell to the floor, and then their father stormed out of the office, yelling “Brian, Jeannie.!”

Brian was dragging me out to the yard past the old cemetery to hide in the shed, father is yelling out for us both. Protecting me, Brian sheltered me in the shed for hours. We fell asleep in the shed for a long time, early in the morning Brian woke me up and we went back into the house cautiously. Careful not to make any noise, we looked in on fathers office and found him dead along side mother. With a note on his desk reading.

Dear Brian and Jeannie,

Please forgive me, I could not live without your mother and you both. I did not want to shoot you but I would've if I could find you. We have been struggling for a long time on this sheep station with drought very little money and isolation. I won the love of your mother for another beau in the city called Rodger. She was so beautiful in the city and enjoyed the parties but had trouble handling the isolation. The spirits the surrounded the homestead for many years, caused much pain and engulfed us all for many puzzling generations. I can not carry on my ancestors are calling me. Please forgive me, I have telephoned your Aunt from Broken Hill she is on the way here.
Love Father.

Wrestling with herself, she woke from her dream perspiring and screamed with terror. Then a vision of her father appeared in front of her,

“I am sorry you are frightened, and yes it is me, your “Father.”

“I followed you here and, I have been here all along with your ancestors, my ancestors, watching you, now you remember what happened during your childhood,” said her father.

She stood up out of the chair writhing with anger, attempting to slap his face, her action came so fast that it dumbfounded her. When her hand swiped straight through his face. Jeannie stood there looking at her hand not comprehending what just happened. Her father had been dead a long time, the only memory she had of her father was that of her dreams.

He was dressed the same as in her dream, with a bullet hole to his forehead, and blood stains that have trickled from the wound, down his face and flannelette shirt. His work trousers were stained with mud and mysteriously his hair and beard had grown and turned white with time.

“Why are you here?” she asked.

“I have not been able to cross-over to the other side at all, although I have tried many times. Generations of your ancestors are still here with me. We have been trying to lure you and Brian here. Your Aunt took your mothers body and buried her with the rest of her family in Broken Hill. I was buried here,along with your ancestors a violent, and despised lot they were.” replied her father.

“Many people have journeyed through here, I have been able to frighten them, and scare them away until I was able to draw you here, fortunately your car broke its axle on your journey,” added her father.

“I was able to enter your body and change your voice, because you were vulnerable if you wondering. It was me that brushed passed you in the kitchen, now we are face to face,” he said.

“I did not realize where I was, there was just a feeling I had about this strange homestead that was in disrepair when I walked in and the photos are eerie,” said Jeannie.

She tried hitting again, but it still did not have any effect! Anger and hurt was simmering so ferociously inside her, she wanted to cry and thump at his chest so feverishly.

“You are a ghost, you ruined my life and Brian's, now you you are going to ruin our lives again,” stated Jeannie.

“No! I want to finally cross-over, but for some reason they wont let me until I make my peace, in this world,” said her father deviously. He knew he was there for Jeanie and Brian, to take them with him finally. Carefully he had to lure her into believing him.

“You will never make peace in this world with Brian and myself, we have both battled hard to make new lives for ourselves and learning to love again,” said Jeannie.

“I have watched you both for many years, but you have never seen me till now, it has been hard to watched you love and be loved by Mr & Mrs Milton. Brian is in love with a Jilleroo on Brentwood station, but he is always in trouble for fighting with the other men and drinking too much. Sometimes he misses his duties by sleeping his grog off. His girlfriend wants him to get help but he wont, I can not leave this world till I get help for him,” stated her father.

“How do you intend to do that, he does not know where I am,” said Jeannie.

“Yes he will? Mr & Mrs Milton will ring him soon to check that you have arrived safely. When he realizes you were supposed to be at Brentwood, he will go looking for you and I will bring him here,” he said.

“What if he will not come, sometimes he is like that when he is angry!” said Jeannie.

“I will make him come, the same way as I did you, it is harder to over power a man's mind, but I will fight him and bring him here,” he said.

“Now I am going to lock you in the cellar, to make sure you are here when I fetch him,” her father said.

He moved the table and floor rug in the parlor and lifted the floor boards. The cellar was built during the last century when the homestead was built when her fathers ancestors, hid their aboriginal women from the missionaries. Sometimes the older white men would take young aboriginal girls down their and hide them for their own pleasures eventually they would die of malnutrition in the cellar .

“Yes I tricked you I am going to take you hostage in the cellar, like we did in the old days, my father before me and his father before him had hostages down here. When I lure Brian here I can take you both with me,” said her father.

Her father dragged her down the steps of the cellar, then closed the entrance to the cellar.

Her father used his ghostly powers and moved the rug and table back in place. Disappearing through the walls of the cellar he headed in the direction of Brentwood sheep station.

Brian was tossing and turning in his cot, dreaming as he did quite often, this time his dream was different, he could hear Jeannie calling him. He always knew when she needed him it was their personal bond that had developed strongly over the years.

He woke reaching for his alarm clock, but instead knocked his beer bottle to the floor breaking it. Brian was forever hearing voices in his head quite often now. Growing up as he did tending for Jeannie and protecting her he had forgotten about himself and turned to the grog. Now there was Frankie his girlfriend, he had trouble sorting out his feelings. He was feverish from drinking too much, abruptly there was a shiver that crawled through his body, he thought it was from drinking, suddenly his mind seemed to clear, he stood up and washed, his face, and dressed in jeans and singlet as it was a warm night. Walking out of his quarters, he jumped into his Holden utility and drove, he did not know where he was going. For some reason he was just driving along the dusty red sandy roads fighting the steering wheel all the time. Brian was desperate to get back onto the main road and drive back to Brentwood, but he was always pulled back to the dusty red sandy roads.

The utility Brian was driving abruptly came to a sudden stop at the gates of the “Unknown station”, there was a call coming through on the citizen band radio, “Mr and Mrs Milton calling Brian, we know you are on the road somewhere please come in,” Brian tried to grab for the c b radio but the electricity in the air kept shocking him as he tried to reach for it. Frustration and anger became overwhelming, but he could not understand what was going on. Entering the nearby property called “The unknown Homestead” by locals.

Following the path from the gate he decided to walk for awhile and see where the road ended up. Wandering through the bush land he eventually found the old homestead,

“What on earth is this old homestead, why am I here?” Brian said.

He knew it was called the, “Unknown Homestead” by locals, his shearing mates had told many stories about the “Unknown Homestead.” The property was over grown and in need of renovation, no one had been living or working the property for many decades. Brian had taken a position on Brentwood sheep station a few years ago but no-one ever ventured past the gates of the “Unknown Homestead”. But this time he did, boldly walking through the gates. Something was drawing him towards a heavy antique looking front door. Knocking on the door was enough to gently push the door open, he walked inside cautiously brushing away cobwebs.

The Homestead

Standing in the middle of the parlor, he determined there was someone around or close by as the fireplace was glowing a little and still warm. He walked through the parlor, glancing at dusty old faded pictures on the walls. He started walking towards the kitchen, unexpectedly he stood still and felt something leave his body. A cold shiver ran through his body, a voice started ringing through his ears, a voice he vaguely remembered from his early childhood years but he was not sure to whom the voice belonged.

“Hello Brian!, do you remember the homestead yet?” the voice was eerie and unforgiving.

It seemed to be echoing throughout the old “Unknown Homestead”. Where ever he now moved about in the homestead the voice followed him. He could not shake the funny feeling of an old emotional wound which was beginning to surface in his sub-conscious causing him anxiety.

“You do not remember the voice do you Brian!” that uncomfortable voice was varying its pitch.

“Yes I am beginning to, show yourself if you are here!” said Brian.

“No not yet, whom are you looking for?” asked the voice.

“Jeannie, you know its Jeannie don't you? where is she, what have you done with her?” asked Brian.

He looked around, still trying to find where the voice was, he felt all cold again as though someone walked over his grave.

“Get moving and look for the cellar if you remember where it was?,” said the strange voice coming out his mouth.

Returning to the parlor, Brian tripped over the corner of the floor rug, and as he fell moved the table. The movement shifted the table and rug slightly and he found the cellar door.

“I made you fall didn't I?” said the strange voice that came out his mouth. “Now do you have the strength to open the cellar?”

That gave him the strength to drag the table and the rug together revealing the entrance to the cellar, opening the door he yelled,

“Jeannie! Jeannie! Are you down there?”.

A forceful push from behind and Brian was tumbling down the steps of the cellar, then Jeannie could hear the cellar door closing and the table and rug being dragged across the floor above them. “Brian wake up! Brian!” cried Jeannie.

He was still breathing, but unconscious, Jeannie held him close, with tears running down her face, she cried,“Brian don't leave me!.”

Leaning against the damp wall of the cellar. Jeannie was frightened now to fall asleep because she did not want to dream anymore but it was inevitable that she would. There was something odd about the whole day, and the memory of the old homestead along with those dusty old family portraits that hung on the walls of the parlor.

“Was there a family curse?” she asked herself.

Little did they both know the original homestead was started by their Great Great Grandfather whom married a female convict that
had escaped from prison in Sydney. Keeping it quiet from her husband that she escaped from prison on a charge of murder. Throughout time she controlled the homestead with an iron hand. Keeping prisoners in the cellar, using old spells she bought with her from ancient Ireland. Creating a vengeful curse on the homestead and those that came after her, for 200 years the curse has held good. The curse had gained so much credence that it tainted the old homestead, and was closed down after Jeanie and Brian's parents passed away.


There was a sound of a corrobaree in her dream, wailing women and young aboriginal girls dancing. The elder of the women was gently waking Jeannie in her dream and talking to her.

“Dear, your brother is okay, I can help wake him gently,” said the elder. The gentle spirit of the elder from the spirit world helped Brian stir and wake easily.

“Don't worry dear, I am here to help you,” said the elder.

She bought a cup of tea made out of the leaf of a Peppermint Eucalyptus tree from near by.

“How did the water and the tea eventuate?,” asked Jeannie.

“Don't worry dear, I am a ghost remember,” said the elder.

“Give your brother a drink and help him up, and I will bring you some more help,” said the elder.

The elder disappeared through walls of the cellar, leaving Jeannie and Brian to collect their thoughts and try and move around gently for awhile.

“Oh! Jeannie my leg it is so painful, you are going to have to help me,” said Brian.

The young aboriginal girls were dancing to the corrobaree suddenly screamed as they saw the ghost of Jeannie's father appear through the cellar walls. The frightened children cowered together in the corner of the cellar.

“He can not hurt you any more,” said Jeannie quietly.

“Yes he can, he brings his ancestors here when our elder is not here,” said the young girls innocently.

“They are angry ghosts because they can't cross over to the other side, they locked us down here many years ago for their own pleasure,” said the frightened young girls.

“Was our father one of the men that took you captive also?” asked Jeannie. “Brian and I knew nothing of the past history of the old homestead, we were to young to know anything.”

“Yes he was!” said the young ghosts.

Jeannie and Brian were shocked at the answer given by the young aboriginal ghosts. They would not lie as they would be punished by the elder when she came back.

“We will help you!” said Jeannie and Brian.

Jeannie's father stood at the front of a pack of old men dating back hundreds of years,

“We have come to take you into our fold, we can not leave you here to protect these beings,” said Jeannie's father.

The sounds of a coorrobaree was echoing throughout the cellar, the elder appeared majestically like a queen whisking up the young aboriginal ghosts and saying, “You will not hurt these youngsters anymore.”

As forcefully as she entered, she left the cellar with the youngsters following her aura. The coorrobaree music became louder and ghosts of aboriginal men entered the cellar attacking their enemies from the past, the white men ghosts. Jeannie and Brian hurried to escape the cellar, there was a howling wind that came from above, the cellar door opened and pulled Jeannie and Brian too freedom.

The loud sound of a truck horn startled Jeannie and Brian. Brian was limping and holding on to Jeannie's arm. A truck waiting for them as they hurried out of the homestead, trying to move quickly to get away from the homestead. Jeannie and Brian and were trying to hurry as they were driven by fear and terrified of their father escaping the battle that was going on in the cellar.

“You go ahead, I am holding you up!” said Brian.

“No we will make it,” said Jeannie.

She glanced over her shoulder looking back to make sure no one was following them,

“Oh no!” thought Jeannie as she spotted a white cloud floating towards them, gradually turning into the shape of men.

Jeannie and Brian made it onto the truck and glanced at the driver, whom was an elder of the aboriginals from the sheep station where Brian worked his name was Joe.

“Come on mate get in and hurry, they are coming,” he said.

“Get in Brian,” said Jeannie.

“What about you?” asked Brian.

“Don't worry about me, I can ride on the step and hang on,” said Jeannie.

Jeannie looked back to see her father trying to catch the truck as it left along the bumpy road from the Unknown Homestead. Gradually the ghosts of her father and their ancestors seemed to float up into the clouds above them.

“I think they will follow us, they seemed to disappear into the clouds above us,” said Jeannie.

“No, not while you are with me,” said Joe, “the spirit of the elders will protect you.”

“Perhaps the curse lay with the white man,” said Joe, “The spirits of the Dream time will protect you, the white man that came before you and Brian that came here greedy and mean, and the first white woman that came here was mean.”

Jeannie and Brian settled down with some relief, during the drive back to Brentwood Station.

“How did you know where to find us Joe?,” asked Brian.

“The elders came to me in my dreams and told me,” said Joe.

As Joe turned into the roadway that lead to Brentwood Sheep station, 5 kilometres to go, relief set in on Brian's face.

“It's okay Brian, the the Flying Doctor, will be waiting for us,” said Joe.

Jeannie was exhausted after holding onto the side of the truck for many kilometres to the homestead. Relief was insight with the Flying Doctors plane sitting in front of the homestead amongst the buildings and quarters that housed the workers. Arriving safely, Jeannie jumped down off the truck and when she saw Mr and Mrs Milton waiting with the Brentwoods for them to arrive safely. She rushed over to them and embraced them tightly, almost crying.

Doctor Peter Dawson and the pilot rushed from the plane, with the stretcher and medical equipment. Joe was holding the door of the truck open for the Peter and pilot to carefully help Brian onto the stretcher.

“What happened?” asked Peter, as he began examining Brian, and then administering pain relief to Brian.

“You would never believe us!, thankfully Joe was there to help us,” said Brian.

The pilot said “As we flew over the old homestead nearby, we saw people trying to run also cloudy shadows following them, shortly after that there was a fire and then nothing”.

“A fire!” queried Brian? In a groggy voice from pain relief medication.

“Everything was okay when we left, leaving in a hurry we all were too scared to look back, I did hear a slight explosion in the distance,” said Joe.

“Joe you did a good job getting Jeannie and Brian to safety,” said the Doctor.

Their employers the Brentwoods, the Miltons and Jeannie had made their way to the truck with Brian's girlfriend Frankie, whom was now holding his hand.

“Brian has broken his leg, arm and cracked his ribs resulting from his accident. We are going as soon as possible,” said the Peter.

“Do both you Ladies want to fly with us to the base hospital at Broken Hill?, you Jeannie, I would like to observe you over night,” said Peter.

“I have phoned your Aunt in Broken Hill, she will meet you at the hospital,” said Mrs Milton.

Once in flight the pilot received a radio message, “Storms over the Airport at Broken Hill, visibility is almost nil.”

“There is a storm which is totally unexpected it is going to be a bit rough when we get there, we have to try and land though.” said the pilot.

“I have to get Brian into hospital and check his ribs for any internal bleeding,” said Peter.

Jeannie was listening in an intense manner to the conversation between the pilot and Peter, becoming concerned wondering what caused the sudden storm, the sky was clear when they left Brentwood. The sky was alive with bright stars leading the way. A bright and clear reception was had by the radio, puzzling all on board the plane.

Arriving at Broken Hill the pilot was taking care as he was coming into land, the clouds were dense and forming unusual shapes ahead making the lights on the runway which was hard to see. Bringing the plane down to land, was like driving along a bumpy country road. The pilot was experienced with many years of service in the Air force and now Flying Doctors.

Landing the plane, the pilot remarked to Peter, “I have never seen anything like that before in all my years of flying.”

“I know, neither have I,” said Peter, “Do you know what it was?”

Jeannie, and Frankie, followed Brian and the Doctor to the emergency entrance of the hospital. Frankie sensed how frightened Jeannie had become, puzzling her to the whole adventure Jeannie and Brian had today. She did not know anything about Brian's life before he came to Brentwood, “Maybe I will find out soon,” she thought.

Peter had requested a room be ready for Jeannie over the radio, as he was bringing her in for observation overnight. Luckily during the whole experience she was only exhausted. On arrival at the emergency department Peter left Brian in the hands of the registrar while he showed Jeannie to her room. It was only a small hospital, part of the Flying Doctor Base.

Peter left Jeannie to settle down, “You may spend some time with Jeannie for a while if you like, I must check on Brian, ” said the Doctor to Frankie. Frankie “Frankie, I will call you when Brian is settled,” added the Doctor.

The Doctor left the room, leaving Jeannie and Frankie to talk and chatter like girls do. Passing his office on the way to see Brian He found his pilot sleeping on his couch. “Well he deserves that rest after the flight he had,” thought the Doctor.

The next room was Brian's, he was lying on the bed wet with perspiration. The nurse was trying to keep him cool and bring down his temperature. Brian was deep in medicated sleep, the registrar was checking all his vital signs and hoping his temperature goes down quickly, so they can do xrays and scans for any internal bleeding.

“All is going well Doctor his vital signs are stable we, just have to wait for him to wake up,” said the registrar.

“Call me if anything changes or if he wakes up, I will be in his sisters room checking on her,” said the Doctor.

As he arrived in Jeannie's room, he found both girls chatting away happily. Frankie was engrossed in Jeannie's story about her dreams and the days happenings. Frankie was part Aboriginal, and a niece to Joe from Brentwood station. She understood what Jeannie and Brian had been through, because Frankie had been told by her Uncle Joe of the strange happenings around the “Unknown Homestead.” Uncle Joe had also told her about many stories of the dream time.

“We did not know the full story of our father till now, he was always thoughtful to Brian and myself. He did not want to loose mother and wanted to be with her, that is what Brian and I thought,” said Jeannie.

“Now we know he was as mean as his ancestors, and despicable to mother, I think they followed us here. The strange goings on that happened on the plane and the trouble the pilot had landing the plane,” added Jeannie.

Frankie and the Doctor were listening intently to Jeanie understanding everything she was saying. The Doctor had been working in the outback of Australia for many years and hearing many stories and legends from the European settlers, and Aboriginals from the spirit world.

The Doctor started taking Jeannie's vital signs and giving her medication so she could have a restful sleep.

“Come on Frankie, I will get you a cot for the rest of the night, then I must go back and check on Brian.” said the Doctor.

A strange woman walks through the doors of the Base Hospital looking for Jeannie and Brian. The Doctor and Frankie introduce themselves to her and direct her to the Doctors office so they can talk about the happenings of the last twenty four hours and more.

“You are the Aunt that raised Jeannie and Brian,?” said the Doctor.

“Yes I am, and I realize what has happened, they have been having dreams again and he (their father) finally drew them both to the old homestead,” said Aunt Viv. “His evil spirit has haunted them for many years not letting them live their lives, now Brian has almost died. Their father inherited the property and all the evilness that came before him and the jealousy that wont let his wife rest in peace.”

Their Aunt was a typical hard working country woman, that cared for Brian and Jeanie deeply. During the meeting the Doctor explained about the flight from Brentwood to the Flying Doctor Base and the troubled landing.

“You say your pilot had trouble landing the plane, that could mean their spirit has possibly followed you here,” said Aunt Viv.

The talking, disturbs the pilot and as he wakes up violently, showing great emotional force, “Yes Viv it is me, I could hear you talking. You never liked me and never wanted your sister to marry me and move to the bush.” The emotional anguish showing on the pilots face, he stood up quickly and started attacking with the Doctor, but the strength of the spirit inside him had made him so powerful that he was able to push past everyone in the office and knocked down the door of the Doctors office. Frankie and Viv helped the Doctor up and they then made their way to Brian's room. The Doctor was able to subdue the pilot with an injection before anything serious could happen to Brian.

Frankie's Uncle Joe, arrived at the hospital to collect Frankie and offer help to Jeannie, and Brian. Almost immediately as Uncle Joe walked into the hospital a haunting echo of didgeridoo music engulfing the whole hospital.

“Frankie, what is going on?” asked Uncle Joe.

“Uncle Joe, I am glad you are here, can you help?”

“That is why I am here, to help if possible,” said Joe.

“There is no secret that these spirits have come from the Dream time, there is much knowledge in that. There are many Aboriginal spirits angry at the white man and their spirits and what they are doing. The white energy is trying to push the Aboriginal spirits away so they can not protect Brian and Jeannie. The haunting sounds of the didgeridoo follow Joe where ever he goes.

Joe sat on the floor and prayed for Brian, Jeannie, the pilot, Aunt Viv, and the Doctor.

He says, “I capture this instant for Brian and the pilot,
I plead for this family, and to share our spirits with them,
It is not possible for them to live without one another,
Yet it is possible for us to share our world with this family now,
I choose this moment to offer our spirit world to them to share,
Our spirit world may descend on us, and keep our worlds in peace.”

Frankie sat with Uncle Joe on the floor praying together for Brian and Jeannie and for the Doctor. The pilot awoke almost instantly, puzzled to find himself lying on the floor of Brian's room.

“What happen Doctor? What am I doing here?” asked Everett the pilot.

They all were startled by the normality of the pilots voice, “Don't you remember?” asked the Doctor.

“From where is that didgeridoo music coming?” asked Everett.

“The music of the didgeridoo will be with you all now protecting you where ever you go” said Uncle Joe.

The voice of Brian from the bed said quietly, “What is everyone doing?, why are we all here and where is Jeannie?”

As Brian went to try and move he felt very tender, “Don't you remember anything?” asked the Doctor.

“Take it steady,” said Frankie, “You have to go for xrays.”

“Hey who is the Doctor here? Where did you get this one Brian? She is a beauty!” said the Doctor.

Uncle Joe, placed his arm around his niece Frankie lovingly, “I will leave you here now, with Brian and his family, I can see you are not going to come back to Brentwood with me,” he said.

She then kissed her Uncle goodbye.

Jeannie woke to a bright new day relaxed and ready to explore the hospital looking for Brian and Frankie. She could hear voices coming from a room behind the closed door, which sounded like Brian's voice. Happily she walked into the room and saw her Aunt Viv, Frankie, and Brian sitting up smiling.

“You look like nothing happened,” said Jeannie.

“I am surprised you are looking so well, I also had a dream, Joe arrived and there was didgeridoo music playing all over the hospital. He was praying to the spirits of Dream time,” said Jeannie.

Brian laughed, “You and I were sound asleep while everything was going on, Everett the pilot was over taken by evil spirits of our father, there was also a fight between Everett and the Doctor. Luckily the Doctor was able to over power him, subdued by an injection. Then when Everett woke he wondered what the heck happened.”

With her arms around her Aunt Viv. Frankie began telling her about Uncle Joe and his visit. Jeannie could sense the excitement in Frankie's voice about the nights visit from her Uncle Joe, and the way the visit unfolded, including Brian's speedy recovery.

The Doctor came into the room on his morning round, “What are you doing here Jeannie?” he asked, “Or is there any need to ask?” he smiled.

The doctor says “Just look at you Brian, no one would think you had a terrible accident yesterday! all rested”. “Now we must take you for xrays this morning, and you ladies can have some breakfast while you are waiting for Brian.”

Brian fresh and relaxed and ready for xrays and treatment. His Doctor wheeled him to the xray department for final checks. The Doctor became puzzled because Brian was not in as much pain as the night before, he began checking his vital signs and puzzled by the change in Brian. Beginning the xrays, and checking the results; filled with bewilderment, he called in his partner for a consultation to confirm his findings. Peter and his registrar confided with each other and Peter's findings.

“Okay Brian, we are all done here I will take you back to the room and we will confer,” said his Doctor.

He wheeled Brian back to his room and greeted, his Aunt, Jeannie and Frankie, “Well you lot, something out of the ordinary has happened, Brian's fractures are nowhere to be seen.”

The look on his families faces was that of shock, but the didgeridoo music was silently playing in his room protecting them all.

“Frankie will you marry me” asked Brian.

“Yes!” replied Frankie. “You do not know how long I have waited for you to ask me I have loved you for a long time.”

“What a journey this has been,” said Jeanie. Hugging her Aunt, Frankie and comforting Brian.

“We can both live our lives now with no worries,” said Jeannie hugging her brother.

End Part One.....

Chapter 2 Jeannie's Journey. The Ghost of the Unknown Homestead.

2 Part 1 Time heals

Time heals everything is the saying. Jeannie had become a recluse writing a book about the history and life of “The Unknown Homestead.” She spent many years in the ranges and gorge that she loved behind the main homestead at “Milton Station.” Her boss Mr. Milton had built a simple cabin secluded in the ranges many years ago when he was young. A valley an oasis that suggests another time, another world, maybe prehistoric. It was still in pristine condition, so cool in the summer, with fresh spring water seeping through the ranges making continuing fresh running water. The ferns so bright with fresh water trickling over them all the time. So large the ferns are, maybe the oldest in the world, so unique. She loved the feel of the ranges and gorge especially with the giant ferns and palms,the native birds, including the small animals, which made the ranges so peaceful. Jeanie came down from the ranges for supplies only about once a month on horse back. The healing time had made her appreciate her friends, her boss, and the value of life. Especially living amongst the ranges and gorge on Milton station, the valleys and cliffs made of sandstone and lined with ghost gums which provide refuge for insects, reptiles, exploring for many hours on foot or horseback, sitting by the many rock pools of fresh spring water.

Peter the flying doctor visited “Milton Station” many times with the hope of seeing Jeannie again and checking to make sure she was doing okay. Secretly he had fallen in love with her and looked forward to seeing her each time he visited the station. Gradually he timed his visits for when she came in from the cabin for supplies. Each time when he visited “Milton Station” he looked for the horse he had come to know as her loyal companion. He was privileged to be the only one she allowed to visit her over years at the cabin, they walked and talked for many hours. Bringing her news of Brian and Frankie, he gathered over the radio, they were happy leading a secluded life roaming the land of the Northern Territory, from town to town.

Unfortunately Everett, the Flying Doctor pilot crashed his plane during a serious storm. This brought Jeannie in from the cabin for the funeral. Peter was able to get in touch with, Brian and Frankie were able to back from the Northern Territory just in time for Everett's funeral. It was a sad reunion for them all at the funeral of the brave man that saved their lives. There were a huge number of isolated people who were all thankful for Everett's ability to fly a plane through many dangerous conditions. He saved many lives during his time with the Flying Doctors, including that night long ago when he was trying to land urgently during a life threatening conditions.

The lightening storm arose from obscurity that, caused Everett to crash, having the same characteristics in which he bought the plane in safely with Jeannie, Frankie, Brian, and Peter, all from Brentwood station during that dangerous night. Fortunately at the time of the crash he was on a routine flight back to base with no passengers.

Doctor Peter Dawson stood proudly in the pulpit giving his eulogy,

“I met Everett when he first came to the Flying Doctors Base as a pilot from the Air Force, we spent many hours together in the air covering the isolated families of the outback. Sometimes we spent many hours just sitting, sometimes talking, sometimes in quietness, also star watching on station verandahs during stopovers, during good weather and bad weather. The many adventures we had together over the years we flew across the outback, the main adventure which bought me together with the girl I love and one day hope to marry, if she will have me. (His eyes met Jeanie's lovingly.) That night we were lucky to make it to Broken Hill safely, with Brian, Frankie, and Jeannie on board. Urgently Brian, needed hospital treatment, Everett, used all the pilot training and experience to bring us all to safety. We really became family, myself along with many others that will miss him dearly. Thank you all for listening.

He returned to his seat next to Jeannie, she grabbed his hand and he wiped a small tear from the corner of her eye.

Many others offered their memories of Everett the pilot whom came to town from nowhere, he became friends with all across the outback of Australia. The many memories shared by Everett's friends and family, showed him to be an adventurer, a courageous pilot of many years, a caring friend to all.

The gathering after the funeral was held at Peters residence, there was a moment of quiet as Brian, Frankie, Jeannie and Peter sat in his living room, until Frankie broke the silence.

“What has been going on between you two while we have been away,?” asked Frankie.

Peter and Jeanie smiled and Peter replied, “We have spent many hours together walking, talking, and riding, (He turned to Jeannie and got down on one knee.) My dear Jeannie, I have fallen in love with you, I hope you have too? Will you marry me Jeannie?”

“Oh Peter, I do love you, you have taught me to care and love again! I would be honored and love to be your wife!” said Jeannie, hugging and kissing him passionately.

“Are you going to tell Brian and Frankie what you have been doing these last few years?” asked Peter.

“I have written a book of our life Brian, everything I could remember and including our last adventure, I need your permission to take the story to the paranormal society at the University of Sydney?” asked Jeannie.

There was a moment of silence, broken by Frankie,

Frankie suggests, “We will read it together, Jeannie. Uncle Joe is in town as well, is it okay to tell him about it, he can not read? After all he is part of it to, along with our ancestors. I hope to see him before he leaves to go back to Brentwood, but if I miss him it wont matter.” asks Frankie.

“Why yes,” said Jeannie, “After all without him, Brian and I would probably not be alive today.”

“Do you both have anywhere to stay?” asked Peter.

“No we have not had time to organize anything yet, we came straight from the airport,” said Brian.

“Well if you like as it is warm, there is plenty of room here on the verandah, I can set up stretchers for us all on the verandah,” said Peter.

Jeannie overwhelmed with happiness as Brian and Frankie accepted the offer by Peter, the group spent many hours that night talking and reading Jeannie's book together. The afternoon and evening flew by and before the knew it, daybreak was peaking through the morning sky. No-one had any sleep, reading, talking about many topics, including the possibility of a trip back to the old homestead for one last look.

Brian said, “Why don't we all take a trip to the old homestead for a look around and see what is left?,”

“I am with you,” said Peter, “ What about you girls are you up for a trip.”

Jeannie and Frankie, looked at each other and smiled, “It is the only way we are all going to be free and settled,” said Frankie, “I agree,” said Jeannie.

“I am owed plenty of time from the hospital, it wont take me long to make a phone call, and then we can grab the four wheel drive and be off,” said Peter.

“Well here we go, everyone ready,” said Peter.

I t was a quiet journey, many hours of driving over red dusty roads, with many twisty turns in the roads and dry creek beds, with some serious awesome rocks, which otherwise dominate a flat landscape, they made it safely by very early the next morning. Everyone was still silent as they stood still and looked at the pile of rubble that remained of the old homestead. Not a word was spoken for a long time, it was reflection and thoughts.

Frankie and Brian had gone for a walk into the bushes and began to collect some firewood so a fire could be started. At daybreak it always became very chilly before the sun broke through the horizon. It took a while for the morning to warm up.

“Let hurry back so we can get the fire going, Jeannie and Peter will be looking for a bit of warmth and I need a cup of tea,” said Brian.

“You always need a cup of tea,” said Frankie cheekily.

They head back with an armful of wood each enough to make a huge fire as they reached the four wheel drive there was no sign of Jeannie and Peter.

Frankie and Brian dropped the fire wood and ran towards the ruins and yelled loudly together, “Jeannie, Peter come on! This is not funny where are you.”

They could hear the hallowed sounds of Jeannie and Peter's voices but they were no-where to be seen.
Brian began to panic pulling at bit and pieces of the ruins, throwing pieces of wood charred from the fire and bricks that were deformed by the fire.

“Brian stop, Brian Stop!” yelled Frankie. She held him tightly with all her strength.

Brian cried, “Why can't he leave us be?! What have you done with Jeannie and Peter?” He crumpled to the ground with Frankie beside him.

“You are my strength Frankie. Did you hear their voices too?” said Brian.

“Yes I did!” said Frankie. “Don't worry Brian we will find them!”

Following the sound of their hallowed voices, the sound was echoing throughout the morning sky. Brian and Frankie began walking over the old floor of the homestead, the sound was becoming stronger and louder in the direction of where the cellar had been. A knocking sound was coming from below the floor boards. Brian belted on the floor boards and yelled, “Peter, Jeannie,” banging again, they answered, “help Brian, Frankie,” yelled Peter.

Brian and Frankie, moved rocks, and wood, out of the way in a hurry so they could get to Peter, and Jeannie. Throwing boards, rocks, they finally were able to reach, Peter and Jeannie,

“What are you doing down there?” asked Frankie. “You gave us both a scare!.”

Brain ran quickly back to the car, hurriedly looking for a rope to help Peter and Jeannie climb out of the cellar. Grabbing the rope that was in Peter's car and running back to Frankie, together they threw the rope down and pulled Jeannie and Peter to safety.

Once out of the cellar and sitting on the front step of the old homestead, Peter said, “We did not fall, we were shoved.”

He added, “There is still something here, no wonder you were both so frightened.” He placed his arm around Jeannie who was still trembling with fright and memories.

“We could hear the echo of voices, and just hoped you and Frankie would find us,” said Peter.

“Next stop Sydney University,” said Jeannie. “Are we all together on this?” asked Jeannie.

There was a echo around the old building, “Lets go!”

The wind suddenly had an icy chill about it as the four companions headed straight for the four wheel
drive. Peter and Brian shared the driving, while one slept the other drove. Non stop they drove to Sydney, while Frankie and Jeannie kept the men alert. Arriving in Sydney they headed straight for the University and the Paranormal Department hidden away in the basement of the University. Brian and Peter were exhausted and tired, Jeannie and Frankie looking very frightened. Jeannie and Frankie both had a strong tough personality, but this time they were really scared.

Chapter 3 The Paranormal explorer.

Finding the Professor and his team in an office they barged in, “I beg your pardon who are you lot?,” asked the Professor abruptly. Truly amazed at the pictures, certificates and books that were in disarray around his office. There was a silence about the room broken by Jeannie and Brian.

Brian and Jeannie spoke up first and explained about their life, “We need your help!” said Jeannie.
Still a little unsure of what they were getting into, because Jeannie had read about Professor Jonas from a book Mr Milton had given her a while ago. Little did she know he was a wiry man with long greying hair, horn rimmed glassed and a beard. Lacking order, his office was dusty, dimly lit, as though he was hidden away from the rest of the University, his dress matched the order of his office. Unruly and mismatched by the position he held at the University.

Peter and Frankie were looking at some of his books that were left out on his desk,

“Please do not touch anything,” said Professor Jonas without warning. He was not looking at them, but he knew what they were doing. “My books and papers are very fragile, so do not touch.”

Frankie, looked at Peter, with a look of astonishment and wonderment, because of the way the Professors spoke to them. It was as though the Paranormal existence Professor Jonas had lived and worked took over his life. He knew what people were doing without looking at them.

“How do you know if there is anything still at the homestead?” asked Professor Jonas.

How instantly relieved Brian and Jeannie felt when Professor Jonas as asked “How do you know if there is anything still at the homestead?” Brian said, “You believe us!”

“Yes! I will gather my team, you can leave your truck and fly out there with us? You all look like worn out dish rags,” said the Professor.

“We would appreciate, the rest and flight back,” said Peter.

“During the flight back I can glance through your book Jeannie,” said Professor Jonas. “We will leave within the hour, as soon as we have gathered our equipment, that will give you time for coffee.”

Once in the air the Professor was discussing the book Jeannie had written and the happenings of the past twenty four hour with the group. The Professor and his group had covered many sightings in the outback of Australia from. U.F.O sightings to displaced souls.

“Frankie can you radio and talk too your Uncle Joe and ask him to meet us at the old homestead please? Brentwood is not far from where we will be,” asked Professor Jonas.

“He should be able to meet us there, it wont take him long to get there, I hope he is back from Broken Hill?” said Frankie as she went into the cockpit to radio the Homestead.

The Professor was deep in thought about the Aboriginal ghosts that were in around the homestead. The elders of the tribe if there was still any had not yet crossed over to the other-side. But he knew of many stories with similar happenings around the Australian Outback. Many occurrences are recorded, but not all. As they started to arrive at the sight of the “Unknown Homestead” it was still daylight and not as frightening as it was when they arrived very early the previous morning. There was a flat clearing for the pilot to land the plane with no problems. The plane came to a stop in the clearing, with Professor Jonas and his crew gathering all their equipment together and leaving the plane. While the pilot set up camp as that was part of his duties with the Professor and his crew. Peter, Brian, Jeannie and Frankie observed Professor Jonas and his crew with amazement as they worked quickly getting all the equipment ready before night fall .

Jeannie was deep in thought watching Professor Jonas walking around the homestead with her manuscript and his clipboard taking notes. Peter observed her and wondered about her thoughts,

“This must be hard,” he thought “She is showing her inner self, so tender.”

Uncle Joe arrived soon after they had finished setting up camp, “Well done, Uncle Joe, just as I expected when the billy is boiled,” remarked Frankie.

Professor Jonas came back to the camp and introduced himself to Uncle Joe, then they all sat down together and began enjoying a cup of tea. Uncle Joe was describing the spiritual dimension of the dreaming, which included the complex. Entities of Beings, both human-like and in the non-human form. They are known in Aboriginal Australia as the here and now expressing “The Dreaming.” The spiritual life and religion are not separate in Aboriginal traditions.

Uncle Joe said, “The original white man never understood the land and in someways he still does not understand the land, we treat our knowledge as in the land. The land is a set of sites with meaning entrenched in the minds oft us all. There is information and meanings, which is accessible only to those who have been trained in the right traditions,” he explained.

The Professor and his crew sat listening to him with great interest. They then began discussing the ritual and ceremonies, the meaning behind dance, painting, song, and story that needed to be performed correctly and under the right atmosphere.

“Can a cleansing ceremony be performed here?, I feel there is still extremely frightened spirits here, the spirits of frightened young girls. I feel there were still some left behind when the elder crossed over in Jeannie's book. That is why there is still the spirit of the evil ancestors,” said the Professor.

“I can bring back a group of elders, we can dance a spirit dance till the elder can come back and clean the cellar of lost souls, they have been in limbo for a long time, I believe we can help to lost youngsters from another time, we will be back tomorrow night,” replied Uncle Joe.

“We will be safe here tonight, there is high powered lights being set up and sound equipment, your niece and her husband along with Peter and Jeannie can sleep in the plane. My crew and I will sleep in the tent, that way we can keep an eye on our experiments, so don't worry everyone will be safe till you return,” said the Professor.

Uncle Joe stood up and reached out to shake the Professors hand before he left, and hugging his niece and husband, along with Peter and Jeannie. He waved goodbye for now.

They sat together with the Professor and his crew discussing their experiences with the Paranormal, and reassuring each other about they next days adventure to come. The Professor and his crew explained the camera equipment, sound, and recording and lighting. Everyone was amazed at the Professors experience and knowledge, they sat listening to his experiences, research that he had done over a life time. He was also a Master Hypnotherapist, whom began regressing his clients back in time an accessing their memories of former lives, stumbling upon a discovery, that it is possible to “see” into the spirit world.

“I am amazed at your reaction to my research,” said the Professor.

“Can I ask you a few questions each for my research?” asked the Professor. “Write your answers down on a piece of paper, don't put your names on the paper.”

He hands out paper and pencils to his new friends, and begins asking a few questions, “Are you afraid of death?” “Do you ever wonder what is going to happen to your body after you die?” “Is it possible you have a spirit which came from somewhere else and will return there after your body dies, or is it just wishful thinking because you are afraid?”

“Fold your papers and hand them too me, I can add your answers to my research, I do believe we are all creatures of the earth and must hide our fear of death in order to lead normal lives. Thoughts of nothingness in death is what we feel because we fear no more contact with friends and family, our goals in life from childhood seem so futile when it comes to the thought of dying,” remarked the Professor. He was a funny little man with horn rimmed glasses, wiry beard and long hair in a ponytail. His students admired his work and would do anything for him.

“If there is any action over night we will record it, and the sounds will be amplified, we will wake up there is no worries about that,” said the Professor. “So lets get some sleep while we can, shall we.”

During the early hours of the morning there was a sudden noise, happening without warning, music started playing startling, camp. The sounds of birds playing over the amplifier, sounds of prehistoric birds. Agitating and frightening everyone, Peter, Jeannie, Brian and Frankie, excited by the sudden surprise, hurried from the plane over to the tent where the recording equipment was set up. Watching and listening to the sounds on the recording equipment amazed them all. Then with the night vision recording the cellar door was opening up and a vision of a silhouette exiting the cellar, with a small group following, everyone was watching intently. Sounds began to shrill over the amplifiers, silhouettes began to circle the old homestead and sit down. The elder of the tribe entered the vision with a forceful definite expression, dramatic entrance, commanding the attention of the ghosts, spirits of a time gone by, lost souls.

“You will soon be able to cross over,” said the Elder. Joyfully the spirits began to dance, and the Elder gathered them all exiting into the cellar.

The whole camp then withdrew into silence, the sounds of the prehistoric birds disappeared, the camera, recording and sound equipment shut down abruptly. The crew tried feverishly to get the equipment working again, anxiously Professor Jonas wanted everything working not wanting to miss a moment. The night had passed quickly and morning approached and clouds began forming, turning morning into darkness. Lightening strikes began striking above drenching everything with hail stones and rain, stopping as abruptly as it started.

“The spirit of your father's gathering is mighty angry with us all being here, wait till your Uncle Joe and his fellow members of the elders arrives here tomorrow night, I believe all hell is going to break loose,” said Professor Jonas.

His crew was working eagerly to get their equipment working again, important recordings and digital images were required by the Professor almost immediately for review. They knew Professor Jonas would want to review the nights happenings before Frankie's Uncle Joe arrived. Daylight was breaking, Professor Jonas and his crew were working feverishly, only taking time for a quick sandwich and plenty of coffee, throughout the day.

Uncle Joe and tribal elders walked to the “Unknown Homestead,” dressed traditionally for the corroboree , having walked from Brentwood. To the sounds of didgeridoo music echoing all the way, protecting the group spiritually. Making sure they arrived safely at the “Unknown Homestead,” walking proudly into camp. Day had turned into night and dark threatening clouds were above the camp as though they have been watching all day. Waiting for the elders to arrive in camp, then attacking the camp again with fork lightening bringing evil spirits into camp. Uncle Joe and his elders were dancing to the spirits trying to scare them away with enough time to guide the spirits away safely of the young aboriginals.

Dancing and praying to the spirits as they danced all night, while the Professor and his crew watched the recording equipment with amazement. The spirits of Jeannie's father was reaching down into camp trying to grab hold of the elders and take them away, but together they were all strong enough to fight of the evil spirits. Lightening struck again reaching down from the clouds in the shape of hands, like claws try to grab hold of everybody. The elder ghost arrived in camp as a wisp of soft cloud, and slithered into the cellar and gathering the spirits of the young aboriginals, and leaving with an explosion of lightening.

The power of Uncle Joe and the tribal elders continued dancing all night, praying to the spirits of the dream time. One last clap of thunder and lightening came over the camp hitting the homestead angrily, causing an eruption under the ground. The spirits of the dream time caused an earthquake and engulfed the homestead to disappear into the ground.

“Was the ghost of our father and ancestors gone now forever?” asked Jeannie and Brian.

Frankie, Jeannie, Peter, and Brian watched on in amazement as the events of the evening unfolded with the Professor and his crew. Gradually as daylight broke Uncle Joe and his tribe of elders stopped dancing and marched out of camp as quietly as they came. Disappearing into the woods.

“Do you have everything recorded and video recorded correctly?,” asked Professor Jonas of his crew.

“Yes Boss,” they replied.

“Well lets have a cuppa and then we will pac

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