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Jump Suit
Jump Suit

Jump Suit

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Might the legends be true?
Or merely an imagined ado?

Could it be more than a myth?
Might it actually exist?

Encased in glass
Perfectly preserved
From decades past
Rarely observed.

Black as the night
Lined with gray
Quantum technology
Integrated someway.

Why am I blessed
With this privileged access?
I cannot begin
To venture a guess.
I ask in my mind
But I remain speechless.

I don't even recall
How in this place I came to be.
Two men walked me down a hall
After snatching me off the street.

If my memory serves me
They haven't uttered a word -
Merely escorted me through
A maze of corners and doors.

As I turn around
To find out what this is about
The candle of my consciousness
Abruptly is snuffed out.

The next thing I know
When finally I come to,
My body feels different -
Oh, I am wearing the storied suit!

From the shadows of the room
Suddenly a hand appears.
An authoritative voice booms,
"To shield you from doom
This helmet you must wear."

My heart pounds,
My mind races.
Still I haven't found
What even this place is.

I have so many questions
Which I lack the nerve to pose.
I get the strong impression
That somewhere epic
I am about to go.

Next I hear a sound
Beginning in the foreground.
Soon it does surround.
My mind it does confound,
My confusion it does compound.
Frantically I look around
Into the shadows
But not a soul can be found.
This audio I'm hearing -
Louder and louder
It does resound.

A nonhuman voice then speaks,
Digital in tone:
"Fifteen seconds to The Jump" -
Wait, that isn't very long!

Jump? Jump? Can it really be?
Then the stories are true.
Oh this I can't believe!

As the countdown finishes
And I near the last blip
Two voices say in unison,
"Have a nice trip."

I close my eyes.
What will happen next?
My breath I hold,
My muscles I flex.

In a flash my reality changes,
Everything suddenly rearranges.

I feel that I am moving
At an incredible speed.
I feel nothing solid
Below my booted feet.

I have the distinct sensation
Of flying through the air.
My eyelids are still shut.
Open them do I dare?

I hear a loud whoosh
Akin to a rushing wind.
I feel a mighty force
Hitting this super suit I'm in.

Eventually I open my eyes,
Reclaiming my sight.
I am mesmerized and hypnotized
By brilliantly colorful flashes of light.

Before I have the chance
To process the next thought,
The prismatic light show
Abruptly comes to a halt.

The journey is over
The Jump is complete.
Once again earthly ground
Lies beneath my feet.

I'm not in a room.
Instead I am outside.
Why, this is my hometown!
But something isn't right.

There are the stores and shops
Where I always like to go.
But they should be over there
On the opposite side of the road.

And who are these people?
I don't recognize any face.
What's going on here?
What is this place?

There is the old welcome sign
Where it has always remained.
But the letters are wrong.
Did they change the name?

As quickly as possible
I procure a map whereupon
Opening it I fail to recognize
Any of the data printed thereon.

Locating a cop,
I ask where I am.
The words from his lips
Do not name my hometown.

Confused and frustrated
I collapse on the curb
When I hear in my helmet
These digitized words:

"Quantum Jump Successful"
Then I snap to attention.
What do you know?
I've jumped to an alternate dimension!

All due to this amazing suit.
The fable is really a fact.
Now all that's left
Is the matter of jumping back.

©️ Matt Decker

Author Notes: Have a nice trip.

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
10 Jan, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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