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Jumped Straight In
Jumped Straight In

Jumped Straight In


Quiet now

As you were then,

Nothing more will I allow,

I warned you,

Yet what did you do?

Jumped straight in,

Staring down

Right at the pool of sin,

You cry because it corrupted you,

But I told you what it did to me too,

You knew it would end badly,

And now I regret to say it

But I sit gladly,

How dare you think

You could swim in syrup

When it's drowned the rest,

Somehow you thought

You could outlive the best,

For of course the pond

Would not drown you,

Because it shone bright,

And it waved at you,

Promised to bring you light,

When I drowned I did not know,

That the pond would do me so,

But you knew clearly,

And now you're the one

Paying for it dearly,

It is funny though,

How the pool has abandoned you

And calls for me again,

Like it did long ago,

You cared for it,

And it didn't care one bit,

You thought you were better

Didn't you?

But you're the one who fell through,

So stay silent,

Because I told you so,

You knew it,

But I know you'll never admit,

Because you loved the pond,

But it can never love,

And I told you that,

But there you were

Thinking you were above,

You're not better than the others who drowned,

You're the worst of them,

Because you saw

What it really was

But you still dived right in,

All because

It promised it'd let you swim

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21 Oct, 2019
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