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With the arrival of a new season, Juniper decided that like the snow and cool weather she too would move away. She had the tendency to jump around towns, loving each one for a brief moment before moving onto the next. Other than always having to own the bare minimum of material items, it wasn't so bad. She liked the new scenery, the new people, and being able to be a whole new person again.

Perhaps this was where her obsession had began. She loved to be someone new, this move she had been a busy barista who spent her free time at the library. The town before this one, she was an irresponsible stocker at a local grocery store who liked to party. And the next her was completely open to ideas, she'd figure it out when she got there.

She'd gotten her personal items down to three boxes, granted they were large boxes, but they fit in her car just fine and that's all that mattered to her. She slid two into the backseat and one into the passanger. She always left a part of herself when moving. Sometimes she wondered if this was why she couldn't figure out who she really was. Every bit of her was scattered with no way to put it back together.

Hopefully this new town would bring new wonders. There'd be new people of course, and that excited her. She wanted to take in all of life, learn all about it. Meet everybody, and be everybody. And maybe she really wasn't anyone, just living.

Author Notes: May be the start to something new or not, not really sure at the moment

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16 Apr, 2019
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