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By Kirra Cameron - 1 Review

I have never felt normal, I am different from everybody.

If you didn’t know, I get nightmares.

One day, well I should say evening I was sitting on the veranda with my Mum and my Dad, the two most wholesome people in the world. We were talking about my tennis match. For those of you who do not know, I am 15 years old and no, I do not play tennis.

(Tennis: a game in which two or four players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court.) Anyways that’s not how I define “tennis” I was explaining to my parents my definition, who as of that time was sitting in a warm veranda with a fan light on the ceiling a nice refreshing drink in their hand and concerned looks on their faces.

(this morning)

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside my window to the lovely smell of roses and the outline of trees on my white wall. I got up walked across my passage straight to my Mum and Dad’s room. Their room has a beautiful fan above their bed and a gorgeous dresser. My Dad was getting ready for work as I walked in he says; “Morning Jess” and I reply with a “Morning Dad, how did you sleep?” He replies with a grunt, my Dad’s a businessman he works late hours as a pilot.

(that evening)

My Mum and Dad and I are sitting on the veranda chatting about active minds my Mum and Dad know about my nightmares but never seemed to understand them. I explained to them it’s like a tennis match. I lie down in bed and people behind me are on my team and who support me, so my Mum, Dad, Papa, Granny, Aunt, Uncle, Makeeda, Kayden, Vangie. Etc.. And the people on the opposite side of me are the people who have done something to hurt me. Those would be like the Man who scared me on the street, people who make me nervous while driving in a car, people who have bullied me through my middle year of school and lots more. My Mum and Dad passed a nervous, scared and anxious look between them and asked me if I could see their faces, I responded lightly with a “no.” they then asked then how I knew they were there and I responded with, I can feel them, it’s like when you win a point in tennis, your team’s points increase in my case that would mean my guardians come closer and if I lose a point the people who have affected me move closer. They stay silent and I ask; is that normal, is there something wrong with me?

Jess, I think it’s time for your Mum and me to tell you something, I look over at my Mum who is looking down at her newly painted maroon fingernails and sitting in a snow white dress. They start with:

Jess we are called Essentials in this world, b-b-b-u I try to respond but he says Jess be quiet I need you to listen with your ears, not your mouth, I look down, Yes Dad. He says Essentials are people who are made to see things that affect the world.

Jess, I need you to tell me what you see; ok Dad

I see Warzones, I see Fireworks, I see the beach, I see a lady with maroon nails in a White Dress looking down at us, Dad, Yes Jess. I see you. What do you see about my Jess? I see you standing with a knife, Jess what am I doing you are looking down at me with the lady behind you.

Jess looks around and everything is Pitch black. She hears somebody clicking their fingers, she hears lots of people typing on a computer, she opens her eyes and with a swift jerk, she is sent straight back down to earth. Her Dad is staring at her, Her Mom is standing behind her. Mum, Dad, what happened to me?

Jess, you're in Jurevile, the land of essentials, you can get out you can be freed, Her dad screams in agony, then all of a sudden with a cold touch of her Mum's fingers she is sitting on the veranda, but now, alone.

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About The Author
Kirra Cameron
About This Story
13 Aug, 2017
Read Time
3 mins
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