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Jurevile Part 2

Jurevile Part 2

By Kirra Cameron

She looks up and walks inside, wondering what on earth happened to her. She grabs some water and sits down on the furry velvet couch and lets her mind wander. Her mind is spinning from everything that has happened. She decides that there is no point in worrying herself about it, she decides to go for a walk, it might let her clear her head.

She has gone for a nice walk, feeling the midnight breeze against her face. She walks into a crying 5-year-old girl. Hi sweetie, what's the matter? "my Mummy and Daddy are gone."

Jess looks down at the young girl's pure face, those bright green innocent eyes. Jess takes the young girl by the hand and says "it's ok honey, what's your name?" the young girl replies - Emma, "That's a lovely name Jess replies," my name is Jessica but you can call me Jess. Jess the young girls ask, Yes Emma, Where are my Mummy and Dad. Just as Emma was about to finish her sentence a young boy runs up to her tears streaming down his face, excuse me but my Mum and Dad are gone.

Soon enough all these kids from all ages come running up to Jess in panic, all worried about the same thing, nobody is here older than the age of 16.

Jess takes the leadership role and makes all the people over the age of 13 come and help her take the innocent children to bed. As soon as all the children are asleep safely in bed Jess calls a town meeting. There is a total of 21 students over the age of 16.

OK everybody thanks for coming to this meeting, I know that we are all scared for ourselves but we have to remember that the younger ones have even more of a less clue than we do and we have to be there 100% for them. We have to start somewhere, (everybody stays silent) I know you're scared guys, but what is the point of just sitting and worrying when we need to take action and try and solve this. Have any of you seen anything suspicious going on?

All of them keep quiet, Except for one, he introduces himself as "John" I have noticed somebody around the age of 50 who keeps on going through the glass doors in the chamber.

"Very few have heard about the chamber it is a sacred place which is very much respected by the gods, to normal people it is known as a church, but to us, it is called a chamber. When you feel like you have disobeyed the god's rules you go into the chamber one at a time and go talk to one of the blessed gods of our universe. We have 5 God's; Shila, Cornus, Lourleius, Darvis and our main god Loita. You go and enter the guard's chambers depending on the different things you have done. You would go to the undergods for Disobedience, Dishonesty, Stealing, Murderer, and for the main God, you go when you feel like you have done something you cannot undo. If you go to the God's and they decide that they cannot be forgiven you get a brand on your temple was written; "I am unlawful to society".

Once that is written there is no going back and you are found Unlawful by everyone, the guards, your children, your friends, the God's and even. Your Family.

The crowd all stand in silence, but scatter as a blue murder scream is let out by a recognisable voice from them all, Loita, the main God is found at the bottom of their water well, crooked and bent, and broken.

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About The Author
Kirra Cameron
About This Story
15 Aug, 2017
Read Time
3 mins
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