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Just Another Line

Just Another Line

By boomman17

-You see…the world today is dark.
And women get in relationships that leave a bad mark an their heart.
-All ladies say that they’re looking for “Mr. Right.”
But they wonder why their life never takes flight.
-She’s afraid of being hurt again
‘cause of the pain she’s in
-And everyday that goes by
is just another line that she applies to her life, but she still hurts because she can’t cry.
-She has stories of abuse from her past.
Yet she needs someone to listen to her and not leave to fast
-But her hunger for a perfect love might turn her into a stalker
once that happens, everyone avoids her, no one wants to talk to her, see her, or even be around her.
-All she wants is to be loved & cared for,
But she needs help from above & be the one who is adored.
-And everyday that goes by
Is just another line that she applies to her life, but no matter what happens, she just won’t cry.
-Still moping around looking for “the one”
And it’s been four years since she’s been in love with someone
-Searching high and low, against the flow of life
Often presented with no, labeled as a hoe, and left alone at night.
-She turned the wrong corner, now she’s lost
Hurrying to find her way back home before she ends up paying a cost……on her life.
-And everyday that goes by
Is just another line that she uses to get her high
And to hold back a much needed cry.
-Given up all hope, she wakes up alone
But 3 minutes later she here’s a tone from her phone.
-Her best friend calls to see how she’s feeling
And she invites him over after he’s done with what he’s doing.
-Once he gets there, he listens to her,
Then holds her.
-She’s finally found the one
Then she lets out a sigh of relief now that her long journey is done.
-And now that the days have gone by
She writes the final line, and closes her diary.
Then she lays her head on his shoulder, and finally lets out her much needed cry….

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1 May, 2012
Read Time
1 min
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