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Just a dream...I hope.

Just a dream...I hope.

By buddyaqua

Chapter 1
“Hoo, Hoo” called an owl in an owl like voice.
“Gaaah” I whispered to myself, “stupid bird”.
Walking through Snake road was scary. There was a legend that people go missing on this road and it was nerve racking, walking along it by myself, at least, I hoped I was alone.
“snap” went a nearby twig, clearly being stepped on. A long winged shadow appeared on the ground.
“Hey James!”
“Gaaah!...Again!” I swung a stick at the noise and it grabbed the weapon.
“What?What do you want? Don’t swallow my soul!!” I screamed.
“James! It’s me Kyle!”
“wuh? oh Kyle, I thought you were going to... ZOH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?”.
A giant black shadow like creature appeared above his head. he slowly turned around.
“Tarnia? Where the hell did u come from?” I said to the odd minded girl “never mind.”
The giant black creature flew through us like a ghost and we passed out.
“Ugh.” I moaned. I looked around all there was, was white...and...wait ACHIN? how did she get here. This is messed up man.
“Where are we?”
“You’re in the dream land” a shifty hollow voice shouted.
“We are where?”
“The dream land” it repeated to Kyle.
“k” he replied carelessly
“The one place where you can do or create what every you want.”
“WOW. that sounds great!” I said.
“The one problem is you can’t get back to your bodies.” it said.
“What are you talking about?” asked Kyle.
“These are our bodies aren't there?”
“Nope.” it said. “These are your souls. your bodies are asleep on snake road.”
“Kay that’s weird” I replied.
“The only way to get back I know I had that riddle on a pice of paper... anyway I will tell you the parts I remember. ok um to exit the dream land you must... something something to find four crystals of the dream land then something something then your free... um good luck with that.” and with that he flew off
“that was helpful... NOT.”
“Kyle he did help us a little now come on lets go.” P.S. I thought Kyle was high.
As we kept on walking it was all just more white.
“James, maybe we have to dream up a certain place in order to find the crystals.” As I starred At Kyle I thought that wasn’t a bad idea.
“Ok here it goes... but where to?... oh I got it.” “Wait! I found the piece of paper” shouted the mysterious voice. “It says you must go to four different places of you choice and there will be a really hard bad guy to beat and if you manage to beat him or her you will gain one crystal.” “Well that’s just dandy” “Shut up Kyle. now where shall we go?” “oh I know slushy burger.” said Kyle with eagerness. In a flash we arrived at a local slushy burger. “Ok kyle, here we go.”
As we walked into the store I never let my guard down and just kept moving. “one slushy and one burger please” we said. “coming up” said the minimum wage guy behind the counter. “it’s kinda creepy when no one else is here. just after the teenager went into the kitchen a giant monster made of meat and cooking utensils barged out of the kitchen door. I pulled kyle behind the counted so it wouldn’t see us “James, I think thats the monster we have to battle.” I wasn’t listening I just closed my eyes and dreamt for some weapons. then right in front of me appeared a stuffed animal. “James your really bad at summoning stuff.” That’s when the ghost spoke to us “summoning isn’t as easy as it looks. you have to be happy to summon things properly.” “oh bull crap” I yelled at him. I wasn’t really sure what happened next but Kyle summoned some invisible swords. We started to slice randomly at it then it dodged the attacks so I sacrificed kyle. That sent me to my happy place so I summoned an anvil above the creature’s head.
Then Kyle appeared in front of me. “how did you survive that” I asked “I dreamt for extra lives” he replied. then four crystals appeared in front of us. “hey I thought we had to battle four different enemies.” “yeah but you guys battled like a couple of sissies so I didn’t want to watch any more.” Then he launched at us again like before the dream world. There was a bright light then I woke up on snake road. “Uuuuuugh huh? was that a dream?” I couldn’t tell let alone care for what happened I’m just glad I survived it.
Wait, hold on a minute where did Tarnia and Achin go... OH GOD!
Chapter 2
Let's start off where we lost Tarnia...
"Wait Where did Tarnia go...OH GOD" "James calm down. Wait where did Tarnia go?" "my thoughs exactly Kyle."
this is what happened In the dream world:
"Ugh where am I...HEY IT"S THAT KITTY...HI KITTY!" "I am not a kitty " Said that shadow creature." "aawww does kitty need a hug?"said Tarnia "NO! KITTY-i mean I, DON"T NEED A HUG!"Shouted the Shadow. As he stormed off a piece of paper fell out of his pocket. "ooh paper!" she picked it up. "hmmm, worst poem about a crystal EVER!" after a few minutes of walking the whole world changed to a slushy burger. "woah what happened?" she was standing in the middle of the kitchen. "Hey I can see James and Kyle through this window." clunk, she hit a shelf and a bottle fell in a stove along with some utensils. forming a freak monster."well better hide" she whispered. The next thing she saw was a seventeen year old become ripped to shreds with blood splattering al over the walls. As the monster walked out Tarnia remembered kyle and I. "oh no James and kyle will be ripped to shreds." she paced for a while and wished:"I know this won't do much but I wish for a weapon." and poof in front of her, a sword. "cool that worked" She rushed out the door just to see Kyle and I exit the dream land leaving her behind.
Chapter 3
As we did last time with Tarnia lets go from where we lost achin.
FLASH! "huh hey where did kyle, James and Tarnia go? Where did I go. Alright guys you got me you can stop playing a trick on me now... ok come out where ever your hiding. Fine be that way... I gotta find someone or something. All this whit is odd." FLASH! "how, what a slushy burger... Kyle. how did I end up behind it though. him a door" as Achin opened the door a flash of light shone from another. as she walked through the bloody kitchen she noticed Tarnia outside the door's window. Slam the door fell to the floor. "Tarnia how did you get HERE" "huh oh hey Achin." she said in a sorrow voice."I can't answer that Question cause I don't know it. Bye the way we just missed the exit out of this world." With a light flash the slushy burger disappeared leaving once again nothing but white. "well we gotta try something" "Well I did see james and Kyle leave using crystals. HEY GHOST GUY PLEASE TELL US HOW TO LEAVE!" as the shadow appeared Tarnia got up and Demanded "Tell us how to get out of here or I'll... I'll Pat you" The ghost looked frightened. "Alright, Alright! Just don't touch me." Tarnia Smirked at Achin. "go find crystals by killing Bosses." Achin responded. "How do we get there." "Dream of where you want to go. duh" Tarnia and achin packed and left for a trip to Hell. "why hell?" asked the ghost "cause that's where we want you to be." Achin said.
Chapter 4
"Why hell?" asked the ghost "cause that's where we want you to be." Achin and tarnia set of into the bolt shaped crack. they walked for mile and never found the devil. assuming he was the boss the look for signs and clues about him. "Achin we'll never find him." "but I see him" "really" "yeah over on that red throne." "Alright let get him." They drew their swords and shields and charged "well well well. It's so good to see little girls try to defeat me. Guards get them." ten small winged red things flew at them each grabbing an arm or leg leaving two extra to take there weapons. "aaaggghhh" they struggled trying to free them selves. the pain was agonising and struggling made it worse. Just when Tarnia and Achin thought it was all over. "Back off" "Yeah leave them alone." the voices to them was so familiar two human shadows armed withe swords and shields appeared "Kyle, James" we sliced at the devils giving all we had at the small creatures. Tarnia and achin Slowly got up. We all took a battle-ready stance. "you guys came." Tarnia said, her voice filled with joy. "Well well well the girls have friends. Don't be heros kids the girls have all ready been poisoned sooner then later they'll DIE!" "ouch, Thats harsh." kyle said. "The antidote is on the other side of hell. It also acts as a poison to me." said the devil. "why would you tell us that?" I replied, confused. "because no one has ever been successful with this task." "We'll do it anyway." said Tarnia. we set of, the devil leaving one last smirk. "why did you guys choose hell as your option?" Tarnia stared at the ground "we dunno" Replied Achin. "we just gotta keep going
Chapter 5
“Agh” something gleamed in my eye “What?” was the quick reply from kyle, he noticed before I answered. before us a lake of light green water. “think it’s the antidote?” achin wondered. Tarnia wasn’t moving and it didn’t help that she was the only one looking upwards. Kyle looked. then Achin. I slowly looked up hoping not to find something that will hurt us in some way. There he was “” As a big red bloody hand tried to pound us I saw kyle just freeze. Crack! he was dead. the devil leapt from the ceiling looking real pissed. Kyle appeared next to me. “extra lives” was all he said “two left.” as kyle and I leapt at the devil Tarnia and Achin fell to the ground. “you remember the poison don’t you?” he said with a smirk, countering our attacks. “aaagghh” I landed on a sharp rock. It pierced my leg. It then slipped into the water. I pulled it back out. it looked as if I had never even touched the rock. The devil gazed at me and the smirk fell off his face. with all the strength I had left I crawled to the water and dived in. It was amazing the water healed my wounds at great pace. I filled a canteen with the stuff and swam out of the water. I sprinted to Tarnia and Achin. “drink this.” in mere second they got up looking as ready to fight as ever. the small red creature came at us. Now not just ten of them but by thousands and thousands they were thrashing at us. All there teeth felt like being in a house of mirrors in a cyclone. Then we all gave up, hit the ground and passed out the last thing I saw was kyle tying to revive us, then just black.
Chapter 6
I woke up. not where I fell in defeat but in a dark red cave with a fire lit. I woke to seeing Kyle just sitting against a wall. Tarnia and Achin were beside me. still asleep, at least I hoped the were sleeping. by the looks of it kyle brought us to a cave somewhere in hell, away from the devil. we stood up, Kyle handed me a piece of paper. i unfolded it “a map?” “Of hell” he replied. “and I figure out something which could be important.” “What?” “Dreaming of stuff makes you weaker, so we gotta watch what we wish for. Tarnia got up and woke Achin. “guys. Don’t wish for anything unnecessary.” kyle assured them. they just agreed with a nod. that got me thinking. Achin never just went with anything she always wondered why. “instead of wishing for things why don’t we make them?” odd Tarnia was Imaginative and spontaneous but she would never think of something like that. I had my suspicions but we had more important things to do. We started to gather raw materials and make swords and other necessary things. we made things to train with and enemies to practice on. I was making a Shield when Tarnia full on destroyed a hay dummy. I fell off my seat in shock. minutes ago when we were taking on those little creature we all couldn’t hold up against one red creature each and now she can slice through full on leather. The next thing i saw freaked me out, Achin was pulling on a piece of metal in the wall and on the first tug she took down half the wall. I tried pulling it before and it wouldn’t budge and inch. something was up and I wanted to know what.
Chapter 7
“hey Kyle.” I said “Yeah” he replied “have you noticed Tarnia and Achin, lately?” “Yeah, what about them?” “There acting a bit odd, Haven’t you noticed?” “Yeah, and they haven’t spoken much since the fight.” “I’m sure it’s nothing.” I wish I new what I was saying, something wasn’t right and both new that. “maybe they dreamt for strength?” He suggested “No we told them not to dream unnecessary things.” “let’s talk to them.” “Ok, Kyle, but if I get hurt it’s on your watch.” “fine.” As we walked over to them we saw a little red creature fly past them looking at them he tried to fly away to tell the devil where we were then Achin grabbed him and through him in the wall. SPLAT. there was blood everywhere. “Ok some other time.” I said to Kyle “yeah.” we went to the beds kyle made earlier and went to sleep. when we woke Tarnia and Achin where already awake that is if they ever went to sleep. “Kyle this is whack I want to know what’s going on with them two.” “alright let’s try again. Hey guys.” they turned and looked at us, and that’s when I noticed it a bit of blue light in there eyes, like a reflection of water but there wasn’t any within miles besides in our canteens which were closed. “well Kyle and I have decided to go looking outside the cave.” “no we didn’t” he was blowing my cover “Ow. James.” hitting him was my only option. “Well see you later.” I pulled Kyle out of the cave and told him to run as fast as he could. I turned back and packed two backpacks of food, water and fighting equipment. Seconds later I bursted out of the cave I must have made quite a racket because half a mile later I saw Tarnia and Achin were running for me, but heaps faster. “Kyle, run faster.” I zoomed passed him. Tarnia grabbed him by the throat. “OH MY GOD!” I turned around with agility leaving Achin sliding past me. I ran for Tarnia. She grabbed me by my throat with her other hand. She through us over 8 meters. We hit the ground with a thud. I went reach for some of the magic water but Achin snatched it. She and Tarnia left, in light speed. I pulled myself up. Kyle and I KNEW there was something up with them.
Chapter 8
Kyle and I walked back to the cave. “this is sooooo whack, man” “how are we going to kill the devil now?” “I dunno.” We walked back to the cave. I sat on the ground and accidentally let my mind wonder...Tylah appeared in front of me. “what? Tylah? Dammit.” In the dream world it’s crucial to make sure your mind doesn't wonder. Kyle took Tylah over to the back of the cave to tell Tylah what was going on and how he got here, but mostly to get him away from me. I was getting impatient. I just wanted to go home. I wasn't ready to give up. I was pretty annoyed to. Then it hit me. A rock “Guys!” “what” They repeated to me. “Stop it” Then something else hit me. not literally though. “Guys” “what. we didn’t do it.” “Not the rock. I Have two ideas on what is going on.” “Let’s hear ‘em” “shut Kyle he’s getting to it.” said Tylah. “ok that Tarnia and Achin. Not Tarnia and Achin.” “We figured that out” “shut up Kyle. Anyway. I have concluded That-” “wait, James” Kyle cut me off. “what Kyle?” “who says ‘concluded’ these days?” I looked at him. I smacked him up side the head. “I worked out that they are either shape-shifters or they got poisoned and turn evil, somehow.” clank. there was a noise in the distance. we all hid and watched. two odd-looking blob thing were standing quite far away. They morphed into Tarnia and Achin. “well they’re not poisoned.” said Kyle. “ok I’ve got a plan.” I whispered “Ok here it goes...” I told them my plan and we all ran to our positions. “here.” I handed them devices. That was so I could tell they were the real people and not the shape-shifters.
chapter 9
“Guys?” Tylah said into his walky talky “why do I have to be the bait. I don’t fell safe near bombs.” “Two things one: how isn’t afraid of bombs and two: you lost the coin toss so you can risk your life.” Kyle Taunted. “shut up guys and focus” soon I was going to use my plan on them if they didn’t shut up. “ok Tylah. Start.” My plan was a go. Tylah started to dance around, looking at the shape-shifters and he was shouting: “hey over here you stupid idiots.” and “Hey I’m over here.” they noticed him. and sprinted for him. “now Tylah. Run into the cave, go outside the the emergency exit and close it. TIGHTLY!” “will do!” he repeated in his walky Talky. he ran through the main entrance and through the emergency exit. He started to roll the huge boulder near the main entrance. With Kyle’s help they closed the door and came out of a smaller entrance next to the bigger one. My turn. I shot the top of the main entrance of the cave. The top piled in and now the shape-shifters were trapped. With the bombs. Kyle’s turn. Tylah and kyle sat net to be behind the rocky cover. “3” he started “2” Tylah and I joined in. “1” BOOM. dust and rock flew every where. “yes!” Tylah and I were cheering and clapping. Until Kyle said “I haven't pressed the button yet.” we all peaked over the side of the rocks. Dust cleared. The shape-shifter that looked like Tarnia had a gun for a hand. It morphed back to normal and we all felt screwed. we stepped back. They stepped forward. Back. Forward. This went on until we hit a wall. They wanted to kill us. Slowly. They were less than five meters away when I remembered.
Chapter 10
The devices “Guys. Green button.” I shouted. Tylah and I pressed the green button. We disappeared. Smash! Kyle got killed. he spawned behind the shape-shifters. “Oh green button.” he disappeared too. We killed them with stealth. Then in the distance. Tarnia and Achin, all injured and beaten up, got back to us. “at least your alive” “shut up Tylah” Achin replied. Tarnia was obviously too injured to move on her own. They fell to the ground. That’s when I noticed the canteen the shape-shifters took from us. I poured half on Tarnia and half on Achin. I handed them devices. “here.” They took ‘em and put them in their pocket. “We still have to kill the red guy.” I reminded them. “how did Tylah get here?” Asked Tarnia. Everyone ignored her. “I’m an idiot!” I shouted. “you got that right.” said Kyle. “Kyle! I mean I just thought of the most simplest way to kill the devil. oh I can’t belive it was that simple.” I got up, walked to the cave, stood there, dreamt of something, and came back to the group out side. In my hand lay a canteen full of green water. “How did no one think of this earlier.” said Tylah. “What I’ve only been here a couple minutes whilst you guys have been here for two days.” That was true. It shouldn’t have taken that long. then again no one else before us thought of it. We slept on it and left the next day. “there he is.” sitting on his throne. He leapt off his throne. “So your all back. What? No swords? Why I’ll take you to hell. oh wait. um just let me think of another expression.” “Now!” I shouted. The plan was Achin, Tarnia, Kyle and I leap at him, he hits us while Tylah throws the canteen at the devil. We all did our jobs but Tylah got grabbed buy the red creatures. “I read minds, you know.” he threw us off of him. “to bad you can’t read minds WELL!” Achin shouted. our real plan was Tylah was accualy a decoy thrower. Achin pulled out the real water and splashed it on the devil. “AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH.” he melted. Sadly thousands of The red creatures came at us. I Braced for impact. Nothing. I lifted my arms away from my eyes. White. everywhere more white. “Congratulations. you guys managed to beat him.” The shadow was congratulating us. It all started to go black. “urgh. huh” I got up. “snake road!” I was back in the real world. I got up. By the time I was up. Tarnia, Achin and Kyle were already up. “Hey where’s Tylah?” I asked. “he didn’t pass out.” Kyle said. It was only us. remember.
“hey James where were you last night” Tylah asked. “you were supposed to come over to my house.” Tylah’s house was at the end of snake road. He winked at me. “you were there.” I said. so that’s the end of my story.

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