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Just a Dream Part 1
Just a Dream Part 1

Just a Dream Part 1


Ye-Jun runs to her friend "Chang-min" after school to tell her about her class, They talk walking down the sidewalk as cars drive past. They talk about what kind of stuff they want.


Ye-Jun says bye to Chang-min as she walks into her home. Exhausted she lays on her bed and pulls out her phone.


Ye-Jun gets up from a sound in her kitchen. She doesn't remember inviting anyone so she goes to check it out.

[Ye-Jun] "h-hello?" "Anyone there?"

She asks, But she doesn't hear a reply So she walks out of her bedroom and investigates, She walks downstairs and into the kitchen "THUD"

[Ye-Jun] *Gasps* "It sounded like something fell!"

Ye-Jun slowly walks into the kitchen not making a peep, And as she takes one step into the kitchen she gets hardly knocked out by a bat.

She woke up in bed and couldn't even talk properly

[Ye-Jun] "e-uh yu- was-....a-a dream?

Her head hurt, So she quit didn't believe it was a dream, When she went to class her head hurt so much she fell asleep during an Important lesson and got detention. In detention she sees a boy looking at her weirdly in a different classroom and gets freaked out.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed today's story and tell me how you liked it in the comments or reviews or whatever. But yeah make sure to check out my other stories.

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14 Apr, 2022
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