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Just A Dream

Just A Dream

By skyeria - 1 Review

I don't think many people liked me. They knew I existed but no one really cared. I'd stand and try to blend in with the corners of the sports hall during practices. All kinds of practices. And no one would try to talk to me. Except my cousins or the coach. My sister hated me. And I hated my sister.

That was when I was 9 years old.

'What, I have to try to get pass HIM?' The girl looked at me with distaste. 'Impossible! He's so much taller and skilled than me!' She rolled her eyes at her friends. Aurai. That was her name. Sighing, she took hold of the ball and started to move towards me. I defended. Smirking, she bounced the ball between my legs and moved with lightning speed behind me. Oops, I thought. She has skill. Turning around, she grinned and mouthed 'nutmeg!' at me. That was the term for passing a ball through someone's legs. I grimaced. My sister cheered for her. I glared.

She called me nutmeg from that day on. I was 12 years old.

My cousin somehow got her online chat account and added us in a conversation. We started being mean to her. Well, not mean, but not nice. She didn't care. She returned our insults with quite a few original witty comments.

I added her account personally. She accepted. I was 13 years old.

It was already 4 years. I had liked this particular girl for 4 years. I told the girl I liked her during the summer of my 15th birthday. She rejected me.

I was shattered.

I opened my chat list. That was when I realized nearly everyone on the list were males. And it doesn't really help with the situation when you talk about relationships with them. I scrolled further down and Aurai's name popped up. I clicked on it and started typing.

Surprisingly enough, she listened to my problems, tried to help me and promised me support. We chatted every day after that; about everything. I guess I had found my new best friend. A girl.

Relationships like that do not last long. It wasn't long before I realized I might be going to far. Did I like her? I didn't know. I didn't want to know. I stopped finding her on chat. I ignored her chats. I didn't pick up the phone. I responded to her texts with '?'s. I went to the extent of yelling an entire stream of swear words to her when she asked me to pass the phone to my sister.

I don't like her.


No, definitely.

And now we don't talk at all. Like we never knew each other.

I don't understand. Do I?

Have I just lost a friend? What have I done?

I guess it was just a dream.

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4 Jul, 2011
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