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just felt like typing

just felt like typing

By nannaboat

“Any guy out there in the world can be clarified as a Father.
But it takes someone special to be a Dad”

My Dad, well he’s over 6’ tall for sure. He’s my foster parent. Now he could have just stayed the title Jay. However calling him Dad came a lot easier. Ya know, him being the only Dad figure I’ve had since I was…? I have not a clue. It would probably have been since I moved in with them a few weeks after my 6th birthday. I love my Dad. Yes, he can be intimidating to some people. But he’s my Dad, anyone could have been my Dad but I have James Jay Fisher Jr. as my Dad. He’s special, he’s nice, and he’s the most caring father a daughter could want. My Dad, he’s mean but he has to be, I’ve had my times when I was a little shit kid. I love him. He’s respectable a man that people could look up to. He’s caring, nice and he works. He’s a pretty lenient guy.
Now that’s my Dad. The big looking tall tough guy. But he’s the funny, loving, outdoorsy Dad who works to keep our family a family. I’ll never be able to truly say how much I thank him for taking in my three sisters and I, in and never giving up hope. Daddies little girl? I don’t know not so much. But daddies only hope to have his daughter straight into college? Now that’s me.

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14 Jul, 2011
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