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Just forget it

Just forget it

By Katebates

I've never really read a story that was based on someones life, only a person they picked to write about. But they decide to change things around, well that's not right. They should be able to write about their own life, because it's theirs and it may not be over yet. So how does it finish? Well that's what I'm going to try and explain okay?

Try and follow this, you're a little girl, 3 or 4 and you live in a big house with your parents and older sister. She teases you and makes fun of you ALL the time, but put that all aside, now, what's left? An older sister that cares so much about you and is always there for you, am i right? Yes . Don't say I'm not, cause i am. I've been told and I've looked it over. Now picture yourself a few years down the road, say... You're 7 just going into grade 2. You've been in school before and know what it's like. Just the numbers get bigger, the equations and words. Every year is a new challenge, but to face it you must keep going. You're family is the same, an older sister that bugs you about how dumb you are because you aren't smart like she is. "She's only 2 years younger" your father says as he pulls you on his lap. How would that make you feel? Sad and unloved right? But you're parents are there to tell your sister what's right and wrong.

Let's look 2 years farther okay? You're in grade 4 and the words and math and EVERYTHING you learn is getting harder. You start learning new things and your kinda scared because you don't know this stuff and it's new. But you still try your best. But then the first report card comes out. You bring it on the bus and decide to take a peek at it. You open the brown envelope and see the printed out pages. It's very thick. All you think is, "What might all the pages be for? Am i a bad student?" And then you start looking through it and tears roll down your face because your ashamed of your marks. The girl that sits beside you on the bus has a glowing smile on her face. She asks to see your marks and you refuse, then she hands her's to you and you see she has perfect marks. Seeing them makes your stomach upset and all you want to do is cry. She let's you rest your head on her shoulder and you let her see your report card. Feeling ashamed, you close your eyes tight, then you hear her cheery voice saying that their great marks for you. You look up and say they aren't as great as yours. But then everything gets better, she tells you everyone learns at different speeds and that you need to ask for help. HELP. That word has always made me sick to my stomach. My papa always says you only need help if your in trouble. School work isn't trouble, it's a challenge. What i needed was clues. Now i was a very shy child, never raised my hand unless i wanted to, if i got called on i would answer very quietly. But enough of grade 4 i hated that grade, lets go another 2 years.

You enter your grade 6 class. You look around. All your best friends, even the one you've known sense kindergarten. Your BEST FRIEND FOREVER . Katie, not Kaitlin, not Kk not kate, just Katie. Your Role model. She waves and sends a welcoming smile. You wave and look around for your desk. You sit and look around for more of your friends. Beside you sits the boy that you played baseball against last year. To the other side sits a boy that plays hockey, very nice funny but also slightly quiet. Your teacher walks in and he is very tall. But not only are you the new kid in grade 6 but so is he. First year teaching grade six by himself this year. He's really nice and funny and you can't wait for the year to begin. And then it does. The words and equations are hard but fun. The words are different but funny to say. Your friends are silly and always get in trouble. You sit and giggle while the teacher yells at them. Your cousin turns around and laughs with you. But then everything goes down. You forget to take your scribbler out of your desk in french and someone finds it. You don't really like him but he just happens to be the one to go around the school saying you like a boy. You deny it all that you can, but you can't help it but cry. You go running to your teacher in tears, he stands up and asks whats wrong, you tell him and everything starts to get better. Until the boy you like comes in. By then your sitting on the floor with Katie and she's trying to calm you down. He asks if it's true and you say no, he believes you and says he doesn't like you that way either. It hurts to hear this but you don't care, your only 11 any ways.

A few months later, you sitting in your room on the phone with him laughing and telling funny stories. You don't think it could get any better. Then you two grow quiet. You ask a simple question. "So do you like anyone?" He answers yes and he lets you guess, the only hit being she's in our class. You name all the girls in your class, every answer being "nope" but when you say your name he says "maybe" but you keep saying other girls names, and the same answer is no. You give up and ask if he likes you, in a quiet voice all you hear is " A tiny bit..ya i do..who do you like?" You freeze, you tell him you'll answer and then hang up. He says ok and in a split second all that comes out is "I'm talking to him" You hang up the phone and throw it. Not sure if your happy you got it out or not. The next day at school all you do is avode each other, but when you see each other you smile. Then the day comes when he asks you out, of course you say yes, and after that you think nothing could ruin it.

Okay, you still following along? I know what your thinking "ewe lovey dove story, ya well i'm only in grade 8, grade 7 it all turned upside down. You might thinks it's awesome but pretend your me this time.Your sister teases you and always asks questions about your boyfriend. You ignore her and pretend she never asked them.

He cares so much about you, always giving you hugs, always looks you in the eyes when you two talk. But then grade 7. Yay... A new girl named Kat comes to your school. She seems nice at first. But you don't know whats coming. She starts talking to your boyfriend, he starts falling for her. And then you lose him. You start fighting with this girl and he doesn't like it. You try to apologize to both of them but they both wont listen. He threatens to not to talk to you. But then he doesn't. He says he's picking you over her because of how much you tried to apologized. Then the best thing happens. He asks for you back. You put aside everything that happened and say yes. Everything is great, you get your first kiss, and at track and field he holds your hand for the first time. Everyone gets grossed out when you two kiss near them and your face goes beat red when you've noticed the were watching. You bury your face in his shoulder as he laughs and lays his head on yours. You two are the best of friends, always talking and being together no matter what. Then you have a fight with a friend. Then they bring your boyfriend into the fight. Everyone, thinks your the bad guy. No one is there for you but 2 people. And no, not one of them is your boyfriend... Instead he's talking to the girl your having a fight with. She's tells him he should break up with you. But deep down your still friends with this girl.. When he pulls you aside after finals, he tells you, 'we can't be together' all you want to do is cry but you don't,you remember what that girl said, 'If he breaks up with you he isn't worth your tears'. All you manage to say is 'fine' you turn your back to him and walk away. After walking for several seconds you hear foot steps running behind you. not just one person, but 3? Maybe 4.. You turn around and a girl grabs you by the neck then pulls you into a hug. You burst into tears, you know she figured out he dumped you. All the girls come and hug you. You can barely breath but it feels nice sense you had no friends at the time. The weirdest part? A girl you don't even like is siding with you. You don't mind, as long as you know there's people there for you. After that day. You get better.

It's the summer before grade 8. Your walking to the park with your best friend and her little brother and sister. You arrive, your friend Aj is there and is running towards you. You scream as if your being attacked then start laughing. The behind him you see him.. You frown and stop laughing.He walks over and acts as if everything is okay. You act the same. 2 hours go bye and your friend and you get tired, her sister and brother are tired and you guys decide to go home. She gives both the boys hugs and you just give Aj a hug. You look at your ex, frown and shrug. He looks down at the ground and back up at you. With a sad face he looks at you and asks "Can i have a hug too?" You think in your head you would like one from him too, but you look at your friend which has decided to start walking without you. You look back at him, you say no. Just no. nothing else. You don't care if it hurt him. You just look him in the eyes and say no. Turn around and run after your friend. You don't look back.

First day of grade 8. The 2 things running through your head "I want to be in Mrs. Wrights class and I want to be with Katie and Taylor" That's all you think nothing else. You walk up and look at the chart. Your eyes go big your in Mrs. Wrights Class!!! You look down the list , your with Katie and Taylor!!!! The you look over the list one last time. Your ex is in your class. You lose the happiness. You think to your self, this year could be much better. And it is.

A few months into grade 8 you start talking a lot to him. He finally tells you he's so sorry for everything that happened. You forgive him. Months go by and he's still really sorry. You two get closer, and you finally tell him you still love him. He says he'll always be there for you and that he cares so much about you. But then more months go by. This month, He starts ignoring you and your scared. He said you would never lose him. And that you are a huge part of his life. You say the same. But you just don't know. You tell your aunt everything she says don't worry about it. He's playing games with your head to throw you off and that you should do the same. But should i is the question. Our friendship is like a crack in the ice. Gets bigger everyday. But do your really want to break it. No. He's your best friend and you don't want to lose him. Ya sure your friends. But friends don't act like this to each other. He's the best thing that ever happened to me, if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't have written this story. But it's not the end.

My sister. At the beginning I told you how she loves me so much. Ya, Well you can say i'm wrong about all that. To tell you the truth. She hates me. She's told me. We act like we love each other sometimes but most of the time we are fighting. Sorry.. We're ALWAYS fighting. She'll bring something up and I'll act all calm and say my side. Then she explodes. It's always about her. She get's what ever the hell she wants . Ya i have to admit I'm spoiled. But not as spoiled as her. She's made me cry so much my eyes hurt. She's made me run away from home. She's made me so angry i some times start to cry in school. I'm tired of her.But like i said. There isn't an end to my story. I'm 13 years old and i still have a long life ahead of me. It'll be full of heart breaks and aches. Happy and sad moments and lonely moments. But i'll get through it. Because I'm human. And everyone can. And besides, my Papa always says "If you don't leave you can't come back" What about death does that work as well? Once you die will you come back? I can't tell you. I can tell you i believe in heaven and hell. Maybe once everyone has died and gone to one of those places there will be war? Ya i have an imagination, and i love it. And if you don't have one, fuck you cause it's what makes you, you. You're never to old to be young. But i said i'd try and tell you that stories don't end. Well they don't. Just like Leonaro da Vinci said about art "Art is NEVER finished, only abandoned." Life is art. Art is abandoned because one thinks it's finished. Nothing is ever finished, because it has started.

I've left out a lot of name of people because i don't have their permission. Everything in my story has actually happened in my life. I never mentioned my ex's name because i think it's better if i didn't. I'm still dealing with this crap, and i'm 3/4 of the way through my grade 8 year. I'm still a really quiet girl in fact i never talk. I decided to write this because i have a hard time getting my voice out. And i've been asked many times if a persons life will keep going. I want to be remembered, so i want to show people what ove lived through, and what my life is like. It's not the best life, but i know, somewhere out there, someone would love to have my life for what ever reason they have.

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22 Mar, 2012
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