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Just How It Is
Just How It Is

Just How It Is


Depression and self esteem issues
We choose to ignore them
say why bother fixing that
whats the harm with that mental state?

No one knows what it feels like
to wake up and act out a life
a life you know is a lie
an act just to hide what is wrong

I know there are those that have these issues
just remind me of when you could explain it
explain this pain
this rage
this confusing and conflicting state
to anyone without feeling dramatic
or under the guise of a fake name

Start releasing physicaly
a couple of slit wrists here
a little less eating there
and then they care
but only enough to send you to a clinic
so they don't have to deal with it
where within it they just hook you up on drugs
or give you a therapist
that gives you a slew of verbal slugs
thats recited from memory
like a lifeless animatronic

they don't want to be there
hell they don't want to be anywhere near you
if you up and died they'd say "Oh well. I got paid."

Everyone says they care
and everyone has many friends
we must forget that in the end
you only have a few that stick with you
through the thick and thin
and the ones that care aren't different
they help for a while
but then they'll get sick of it
and just when you get better
they go and break you again
oh well back to square 1
bound by more issues than before
Can't wait to see what issues are in store around the corrider
Just hope its better than the former troubles following me

Author Notes: Reviews are always welcome no matter how critical.

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About This Story
4 Jul, 2018
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1 min
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