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Just Madness
Just Madness

Just Madness


One day, Fizzy thought with squinting eyes, One day the watermelon people will rule the world.
Glass shattering could be heard from the next room over. "FIZZY!" Gorfulp shouted, "WHERE DID YOU PUT THE SODA?"
Fizzy sighed and walked into the hallway to see what kind of kerfuffle Gorfulp was making this time. "Did you check the fridge?" Fizzy asked peering into the room where the remains of a glass container laid shattered on the floor. "Are you gonna clean this up?" Fizzy asked Gorfulp.
"I CHECKED THE FRIDGE, FIZZY GOOCHEROSS FEGGLE!" Gorfulp said using her full name, ignoring her.
"Are you sure?" Fizzy said opening up the fridge to find a lot of ketchup. But no soda.
"Huh," she muttered, "Gor, did you drink all the soda?" Fizzy asked moving the ketchup bottles around.
"NO," he shouted, walking towards the cleaning suplies, "I THOUGHT THAT YOU HID IT FROM ME!"
"I didn't," Fizzy confessed. With no luck, she couldn't find the soda. She turned around to only see a few pieces of glass on the floor while Gorfulp swept them up.
She stared at his watermelon head and walked over. "I can clean up the rest," she said, "You go get some more soda." Without hesitation Gorfulp dropped the supplies and flew out the door. Fizzy picked up the broom and started sweeping the last bits of glass. When she finished she dumped it into the trash.
Quiet shuffling came from the living room. Oh no, she thought, the chipmunks. Sure enough as she entered the living room a large chipmunk looked at her and paused while being interupted from devouring the couch. The creature slowly put it back down, releasing the sofa from it's mouth.
Fizzy clenched her fists as she backed out of the room. As soon as she left she could hear the noises of the chipmunk stuffing the couch back into its mouth.
A while later she was back in the kitchen and heating up some ketchup. Then she heard the chipmunk see itself out the door. When she went back into the living room she found that the entire couch was gone. As well as the table and a lamp. First the soda now this, she thought. She touched her forehead and walked out of the room when she heard the beep that meant that her ketchup was heated.
While eating her ketchup Gorfulp had returned home and she explained that the chipmunk had stolen some of their furniture. Surprisingly, he didn't seem as upset as she had expected. She assumed it was because he was happy that he had his soda.
That night the chipmunk returned to the Chorple Clan where he hawked up the supplies needed to succeed in their plan. The time for action was close.

Author Notes: I know it's a bit weird but I really hope you enjoyed!

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1 May, 2021
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2 mins
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