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Just a Notion!
Just a Notion!

Just a Notion!

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It would really be inchoate of me to directly state the implementations of lending a hand to our Earth for her survival. The insignificance of filthy little areas swamped with junk is yet to be defined better to the uneducated, suprisingly our country even has the educated hoi- polloi to encourage this practice further. In a short while, our country may be harmed even more due to the immoral and impertinent activities by almost every citizen. Not only does unhygienic situations pave a way for diseases,but also for the mindset of the coming generations,for them to take it normally so as to exist peacefully . The bitter truth is that we' the most sophisticated and well mannered urban people' don't even think of how the lower class survives. After all, we convince ourselves with mere satisfactions that it is their habitat and that they are used to living in these dirty livelihoods.

Not just this,with my absolute confidence,I can make a scoffing statement that even if every citizen realises the need of the hour to protect the Earth and shares a strong motive to stop pollution,the real cleanliness which leads to Godliness-which is the conspicuous state of mind to openness will still be left unanswered. The actual dirtiness to be thrown out is of our thoughts, especially of the people living in small towns. Nobody of their support or favour can answer to the unjust discrimination of forcing girls to hold a rolling pin rather than a pencil,or the stereotypes of few grooms to in fact 'sell' themselves after marriage to the bride's family through dowry. Other than this,the day females can roam around anywhere,anytime without any frantic horror,our country will truly be free from uncleanliness!

Author Notes: Thanks a tonne for reading this🙏!
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15 Aug, 2020
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