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Just A Pebble (part I)

Just A Pebble (part I)

By reachamongthestars

A smile is simple, but it can mean a lot. For the giver, it may be just a polite gesture. For the receiver, it might be the start to a new perspective on life. It’s the little things like that, the friendly, innocent vibes from a stranger even, that could make someone else’s day. A smile can cheer up the discouraged, perhaps giving them a reason to smile again and it is essentially sunshine to sadness. Yet it is not at all like gold and it holds no actual value, that is, until one is given away.

Sometimes at random, people come into your life. Some may leave no mark, while others will, without ever having intended to, out of those, a significant change may occur. There is a possibility that you’d never know who these people are and if they are helping you, that small act, may go unnoticed for many years to come. Without these acts and people, life would be a smooth and straight road, it would be extremely safe but at the same time utterly pointless and boring.

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23 Apr, 2012
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