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Just Some Thoughts

Just Some Thoughts

By Author21

There is so much more to school than what meets the eye. It's not just about passing the classes, a lot of it is socialism. I know what youre thinking- you don't have to be social. Well yes you do. Because if you don't people call you things such as fat piggy or freak or anything that is something gross or disgusting.

I personally gained one of these names because I didn't talk when I was younger. I woud just go to school, do my work, and leave. Even at resturaunts I wouldn't talk and tell them my order. I would just look at my dad and point to an item on the menu and boom thats what I got.

But I got tired of the names and being different. So I conformed to society. And what happened? Oh shocker, new names. At first it was okay people just stuck with my name and left it at that. But then the more I talked the more names like slut and whore came about.

So what did I do? I turned into exactly what they called me. What did that do for me? NOTHING! And still to this day I regret all the things I did and said. But thats just what happens when you change yourself for other people.

And they will never exept you. They will never truly and honestly except who you are. Because as weird as it sounds, they are jealous. Jealous that you can walk away with your head and shoulders high even after all the things they have said and tormented you with

Never give them the satisfaction of hurting you or at least never let them know they have hurt you. Because when they know they will strike.

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25 Aug, 2017
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