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Just Ten
Just Ten

Just Ten

SheebaMerlin Sheeba Mary R
4 Reviews

Just TEN
Sheeba Mary R.

“You have TEN”
“You have just TEN…”
Ti-ti! Tic-tic! Tic-tic-tic! Tic-tic! Rambunctious blaring of the small alarm clock jarred him out of his dream.

8.00 a.m.
Puzzled and tormented he calls his pal. “Hey buddy, I had a strange dream in the morning”.
“Oh man, what is that?”, says his comrade. “In my dream someone said I have ten and ONLY ten, I don’t know the meaning for that buddy, am scared”, said our hero. “Pal, you may have some ten big shots today who knows! Leave it and get ready we have a meeting at 10.00 a.m.” refreshes and gulps an orange juice, our hero starts to his office with his mind filled with questions.

10.00 a.m.
“ Hurrah! Cheers! Man, congratulation, you received what you deserve”. Decorated by balloons, colourful streamers, a little touch of fresh flowers, glitter papers and snow explodes as soon as he steps inside the office. Everywhere he can witness the big curve with white shines congratulating him. A Sturdy, determined man, his manager, comes, shakes his hand, and opens up the surprise to him. “Buddy, you are given the U.S module project which you have been waiting for ten months. Congrats man!”. “Holy buckets! Wow, is this real? Am I dreaming? Is this what my dream all about?”. Questions and exhilaration dancing in his mind as cheer girls dancing on the dais.
Well. Everything went well so far and he is dreaming himself doing his module project. Finally, the dream reaped its meaning. He does not know whether to thank his Creator or his own knowledge and effort for all these ten months. Thrilled by the reality, he continues his coding.

12.00 p.m.
A shrill scream of his mobile cuts the silence. Peering towards the unknown number, he hesitantly picks up the call. “Sir, we are calling from Overseas Bank of India. Am I speaking to..”. Well, we will better name him as our hero. “Yes, speaking”, he says. After confirming the account number to the Bank officer, he least expects that he would be receiving another bang that day. “Sir, the loan amount of Rupees Ten lakh has been sanctioned to you as we have processed your request with all your provided details”, says the officer. Yee-haw! Come on, it is enough, double surprise a day is too much for him. Elated, he calls his mother and informs the surprise but kept his U.S. project as suspense.

1.30 p.m.
“Hey buddy, it’s time, let’s go for lunch!”. With Roti and egg curry in their plates, they sit for their usual chitchat. His friend reveals that they have a get together at 10.00 p.m. that day to celebrate his friend’s big day. He hesitates at first but then his eyes bloom when he hears that his dream love is going to attend the party too. Asha, his 10th grade classmate. White pinafore over the dress, flower in the silky lock, glowing eyes that swept the entire school. She was a marvel in his class. Toped the class and beauty, she was his inestimable diamond. She never failed to amaze him. You probably understand why he remained an average student. Her walks and style; curved brows and lips; she was a sunshine in a cloudy day. His every sense was filled with her. God has shown mercy by putting her next to him in college and in the company, as well, where he works.

His dream was perturbed by a little squeaky and low voice. “Hey, congrats first of all, I would love to join you in the party tonight. Waiting to meet you pal!”.“Yippee! I bet this is a dream”, voice in his mind. He notices her smile and how it reaches up to her eyes, a true smile that is. Never once, she came to him to talk, knowing very well that he has been like a bee over the flower. He sees the twinkle in her eyes and many thanks to Olaf for his words, “Some people are worth melting for”. Meeting his dream love at 10.00 that night is not a child’s play for him. It is a dream comes true. Definitely, it is not just a dream but a vision.

4.00 p.m.
From nowhere came the sound of the ringing phone. His hand hovers over the answer button. “Hello, is this…”. He says, “yes I am”. The lady from the Hillford Medical Center says, “Sir, Dr. Fizer gave you an appointment today at 6.00 p.m. for which you have been waiting for ten days”. Dr. Fizer, a well-known General Physician who expertise in diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting different body systems in a patient. Our hero has been trying to get an appointment to meet him to get a general checkup. At last, today he has got the appointment, for which he has been waiting for ten days. Finally, everything comes well in just ten hours in a day. That is astounding.

5.30 p.m.
After completing his ten difficult coding that day, he starts from his office to the Hospital. Jammed in the traffic, he sees his watch that displayed 5.45. A journey in his bike and a chill evening rewinds the whole day before his eyes. Surprise at 10.00 a.m., dream girl with him at 10.00 p.m., loan amount. The clips, images, feelings and memories hovering in his mind, he reaches the Hospital. Our hero has a reason behind his checkup, he used to get severe headache often and it lasts for 10 minutes and not more. After the checkup, he meets the doctor. Tall and neat, a man with a polite speech and medical parlance, behind his big mustache comes a big smile. Soon the bend turns to a line as soon as he sifted the report.

5.59 p.m.
The doctor said, “Ahem! Mister, you have only 10 to live”.
“What!! 10 to live? What do mean by 10? 10 years or months or days?”, he asks with enough horror.

The doctor counts, “9”.

Author Notes: Inspired by a joke. Well, Our life revolves around numbers. Enjoy the meaning of number Ten in my story and I hope you also find meanings for some numerals in your life. if so, share it in my comments.
Live full, Be you.

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Merlin Sheeba Mary R
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25 Nov, 2018
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4 mins
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