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Just a Thought
Just a Thought

Just a Thought


Stick a knife inside my soul. Cut it open. What would you find?Cut open my heart, break the walls down that guard it, and unlock the lock that holds it? What would you find? Crack open my mind on the concrete floor. Watch neurons travel at the speed of sound. What would you hear? What would you find? Cut my limbs up into pieces, and place them on a stranger. Would they travel further without the grief of knowing?

Would you ever justify the lies that you have told yourself about the right and the wrong? Save 5, sacrifice 1. But it never works like that. Life is complex, difficult, and hard enough to give up on the first try.

But doesn’t that make you weak? Selfish? Lazy-minded? Egotistical?

Yes, doesn’t it?

Break open any heart, any mind, or any head. You’ll be called murderer until you kill the bad.

Because once you kill a killer, you are a hero. But if you kill a bully, are you?

I guess it doesn’t matter anyways.

When you cut open my soul, you’ll find shadows. The absence of light. When you cut open my heart, you’ll find stitches and missing pieces. When you cut open my mind though, you’ll find demons. And once you find them, they become yours to bear.

Good luck.

Author Notes: I suck at writing. I apologize.

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About This Story
7 Jan, 2020
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1 min
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