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Just a Touch
Just a Touch

Just a Touch

3 Reviews

17 and healthy
or so it seems
People may speak to me
but won't acknowledge the pain buried underneath

Just when they figure somethings up they leave
Why does that always have to be
why does no one care about me
I'll go to a catholic school
hoping someone there cares
and apparently the scars on me seem devout

All I want is a friend to confide in
Someone who will just listen
A friend who will realize
That "I'm fine" really means
"Help,I'm losing it all. Please help me hold on."
That can see the cracks in my mask
and won't ask pointless things like:

"Are you okay?"
"Does it hurt?"
Please that doesn't fix what ails me
it just pushes me into a deeper rut
just listen and comfort me
a simple hug helps
hell a touch that isn't born of curiousity
tames the insanity bubbling inside of me

Author Notes: This is my first piece of work here so please leave some reviews on how to do better.
Thank You!

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About The Author
About This Story
20 May, 2018
Read Time
<1 min
4.6666666666667 (3 reviews)

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