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Justice Falling in the Streets

Justice Falling in the Streets

By jeancommunicates

To ignore right and wrong, as established in history, can pervert a people and destroy a nation.

Proverbs 25:11 KJV "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." I do not promise precious and pleasing writing, because words fitly spoken are not always agreeable and they can be very opinionated. And I am a student of the Holy Bible.

It was Jeremiah, the son of Hilkiah, in the land of Benjamin, the Bible prophet that told us that God not only judges the people, but He also judges the land. This can be read and (IT IS WRITTEN in Jeremiah 25:10-14 KJV)

Many states in the United States of America have suffered droughts and they are literally running out of water. The California drought continues to worsen and over four million acres destroyed by wildfires. We can add the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, because they suffer along with California. Not only is there a water shortage, but also a quality as reported in Flint, Michigan. It is a disturbing writing to report that most major cities in the this nation are showing poor water quality.

On September eleventh, two thousand one, the United States of America took a mighty blow by terrorist enemies from afar. We buried three thousand of our beloved citizens. The most primitive weaponry was used - an airplane stolen and piloted by suicidal maniacs. The Pentagon took a hit, a field in Pennsylvania took some brave Americans to their death and the Twin Towers of New York came crashing down with a slaughter of life that went all around the world. The attack happened sixty year after Pearl Harbor, but the Holy Scriptures only recorded the Twin Towers.

Since the Twin Towers and the water shortage can be tied together, let me show you how. (IT IS WRITTEN in Isaiah 30:25 KJV) "And there shall be upon every high mouintain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall." Now many towers have fallen throughout history, but the whole world witnessed the Twin Towers falling and three thousand lives lost is a slaughter.

Man cannot make the sins mentioned in the Holy Bible into non-sin. Examples are abortion, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, stealing, murdering, lying, drugs and calling God's name in vain.

We are seeing judgments coming because our sins are ordinances of the nation and just not the sins of a few. Our Supreme Court has made abortion legal. They have allowed prayer and the ten commandments to be removed from schools and public buildings and upholding separation of church and state as if intended by our forefathers. Acceptance of gay marriage has just been made legal and sodomy laws have been abolished. All this has happened since the nineteen sixties to our nation, but our Supreme Court once declared that America is a Christian nation. Meaning the majority of Americans were professing Christians. Recently, President Obama said, "America is no longer a Christian nation."

Scripture tells us that the devil will creep into the churches and we see this continually happening in America. Our churches are condoning and marrying gay couples and accepting divorce, adultery and fornication. Our pastors are preaching self help and how to feel good about self, instead of preaching the Word of God, the Holy Bible. (IT IS WRITTEN in Proverbs 9:10) "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowldge of the Holy One is understanding." This fear is an understanding of the awesomeness of God. His unlimited ability which cannot be compared.

Our hospitals and doctors are pushing mind controlling legal drugs. Our mayors are allowing violence and calling it peaceful protesting. Criminals are raised up and police officers are lowered down. Our soldiers return home from senseless wars that cannot be won, but yet a few soldiers took down the leaders of our enemy. The U.S. Capitol building is surrounded by the protective National Guard, because our leaders do not trust the American people and the American people do not trust their leaders.

Our people work hard but their money earned is never enough. A curse has come upon the American finances, because our people spend for self instead of for the Lord. (IT IS WRITTEN in 1 Timothy 5:8 KJV) "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."

It is the Lord who told us, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (IT IS WRITTEN in Mark 8:36 KJV) The United Nations teaches world government, but no peace seems to come from gaining the world. And again (IT IS WRITTEN in Amos 3:3) "Can two walk together, unless they agree?" We have a world that does not agree, but the day is coming when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. For (IT IS WRITTEN Romans 14:11,12 KJV) "For it is written, As I live saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God. So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God."

A student of the Bible learns to read as Isaiah taught us with inspiration from the Holy Spirit,"For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little." (IT IS WRITTEN in Isaiah 28:10 KJV) Precept can be defined as "God's authoritative rule or command," so the old prophet Isaiah is saying, "rule upon rule." As a young, baby Christian, I tired quickly of so and so begat so and so, but when I became mature I understood there is nothing in the Holy Scriptures without meaning and lineage is very important. And "line upon line" stated twice means as Timothy taught "breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness." And all of this is discovered in many different books of Scripture.(2 Timothy 3:16) Then in (Luke 24:44-45 ESV) Luke tells us that Jesus opened the disciples minds to understand Scripture. He gave them the Holy Spirit to dwell in them. And for line upon line, the same instructions or words of knowledge will be prophesied by different prophets for better understanding as the Holy Spirit teaches us all things concerning Christ. Therefore "here a little, and there a little" is perfectly understood. Even the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John give us different writings but telling the same facts and more about Jesus. For an unbeliever to pick up the Holy Scriptures and understand, seldom happens. Christians are taught by the Holy Spirit dwelling in them.

Now, I have said all of this to explain to you what I am about to tell you about Isiah 30:25 KJV. "And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter , when the towers fall." The Twin Towers fell on September eleventh, two thousand one, when three thousand Americans died. We had streams of waters on high mountains because of snow and ice. Just because it was happening on the day the Twin Towers fell doesn't mean it will continue to happen. Nothing is in Scripture by chance. It was written that way for reason. We can conclude that there will come a day that we will not get water from snow melt off high mountains. Never take the Bible forgranted. All things are mentioned for a reason.

Justice is turning to lawlessness. (IT IS WRITTEN in Proverbs 26:2 KJV) that a curse without a cause does not come. It reads "As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come." Curses come by disobedience to God and sinning against God, either by yourself and/or your ancestors. So a curse comes from the cause which is sin. Generational curses come down generation after generation, until the curse is broken, i.e. the sin is stopped and the person repents.

What causes justice to fall in the streets and God's judgments on a people or a nation? S I N




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17 Apr, 2021
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