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By inu_unique

Everything happens for a reason, even if we have no idea what is the reason behind what happened. But still, we have to believe that there must be some reason, no matter what it is. So whenever something hit you, there must be a reason why it hit you. Either you are too slow to respond, or you’re just unlucky. I didn’t say that the reason behind what happen is always good, there are some bad reasons too. Like Karma, do you know that Karma does exist?! It really does! Believe me, don’t do something bad, because it will get you back sooner or later. This Karma, isn’t something that elders made up for threatening the children, it really works exactly the way it is.

Let me tell you something about Karma. You will get what you deserve, it’s true! No matter how smart you try to avoid it, it will get to you. I have story about how Karma works. I saw it with my own eyes, how the Karma works. So, there’s a girl, whose in love with her bestfriend’s lover (I think you already know how this is gonna happen :D – I’ll tell you anyway). You know how bad, when you’re having an affair with your besfriend’s lover? You would feel guilty for the rest of your life!

So, this girl kept having this affair, behind her bestfriend’s back (of course!). But, in time the guy can’t keep the affair, so he came clean to his girlfriend. This guy actually still in love with his girlfriend, but somehow, he still cheated on her (how pathetic...). But at least, he came clean, he asked for her forgiveness, but because of guilty feeling, he wanted to end their relationship. His girlfriend forgave him, said that they can still save their relationship if he wanted to let his affair go. But, he had no face anymore in front of his girlfriend, so he still decided to end it. So it was, they broke up.

Now, do you know what does it mean with “the grass looks greener on the other side”? I’m sure you knew it, right?! Yes, the other side always looks better, finer, greater. Until you get to the other side. You would know how the grass actually feels. Now this is the time the Karma works. After few months he’s been with his new girlfriend, he started to compare her to his ex. And he realize that he chose the wrong path, by leaving the best girlfriend he had ever had, for someone who turned out nothing compared to his ex. And you know what, somehow, this guy was trying to reach his ex again, talked with her on chat, and sometimes asked her to meet him. How could he?! Yeah, he definitely could, did you notice when I said that this guy actually still in love with his ex? Yes.. the feelings that came back is the feelings that never goes away. It was just buried temporary, it was still there for all this time.

You see how this Karma works? Before, this girl was happy with her affair until he finally get him. Now, she has a lot of insecurities that her boyfriend would be having an affair from her with another girl (or even his ex) – because she knows, she get him with that kind of way, so she’s afraid that he will cheat on her (come on! What do you expect?!). Isn’t it funny how the Karma works? I found it hilarious :D

Author Notes: And this is just one of the stories that I have about Karma. About how everything would get back to you. So, if you do good, you would showered with good and kindness. But if you do bad, beware of the Karma.

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5 Jul, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
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