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The words, "Don't give up," echoed in my head as I walked out of the funeral home. It seemed as if the sky had matched the day's event, dark, ominous and rainy.

She was always the underdog, and me her faithful sidekick. Team of two going to take over the world, side by side. Or we were before the intoxicated driver struck her, left her there to die on the pavement. We were in our junior year at Southview High. "If you can make it out of there mentally stable, you will be fine." People always joked. Kate and I had always joked, counting down the days until we were out of there. We were going to move somewhere sunny and happy. Unlike the middle-of-nowhere town that is Southview. Now none of that can happen, we will never we able to graduate together, we will never be able to be at each others weddings. She can't even get justice. My best friend is dead, yet the driver gets off the hook. Waking up with a hangover and no clue that he is a murder. Not only did he kill my best friend, but he killed part of me. I got into the black Sudan I got on my birthday. Kate's parents got her an identical one.

Oh Kate, why did you have to go to that party?

Author Notes: Chapter 1.

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12 Jun, 2016
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