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By lastday20

I know that my feelings for you are not right
after all, you are already taken, but i cant fight
all my feelings for you, i mean im a writer
Im not a fighter, i could never hurt a fly
Yet i always ask why, why i cant have you by my side
So to help myself get over you, i go on a ride
A ride inside myself, inside the depths of my mind
Seeing you everyday makes me go blind
not physically, just makes me not see reality
It makes me temporarily blind, to society
To the hell that i must always face
i know i can be a disgrace
to humanity, after all im always complaining
Though im not whining now, im just saying
Exactly why i like you, why i always feel like im trapped
whenever im around you, only once have i ever snapped
because of my feelings for you, but i had the common sense
to know that running away in the face of perfection like yourself
would be pure stupidity, so i stayed, and now i know that i chose wisely
now, i dont expect you to like me as well
Thats why i refuse to tell you right now
I cant tell you right about now, and you want to how?
How that i love you so much, and that i cant tell you?
Well see, you already have a boyfriend
i see that he is pushing things pretty fast, i dont need to pretend
that things probably wont work out between you and him
Another being that if he's not good enough, then im not as well
This is great, just swell
to know that i absolutely have no chance at all with you
im just being sarcastic, after all those feelings are just horrible
Now though, as long as your happy
theres no need for me to feel upset
you are after all the only thing that truly matters to me
I absolutely love you, i feel so lost without you
i know that not that many people know how i feel too
I have a little fantasy in which i imagine us actually getting together
i see you being happy, and i dont care what happens to me
after all your doing great, your happy
We get married, have a wonderful life
Me being the best husband i can be, and you are perfect, the only wife i'd want
Then my dream becomes a nightmare
not because tragedy happens, but because reality comes back
full blown, shows itself to me, it doesnt show me any slack
i just know that i cant ever work with you
naturally were just not compatible
but just know that, in all my life
i will always love you

*for kaylie, how you have opened my eyes by entering my heart*

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About This Story
1 Apr, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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