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By Aliya98

Kaysie- 4 year old girl (main character)
Mariann- the step mom
Jake- the father
Lacey- the mother
Nate- brother
Sydney- step sister


There was a girl named Kaysie. She was 4 years old. she lived with her mother now because her dad left her, her mom, and brother. Her brother was only 2. Well this is the short life of Kaysie Lateka.
Kaysie had just turned 4. she was starting school in a month and was very scared. Her mother didnt treat her every well at all. Even though her mother didnt through her a party for her 4th birthday, Kaysie was very happy she was 4 years old now.
It was the first day of school now but she had nothing to wear but the two outfits she had had for about 6 months. they had barely fit her now. The pants had holes in the butt area where it had ripped because she had grown out of them. they were about 3 inches higher than her ankles.they also has crayon and stains all over them.The shirt had mud stains in it all over. It was a plane white shirt. it was up just above her belly button now and it was very dirty. her other outfit was a dress. it was the only one she has ever owned.It was purple and pink and had two dark pink roses on the shoulder of each side.It was dirty but not as dirty as the other outfit. it has one big mud stain on the back of it and one spill of milk on the front right on the shoulder side. she decided to wear the dress for the first day.
Her dad had took her by the kindergarten every other 2 Wednesdays. So she knew right where her new school was. She had to walk there by herself. it was 3 blocks away though. she got her cloths on and said goodbye to her brother and walked out the door. she was at the second street now and then she seen a little boy. he looked a lot older then her.
She went up to him and asked if he was okay. he said yes but he didnt look okay. he was huddled up next to a wooden fence with nothing but shorts and a tank top on and it was very cold out. he was crying. so kaysie got closer sat down and started to hug him.
He looked at her and said " i dont need your help!" and pushed her away.
she looked at him and frowned. as she said " well i am just like u"
He looked up at her and said " really? how?"
and she replied " my mom is really mean to me.."
then he said " well i am different."
she said " well i want to be your friend. please!"
and he said " well if your my friend then u have to leave me alone. okay?"
she replied with a big smile and said " okay."
of curse she didnt know what exactly that meant.
but she had to go or else she would be late and get in trouble by her mother. so she took of running down the block...

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About The Author
About This Story
25 May, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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