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Keeley Marie

Keeley Marie

By JustNicoleValiukas

So many people have battled with depression in the past, whether its because of losing someone, self-esteem issues, fights, drugs and alcohol or bullying.
The weak (and I am NOT saying they can help being this way) choose to end things. The strong, or stubborn (like me) choose to soldier on. Choose which one you are going to be. A victim or somebody who punches that stone- cold bitch depression in the face and stops letting her rule your life.
I think you can be one of the strong.
You (or anyone else) shouldn't have to feel this way, and hearing these kinds of stories kind of bring back memories of my own struggles with depression. With the help of some beautiful and amazing people I managed to overcome it, but the thoughts never disappear completely. That's just the way it is.
I hope you can see how beautiful and amazing you are, and forget the "negative qualities" miserable people find in you.
If you have somebody to talk to who you can trust with these things, I seriously recommend it, because you HAVE NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF and they can help! If not, there should be anonymous hotlines you can access. (I would not recommend dark music, avoid people with large quantities of eyeliner and please stay away from sharp objects)
PLEASE don't feel like suicide is the only (or ANY) option. Trust me there are other ways to deal. Writing your emotions and thoughts down helps.
NEVER feel like a disappointment to anybody, if they can't appreciate you for who you are its their problem.
Forget about high school and start living for yourself. That's how I stopped feeling depressed so often. I started living for ME again.
You don't have to die to be noticed or mourned for. Trust me. Remember that while you're hating yourself there is always, always at least ONE person out there who loves you and CAN'T live without you.
Don't end this, Keeley Marie.
Don't let them win. Don't let your struggles be all for nothing.

Author Notes: FUCK DEPRSSION!!!!

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17 Jun, 2014
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