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Keep or Tell Them?

This story has some quality issues

Keep or Tell Them?

By Katie11806

Hey so my name is Kat, I'm fifteen-years-old. I guess it all started about two weeks ago when I had to switch schools. And the thought never ran through my head that I will be the girl that hides in her room and skips school to hide from people and reality. My mom thinks I am crazy, that its all in my head, and to get over it. She never understands me at all. My mom and my dad got a divorce when I was just turning twelve, so that had a BIG impact on my everyday life. For example, well the biggest one of all getting used to without a father figure just a mom, losing some family, and more....Let's just say that I hated it.

Now, let me tell you the real reason why you're here. One day the most famous, hot, smart, just everything about him was soo perfect almost a dream come true. He asked me out, I knew it was a setup but me being the loner I am that never gets out said: "Yeah sure let's do it!" Later that night he picked me up at exactly seven o'clock in a bright red Mustang. We drove for hours at that time I was getting suspicious so I asked: "Where are we going anyway?" He looked at me with a weird smirk. I got a notification on my phone, when I pulled it out I got a text Blake the guy that asked me out. I read it in my head "hey Kat I'm outside c'mon out!" Like ummm I'm with you but he never pulled out his phone. As I went to call blake this other guy that was with me took my phone and threw it out the window.

A minute of silence went by. Then he pulled over into the woods and threw me out the window. You will never guess what happened next, he handcuffed me and RAPED me. After he got into his car and drove away and LEFT me there. It was cold and raining. I finally found my phone, called mom and explained everything except the rape.

As the year went on and on I start to get depressed and don't tell anyone, it got so bad I had to start wearing long sleeves to cover all the cuts and bruises. And I hid in my room and started to skip school.

Now that your all caught up let's talk about now. This is the last time of the day, last breath, last sight, last word. I'm standing in the bathroom looking in the mirror crying, depressed I can't imagine even going on with my life. No one ever talks to me, cares about me, nothing. I don't feel anything but sadness, regret, and anger. I open the drawer and take out my mom's pills, open the cap, pours them out in my hand, (about thirty to hundred) and swallow them. That's not all I cut one last time, then turn on the shower and just sit until I take my last breath...

Author Notes: This story isn't based on my life or anything just a story I wrote. It's my first one so it's not that good. Please give some hints.


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28 Nov, 2017
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2 mins
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