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Kerra's fairytale

Kerra's fairytale

By Soliderheart12

As I walked toward the front door of my house I got the feeling something bad was going to happen. As I jiggled the old knob of our door I felt heavy breathing on my neck. I stopped and turned my head I didn't scream or yell or shriek I just stood there in astonishment. There in my driveway were the tiny faces of little fairies. I walked toward them to see if I was just imagining it all. But when one of the tiny fairies flew up toward my face I could see this was no dream. I was living in a fairytale.

I tip~toed into the dark dirty house. Only hoping my mom wouldn't wake up from her slumber and ask me stupid questions like how was school or what did you have for lunch. It was things like this that put me in bad moods. I don't know why or what causes it but for some strange reason they made me very upset. I walked up our cold dirty stairs and as I walked they creaked and creaked and creaked. On the seventh step I stopped in my tracks because I knew my mom was standing at the base of the stairs waiting for me to look in the eyes and tell her why I was late coming back from school. Kerra where have you been you were supposed to be back home over an hour ago. Mom calm down I uh... I started taking a photography class at school and we went to take pictures after school. Oh well how was school. And there it was the one question that annoys so much. But I answer. Fine. I try to get out this conversation by lying and saying I have a ton of homework. She says ok and let's me go upstairs. I reach my room and sit my backpack down. I pick up my old ugly phone and look through all the numbers of people I try to ignore. For me school isn't the funnest part of my day. Since i don't have a lot of friends I sit in the back of all my classes and pretend I'm not there. But then the teacher calls on me and thirty sets of eyes meet with mine waiting to hear the answer to the teachers question. And when I answer its always wrong and I'm so embarresed I want to die but today today was different...

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About This Story
23 Jan, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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