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Day Blaze

Day Blaze

By djreed7100 - 1 Review

Roland is about to shoot when he suddenly pump fakes. I'm not falling for it. I squirm out, 'yea Rol you got me.' This comment doesn't seem to register and he suddenly he cross up dribbles through his legs and burns me. Roland looks back and up at and smirks, 'nine five.' I am losing. I have to distract him somehow. He's on fire today. I tell stupid jokes. I foul him, still he's on a roll. Finally he hits a fade away jumper and announces, 'game.' Noah rolls up just in time to see Roland's jumper hit nothing but net. 'Damn Reed, he burned you.' Quickly to avoid further torment, I spit out, 'what you want next?' Noah reply's,' all right, run it.' He throws his keys down with a few pieces of gum and what appears to be a container. Noah checks it in. "We playing to twenty one right?' I head back yea. Not being in the mood to chat I say, 'word.' Noah hits the first three shots. It's three nothing, not looking too good. I prompt him as if I haven't had enough yet, 'come on let's see that j.' Suddenly he just drops the ball turns and asks Roland to throw him that tobacco thing. He removes a cylinder shaped object from it's cavity with surgical precision. We sit, stretch and light it up. Commence thirty minute break. No words are spoken for a few minutes except, 'Reed this will help your game.' Noah and Roland have a chucked.

The joint must have worked. I ran off twelve straight points putting the nails in the coffin for Noah. Roland jumps back in. First to score thirty five, wins. Shots go up, shots come down, shots go up, shots bang off the rim is the pace now. Roland spills out, 'yo I got another j.' 'Yea right,' Noah say's. 'What, you don't believe me?' Roland digs in to the top of his rolled up knee high tight converse sock and snares out a doobie. Our game gives way to another joint session. Commence thirty to forty minute split. The necessity to ball has faded away. Grub is our next immediate necessity. ' Here's an idea boys, Jen's?' Roland grins and nods yep. Noah smiles ear to ear. We head to Jennifer' s house.

We're high, in high school and without jobs. Jen's house is our haven. She's real sweet and generous and according to popular consensus, gorgeous. Jen and I have been friends since kindergarten. Knock knock, 'who's there?' presumably Jen answers by saying, 'the door is open. Her arm unfolds, 'come in boys, come, you guys hungry?' Was she expecting us? 'Jen were you expecting company?' Jen blows all the air out of her lungs, 'no, just busy.' Busy doing what,' I wonder. I am cleaning the kitchen, watching my little sister and trying to cook these cookies for her softball team.' Nice. 'Ah well let us help you,' Roland say's. 'Sure can you empty the garbage in return, Jen slips out?' Noah now , 'yep, I'll get the other bag.'

Somebody begins yawning from another room. I say, 'Jen ah, who's that?' Before she can answer, a brown dude wearing bikini trunks, her's I presume, steps in. It's Garfield. Garfield is brown, bald and nearly naked. I say out loud, 'interesting.' Garf is now smiling ear to ear and say's, 'what are you guys doing here?' Roland chimes in, 'your mom is looking for you.' Garf just grins. Garf is just out of college and far from home. Jamaica far. We are in Jersey. Awkward pause for Jen.... Garf see's cookies and bee lines it. Noah, Roland and I make faces of disgust.

Author Notes: day blaze

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27 Oct, 2014
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3 mins
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