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Kidnapped Diaries
Kidnapped Diaries

Kidnapped Diaries


Chapter One

I roll over on my side after hearing my alarm clock go off for twenty minutes, by alarm clock, I mean my sister. "Vi, get your big butt out of bed!" Scar yells loudly from outside my ancient bedroom door. Ugh. Another day following in the footsteps of my sister. I slither out from under my blankets and grab my clothes for the day.

I walk into my plain, tiled bathroom and look at myself. How people get Scarlet and I mixed up, I have no clue. I have shoulder length black hair and purple eyes while my sister has long, flowing, strawberry blonde hair and inhumanly green eyes.

"Violet Marie, hurry the heck up! We are going to be late to school!" Scar roars from downstairs.

"Okay, okay, I'm hurrying," I throw my clothes on,grab my black purse-thing and run out the door. Scarlet is already sitting in her stupid, yellow "save the ecosystem" hybrid and waiting, not so patiently, for me to slide into the tan colored passenger seat. In order to get in her car I have to kick empty soda cans to the side so there is room for me to put my feet on the floor. I’ve told her a million times that soda is unhealthy, full of caffeine and sugar that makes you gain weight, yet her car looks like this.

"Violet, I'm not going to be able to take care of you forever, you know that, right?" Scar asks as she turns out of our driveway. She sounds a little sad, as though all she ever does is take care of me.

"Well, duh!" I exclaim. "You leave for college next year."

"That is exactly my point, I am leaving next year and you are going to have to take care of yourself. You know, like getting out of bed and to school on time." Just as she finishes, we arrive at Jennifer County High School. I jump out of the car and rush inside before she is even parked.

The school is a simple, one story, brick building with dirty, cracked windows from kids trying to escape this prison. The inside is painted white with pictures of the school mascot, Hammie, everywhere. Built into the walls are "full-sized" grey lockers, probably filled with random papers that a student shoved in there then forgot about.

Once inside, Josiah, my sister's boyfriend, calls out to me. "Hey Violet," I cringe as he says my name "Have you seen Annabelle?" he asks using my sister's first name. Josiah is the tallest guy I know so I must look up to see his face. His blonde hair glimmers in the pale light. If only all of him looked that nice. I peer into his brown eyes, which look as though they can see all the way into my soul. Creepy.

"No, I mean, it’s not like I live with her or anything." I seethe sarcastically still ambling to my class.

"Uh... What?"

"Ugg. She is parking the car, she'll be inside soon." I say as I reach the door.

"Okay, thank you Violet."

"Hey, ass hole!" I yell as the bell rings. "My name is Vi, not Violet, get it straight."

I walk into my history class as slowly and quietly as possible. "Ms. Hellfire, you must stop being late to my class or I will have no choice but to put you in detention!" Mr. Franks shouts as I enter, causing every student in the class to turn and look at me.

"Y-yes sir" I murmur as I begin to sit.

Mr. Franks clears his throat as he points at his extensive list of rules posted on the wall directly across from the door. "Rule number three, Ms. Hellfire, rule number three."

"How could I forget," I sigh as I roll my eyes and walk to the back of the room, reciting the rule from memory. "If you are late, you must stand until permitted to sit."

Chapter Two

"Check mate! Another victory by your beloved queen!" I shout taunting my boyfriend Luke.
"Damn baby, how do you beat me every time?" He asks gently, putting the chess set away. I stare at him a moment. Luke has long brown hair and sky-blue eyes that make me melt inside every time I glance his way. "Stop doing that Vi." He says as his ears turn a bright pink.
"I'm sorry Luke. I just like to admire your features, is all." I whisper so he can barely hear me over the parade of kids entering the cafeteria. Land of the socially inferior. Like any high school there are quite a few cliques: the jocks, preps, geeks, nerds, floaters and my group the outcasts.
Luke smiles lightly as my phone begins to vibrate. I look down at the beaten-up piece of plastic in my hand, "Damn it, Nathanial is calling me" I mutter and walk outside of the lunch room.
"Hello, this is Vi, how may I help you?" I say as I press the phone to my ear.
"Hey, Hi, how are you?"
"I'm fine, what do you want?" I reply dryly.
"Well, with that attitude I may as well hang up."
"Okay, I'm sorry, how may I help you?" I repeat from when I answered his call.
"I'm throwing a little shin-dig tonight starting at six and I was wondering if you would like to go."
"Can Luke come?" I ask, not wanting to go alone.
"Uh..." He says nervously, "Why not?"
"Kay. I will consider it, bye Nate," I practically shout as I hang up, relieved to be off the phone with my ex-boyfriend. I walk over to my group and relay the information about the party.
"That is a great idea, Vi" Luke smiles "We need to get out a bit."
"Sweet, lemme go ask Scar if I can go."
I walk into the other side of the cafeteria, watching where I step. This is a new world filled with push up bras and steroid syringes. I walk over to where my sister is sitting when I notice that she has a completely different outfit on than when we left the house this morning. Before she was wearing faded blue jeans, a pink tank top, and running shoes, now she is wearing a mini shirt, a low V-neck, and black stilettos.
"Hey sis, can I talk to you for a sec?" I ask nervously.
"What do you want?" She retorts as she moves slowly off her man of the week’s lap.
"Well, my friend is throwing a little get together tonight and I was wondering if I could go. It starts at six." I reply quickly barely giving her the true details of the party.
"Hm..." She says thinking cautiously, "Okay--"
"Thanks" I say interrupting her.
"Hold on a second Vi, I wasn't finished yet. Yes, you can go, but you are going to be doing double chores for a week" she pauses "And I get the last cherry pop in the fridge.”
"Okay," I shrug turning back to my group "I don't like soda anyways, Thanks Scar."
"Hold it right there!" She shouts, "You don't plan on going out like that do you?" I look down at my chosen outfit for the day, slightly offended.
"What is wrong with this?" I question angrily.
"Black skinny jeans that aren't even skinny on you, a Black Veil Brides t-shirt and worn to death converse because you refuse to buy new shoes, you think that's okay to wear to a party Vi?" she inquires, pulling her wallet out of her purse.
"Well, yeah, what else would I wear?"
"Here take this, spend as much as you need to get a halfway decent outfit." She begins to hand me her credit card.
"Heck no. I'm going just like this" I reply stubbornly quickly turning away from her. As I am walking I pull my phone out of my pocket, and shoot Nathaniel a quick text "I can go, see you there."

Chapter Three

I arrive to the party a few minutes late, but it doesn't seem as though anyone is there. I pull my phone out of my pocket and dial Luke's number.
"Hey beautiful, how are you?" He answers almost immediately.
"I'm okay, where are you?"
"Oh, yeah, I meant to call you earlier but I can't make it. I'm sorry baby girl"
"It’s okay, I was just really hoping that I didn't have to be here alone." I whine softly.
"Well hey, I gotta go but call me when you get home alright?"
"Kay, talk to you later" I say as I hear him press the end button on his phone. "Well that didn't last long, at least there will be other people here." I knock on the door again and wait ten minutes. After no one answers I begin to turn around when I feel something hit me in the back of the head. I fall to the ground with a thud, I look up slowly, squinting trying to see, I can't make out much before a bag is placed over my head and I black out.

"Mommy, mommy!" I hear someone shout as I look around slowly. I'm standing next to my mother's hospital bed. "Mommy, mommy!" I hear again before I see a six-year-old me come running in the door.
"Honey," She says weakly "How many times have I asked you not to shout in the hospital?" She sits up slowly, the pain clearly visible on her face. "So many wires." I think to myself unable to look away.
My six-year-old self looks at the ground "Lots of times, mommy" she says in a hushed tone.
"Where is your sister?" she asks worriedly
"on her way up, I beat her again, mommy, I'm getting faster and faster every day!" my younger self responds cheerfully. I see my mother smile, "oh how I miss her"
I think to myself. Just then the seven-year-old Scarlett walks in.
"Annabelle Scarlet Hellfire" our mom says still wearing her smile "I know daddy left after the doctors said I only had a little bit of time left so I need you to do me a favor, okay?"
"Sure, momma, anything" she says in a voice more mature than her own.
"When I go to sleep I need you to take care of Violet Marie, can you do that Annabelle? Can you do that for me?" She asks tears welling in her eyes.
"Yes, momma, I can do that, but you’re not going to sleep, yet are you? Its lunch time, we were going to have lunch together today remember?" She asks in a hurried tone.
"Why don't you both go get an ice cream and we can talk when you guys get back" She says handing Scarlet a five-dollar bill. Both of us smile and run out of the room quietly as a nurse walks in. That's when we hear the unmistakable flatline tone of the heart monitor. We both turn around with an urgency that shook us and run into the room yelling "Mommy!"

Chapter Four

"Boss she's awake" Someone whispers from the other side of the room. I jump slightly, suddenly realizing I am handcuffed.
"H-Hello" I stutter in a shaky voice "I-is anyone there?" All I hear in response is the pitter patter of a drippy faucet.
"Hello, is anyone there?" I ask again, this time in a much calmer voice.
"Oh, yes we are here" Someone states nonchalantly as I hear the unscrewing of a light bulb. "We have been here the whole time"
"Whole time?" I ask beginning to freak out "How long have we been here?" This time the voice doesn't respond, instead the light comes on in a flash of blinding white. I am now able to see the face in front of mine. The face is that of a boy about my age, he has deep green eyes, a partial beard and jet-black hair, at first, I do not recognize who it is. "Nate? Is that you?"
The boy in front of me smiles. "It’s good to know we didn't hit you so hard that you lost your memory. Yes, it is me."
My eyes widen with fear, "What’s going on Nate? Is this another one of your stupid jokes?"
"No Violet" another voice says, "We kidnapped you, you stupid little whore!" I recognize the voice almost immediately, Josiah my sister’s boyfriend, he is the only male to ever call me by my whole first name since my father left.
I start to try pulling my hands out of the handcuffs, but it doesn't work. "Seriously, what the hell did I do to either of you idiots?" I question.
Nate walks away from me, rubbing the back of his neck. "Do you really not know what you did?" I shake my head tiredly as he paces the small room. "You idiotic female... You dumped me!"
"It’s not my fault you're a sex-crazed jerk" I smirk
Josiah slaps me hard across the face as I finish speaking. "Don't you dare talk to him like that."
I let out a small yelp "how do you plan on getting away with this anyways?" Josiah pulls my phone out of his pocket and pulls up a text that was sent to my sister. "Hey Scar, Staying the weekend with Izzah Bellah. Talk to you Monday."
I laugh loudly as he puts the phone out of my reach "You think she is that gullible? Because if you do you’re a dumb ass." Josiah raises his hand to slap me again.
"Josiah get the hell away from her she is mine" Nate says creepily as he pushes his friend away "She is all mine."
"The hell I am" I shout as I kick him in the groin. The sound that comes out of his mouth is a mix between a dog being shot and the Devil being dunked in holy water.
Josiah glares at me intensely from the other side of the room as his friend falls to the ground in pain. How the heck am I going to get out of this mess? I close my eyes tightly, counting to ten slowly before I open my eyes, wishing that this was just a nightmare. When they are fully open I notice that the boys are heading out of the room. “Where are you going? You’re not leaving me, alone are you?" Neither of them answer me, instead they walk into a dark hallway and turn off the light to the room I am in.

Chapter Five

A few minutes later I hear chains scraping along the ground towards the room. "Do we have to do this? She is going to end up getting free and you know it!" A muffled voice whispers as the chains are dropped on the ground.
"I want her to have some freedom, Josiah. Otherwise she will hate me even more. Remember this is to get her to date me again."
"I don't care if you’re trying to make her the Queen of England! She is going to get free and she is going to get us thrown in jail. Trust me you don't want that, Nate. Jail is not a nice place."
"Just get in there and feed her before she dies of malnutrition." The light turns on again in an instant and I close my eyes immediately pretending I am asleep. This will work, maybe they won't touch me. A hand is placed on my shoulder and I jump slightly. Nice one, genius. Blow your cover.
"Don't worry doll face we knew you were awake."
I open my eyes slowly and ask drearily "What are you talking about?" Nate doesn’t answer me but walks to the other side of the room and places a brown tray on the small table. “Is that sanitary?” I look closely at the tray, on top of it is a cup full of something that looks like mountain dew, a small salad and a sandwich.
“You don’t get sanitary. You don’t deserve it.” Josiah snaps as he grabs the glass and spits into it.
“You know I don’t drink soda, Nate.” I state blandly, looking away from Josiah. “Why would you get me soda if I don’t drink it?”
Nate smiles as he walks over to me, “Yes. I know you don’t, Vi. But I felt as though I would force you to make quite a few decisions, the first of which being whether you are willing to stick to your morals or save your own life.”
If I don’t take the soda I will become dehydrated and may get sick. Yet, at the same time if I do I will be compromising my own morals and I would feel awful. I look up at Nathaniel slowly, “Fine, I’ll take the soda. But I’m not drinking anything his spit has been on or near”.
Nathaniel glares at his friend “Go get her a fresh glass of Mountain Dew and if I see that you compromised it in any way you will get your backside handed to you. Do you understand?” Josiah nods and grabs the glass before slowly walking out of the room. “Now, Vi. I am going to attach a chain to your ankle so you will be able to move around. I am going to trust you, Vi. Don’t do anything stupid.” He walks into the hallway and I hear the chains scraping along the ground once again. He enters the room with chains that are linked together for strength, the shiny silver glaring at me. I watch as he walks over to a little notch in the floor and loops the chain through it with precision, as though he has done it before. He walks over to me and shows me the part of the chain that will be locked around my ankle.
“You don’t have to do this Nathaniel. I promise I will stay, I won’t make a ruckus I will sit here and be quiet I promise.” I beg as I begin to cry.
“I’m sorry, Vi. I have to do this.” He states sullenly as he attaches the metal cuff to my ankle. “I am going to uncuff you but the second you make a move I will cuff you again. I swear it Violet.”
I sit there dumbfounded for a second. “Did you just call me Violet?”
Nate steps back realizing his own words. “Vi, I am so sorry I don’t know what I was thinking, I am so sorry.” I look down at the cuff on my ankle as Nate walks behind me and starts uncuff my hands.
“What are you doing?!” I hear Josiah shout in the midst of Nate uncuffing me.
“What does it look like?”
“This wasn’t part of the plan, dude.”
“I don’t care anymore. We already caused her enough pain.”
“We had a plan. We were planning for months.”
“Well, she promised she wouldn't do anything.” Nate says finally finished uncuffing me. I stand slowly and run to the other side of the room, curling up into a ball far away from all the noise is. I look up about five minutes later and notice that Josiah is standing right in front of me.
“What’s going on? Where is Nate? I want Nate, where is he?” I ask hysterically as he walks menacingly closer to me slowly taking his belt off.

Chapter Six

I lay on the ground crying, my clothes scattered randomly around the room. How could he do that to me? He is dating my sister for crying out loud.
“Vi?” I hear Nate ask. “Vi, what the heck happened in here?” I don’t respond, instead I curl up tighter and hope that Nate goes away. “Vi, talk to me. Please tell me what happened. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.”
“He hurt me” I mumble as I begin to sob more. “Go away. I feel dirty enough as it is.” When he leaves the room, I hear shouting so I cover my ears. After a few minutes, I get up slowly and grab my clothes, putting them on quickly. I need to get out of here. I look around the room and notice the glass full of Mountain Dew. If I hurt myself Nate will have no choice but to take me to the hospital… Right?
I walk over to the table and I push the glass off, watching it shatter on the ground. I hope they didn’t hear that. I grab the sharpest shard I can find before I hear footsteps coming towards me. I press the sharpest end against my wrist as Nate runs into the room, Josiah following close behind.
“What the heck are you doing Vi?” I hear Nate shout. I don’t respond instead I press the glass shard harder against my wrist. “Vi, stop it you’re hurting yourself!”
“Let her. I’d be glad if she died” Josiah chimes in.
“What is your issue Josiah?” Nate shouts.
“She is a stupid whore who dumped my brother. Plus, she called me an idiot.” He states as he glares at me.
“I’m sorry, Nate. But I can’t do this anymore.” I push the glass shard into my arm and fall onto the other shards. Please care for me enough to get me to the hospital. I look up at Nate as he runs over to me and picks me up, saying something but I am unable to hear him over the sound of blood rushing in my ears. “I’m so sorry” I mumble as I go unconscious in his arms.

Chapter Seven

I wake up in a place that is all too familiar, the sterile smell, the undertone of sadness, the quiet beeping. Why am I here? I’m not sick, or at least I don’t feel sick. I look around slowly and notice the get-well cards on the table at the foot of the bed. Why am I here? I can’t remember anything.
“Vi! Oh, em Gee! Your awake!” Scarlet yells as she jumps into the bed with me and squeezes me as tight as she can. “How are you feeling?”
“Can’t. Breathe.” I state between unhelpful gasps of air.
“Oopsie, sorry sissy.” she says as she lets go of me. “I’m going to go fetch the doctor but I will be right back I promise.” After she leaves I check myself over, I notice a cut on my arm, a few bruises on my wrist and bruises on my ankles.
Now I really want to know what happened to myself. The doctor enters the room with my sister. “What happened to me?” I blurt out as she enters.
“All I know is that you were dropped off here a few days ago, unconscious, with nothing but the clothes on your back and your cell phone.” She states as she checks my charts. “Also, we ran a few tests and I have some good-bad news for you.”
I look at her suspiciously. “Okay, what is it?”
“Good news first, you’re pregnant” I stare at her a moment. “Bad news, you were raped and we can’t tell by who.”
“You’re kidding, right?” I ask frightened.
“I wish I was.” She says as she turns to leave the room.
“Wait! Why can’t I remember anything?” I ask softly.
“Short-Term memory loss. I can give you the numbers of a few psychologists to help you remember” and with that she leaves.
“Sissy… I can’t be pregnant. This is impossible.”
“I know honey” She walks back over to me and pets my hair. “I know. Maybe we can give the psychologist a call and see if he can help, okay?” I nod slowly as tears stream down my face.
“Let’s call him.”

Chapter Eight

~7 Months Later~
“Wow Vi, we have made a huge break-through this week.” My psychologist says as she turns off her recorder. “I am very proud of you.”
“Thanks” I sigh as I look at the ground in front of me. How could I have forgotten that happened. Is that why Nate hasn’t been around? I place my hand on my belly.
“What are you thinking?” She asks looking at me curiously.
“Why couldn’t I remember any of this?”
“Our minds block out certain memories until we are able to handle them.” We sit in silence for a moment before she speaks again, “So how are you going to deal with this information?”
“Can I get a copy of the recording?” I ask intently.
“Sure, what are you going to do with it?”
“I’m going to write my story.” I state.
“What do you mean?”
“I am going to go home and write my story so that other girls can know that everything will be okay.”
“That’s a great idea, Vi. Well, that is all the time we have for today. I will see you next week at the same time.”
When I get home, I run straight to my room to begin working on my story. I set my stuff down and notice a single red rose and a note lying on my bed.
I am so very sorry about everything that happened. I was a child and a fool. You mean the world to me and I hope that everything will be okay between the two of us eventually. I know that Josiah raped you and he admitted to it a little after we took you to the hospital. I don’t care about getting you back. But I made a bank account for the baby. I pray it helps. I miss you Vi...
With Love,
I smile as I pick the rose and set it on my desk next to my type-writer. Time to write my story. I put in a fresh ink ribbon, playback the recorder and begin to type:
I roll over on my side after hearing my alarm clock go off for twenty minutes, and by alarm clock I mean my sister...

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