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kill for you
kill for you

kill for you

3 Reviews

I knock on your door
You answer but you don't recognize my face
Keeping up with you has become a chore
Our relationship is left broken like an untied shoelace

I got blood on my hands
And I'm laying on the floor
Let me in, I promise you'll understand
I'm hiding things I can't keep in anymore

I did it all for you
So I didn't feel anything at all
You're stuck in my brain like a tattoo
And I killed someone for you

Trying to hide all the evidence
While I'm on the run
Looking over my shoulder, can't help the restlessness
On the suspects list, I'm number one

Will you hide me when my face is on the news?
When I break, will you pick up the tissues?
When you hear the sirens, will you turn me in to the authorities?
After all of this, are you expecting apologies?

You need to understand that the one I killed was me,
Changing what I was for what you wanted me to be
I did every single thing you asked
I hope you like me now 'cause there's no going back

I changed everything that was me
They're after me, I'm a runaway
And now I'll never be free
I'm a goner anyway.

I'm not alive, but I'm a survivor.
Waiting for the heat of the fever
To take over.

Author Notes: inspired by if i killed someone for you by alec benjamin.

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25 Apr, 2020
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