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Killian - Chapter One
Killian - Chapter One

Killian - Chapter One

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"What a baby," sneered the ginger brute.

The rubber bottom of the bully's boot connected with Killian's nose. Blood immediately dripped down to the teenager's lips and Killian wiped it off, tasting the metallic flavor. She could picture the bully as a giant, menacing bulldog with bubbling foam filling his mouth.

The beast lifted his heel and Killian winced, bracing herself for another swift kick to the face. He paused and let out a sharp, ugly outburst which appeared to be a laugh and leered at the fallen girl with triumphant brown eyes.

Killian was small for thirteen and noticably shorter than the rest of the girls her age. She was known for not being able to stand up for herself.

"You're a coward." the boy snickered as he kicked her to the ground a final time and headed off. Killian gingerly touched below her left eye where the blow had landed and grimaced. It would definitely leave a bruise.

Killian woke up with a gasp and sat upright in her bed. Although it was a dream, it was also a flashback. Kids always used to tease her for her cowardice and size. Even now, Killian was smaller and shorter than the average twenty year old and was still somewhat a coward, but she strongly intended to change that.

She situated her black browline glasses over her icy blue eyes and pulled her light blonde hair into a messy ponytail. She quickly changed into light colored skinny jeans and a gray tank top with a black leather jacket. Once finished, she stomped down the stairs of her two bedroom apartment without an ounce of decency for her neighbors who were likely still sleeping.

Killian shuffled into the kitchen and made herself breakfast which consisted of only coffee - a dark roast with no cream or sugar. With the way-too-hot-to-drink coffee in hand, she slipped out the door and drove to work.

Everyday was a bore. Get up early, go to work, go home, sleep, repeat. But there was no time for anything else in her life. Being busy, working double shifts, etc. equals a good pay and that's all that matters.

The door was already unlocked. There's always at least one worker already there before her. "I know we didn't discuss it with you first, but the employee list is running low so we hired someone. She's friendly and I know you'll like her." a peppy waitress informed her.

"You don't know me," Killian muttered bitterly, clearly irritated that they did not go over the resume with her.

The employee lounge doors swung open a little too violently and she glanced over her shoulder to see a sixteen year old girl bouncing towards her with a wide grin spread across her face.

Killian already hated her. "My name is Sukie, you must be--"

"Killian. I'm the head chef and I am also your manager." she cut in, voice laced with venom.

A fire burned in her raging blue eyes as she stormed off into the kitchen and began to wipe everything down before opening time.

Sukie blinked wide, dark blue eyes in surprise. "Is she always like this?" she whispered to a waitress who was polishing the tables.

She cast an anxious glance towards the kitchen just in case Killian had super-hearing and yelled at her.

The waitress smiled at her empathetically. "You just have to get used to her. If you stand up to her, she'll back down. Killian isn't as fierce as she seems."

Sukie raised an eyebrow. She wasn't sure that was good advice. Standing up to her manager on her first day? Well, she supposed a try wouldn't hurt anything.

Sukie made her way to the kitchen, nervously tucking chin short, almost-black hair behind her ear. Killian paused her steady prowl around the kitchen and barking orders, her stride coming to an abrupt halt. "Can I help you with something?" she snarled, voice as cold as her fierce looks.

Needless to say, it appeared to be an empty gesture. Sukie swallowed and stood up a bit straighter. "None of us are grateful for your nasty attitude. So shut your fat trap before I shut it for you!" she roared. The outburst was out of character for her, but the waitress said it would work so she did it anyway.

Killian flinched and dropped the cup she was holding. It shattered on the ground. Sukie expected Killian to snap at her but instead, her manager looked at her with wide, fearsome eyes.

Feeling bad for what she had said, Sukie reached down to grab the glass shards and Killian ducked, shielding her face with her hands. Sukie paled. What was wrong with her? "I wasn't going to hit you." she said gently, face still white as snow.

"I did it again," Killian whispered hoarsely once the teenager had left. She stumbled to the ground, staring at her still-trembling hands. "This cowardice needs to stop.. somehow. I'll find a way."

Author Notes: This first chapter is short. I want to see how you like it. Comment if you would like me to continue.

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5 Aug, 2017
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