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By ArtisticLife

This is wrong,Kimberly thought. We shouldn't be arguing. Her and her friends had just finished a meeting of the debate club, but the usual playfulness was gone. I wonder what happened. Nobody will tell anybody how they feel... Kimberly felt terrible. She'd seen the stereotypical "Oh she said that, I'm not her friend anymore" type movies, but she'd thought those were fake. She realized now she was wrong. She turned around, and her long blonde hair whipped in her face. "Ow!" Her friend, Kira, laughed. Looking at her amusedly, Kimberly realized a few things-all of her friends did the same activities, had the same long blonde hair, the same hazel eyes...Oh, my God. This is soo stereotypical, she thought. She laughed, and Kira looked at her curiously. "What's up?"Kimberly asked. "Oh, Kimberly, haven't you noticed? Karin and Kiana are still fighting..I'm worried that soon well be fighting. ALL of us,"Kira explained. I have noticed. I just don't want to get involved, Kimberly thought. "Yeah, but all friends fight."

I hope she's OK. Kira hadn't said a word to Kimberly. Neither had Karin and Kiana. I wonder what I did wrong. I still don't know what happened. This is the worst way to end a friendship. Not trusting each other enough to share the truth. Then her phone started going off. She looked at it, and saw tons of forwarded messages. She started reading one from Kiana to Kira. 
"We never really liked you. We only let you be out friend because you were friends with Kimberly. We were just using you." "Well, I don't need you." Then one from Kira to Karin. "How could you do that to me?" "What do you mean?" "You lied to me. You say I was your friend." "You are." "Then somebody's lying to me." Then one from each of them to Kimberly. One from Kira saying "I'm so confused. Karin and Kiana are liars. Help me!" Kimberly quickly responded that she'd try. Then one from Kiana. "We don't like Kira. She's no good, she's a useless piece of trash. Right?" Kimberly stared at the message, astounded. Then, from Karin. "Don't trust anybody. Nothing good will come from it. I know that this will sound like I want you for myself, but I'm warning you. Kiana did it to me and Kira. You're next. We don't want to see you hurt."

The End!!

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15 Nov, 2015
Read Time
2 mins
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