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A kiss to forget

A kiss to forget

By fillingdreams

He really didn't had an idea when he started to think about her. They knew each other after they met two years back on a journey. That was short meeting lasted for only four hours and that too only a general one out of boredom in the train. They only talked about their work and day today life. They didn’t exchange any contacts, just the names.

Years passed he almost never thought of her till this evening when he ended up with the only relationship he had, in his quest to move away from this world he lived in, he ended up thinking of her. He just logged into his facebook account and searched for name. After scrolling through photos, he finally saw hers. He had to literally zoom to confirm that she was her only. He just sent a friendship request over, with the message explaining a bit of the past when they shared the moment.

Much to his surprise within two hours of his request, he received a message of acceptance of friendship on his cellphone. He immediately logged into his account and found her online. The chat grew longer and they ended up talking for about four hours.
Within a month they almost knew everything about each other.

She also had a bad relation which had already ended about a year back, but she wasn’t still through it. Some where they felt connected deep inside, moreover emotionally.

Two months passed, they still hadn’t met. He thought of her most of the time but never really felt the feeling of love for her. He cared for her and sometimes thought that he may love her if he may meet her, but wasn’t sure. It was on one of this evening when his boss called him and gave him tickets to her city, he had meeting scheduled over there. He had reach in the morning and leave by the morning.

He thought of telling her but really couldn’t decide what to do. He called one of his friend in the city and told him that he would be there and needs to stay only for the night. He boarded the train on 6th was there on 7th morning. The whole journey he couldn’ sleep , only to decide to think what should he do. As he reached the station he took out his cellphone to call his friend to pick him up. But before he could press the keys, he received a message saying good morning and tht she didn’t felt good today, just depressed.

He didn’t gave another thought and smsed her that he is here in the city and would be leaving by the night. She immediately called her, shouted a bit for why didn’t called him earlier. Finally she said that he is straight ways coming to her house for the day a her parents were out for a couple of days. He resisted for a while but she won’t listen.

she gave him the address and heI was there in half an hour.. she lived in an apartment on the 11th floor. I rang the bell and she opened the door. Her hairs were unkemptbut in a cute way. It was the first time after he met her after talking so much. She wore a knee length payjama and a sleeveless boat necked top. She smiled as she opened the door.
He stepped in to the house. It wasn't too big bt pretty attractive. He sat on the recliner and asked " are you sure there won't be any problem with his staying here"... She sat next to him and said "no, and u'll be gone by the evening" "yup" he replied..
she said u go and take a bath while I put on the breakfast... He went
to the bathroom and after 10min her voice came, "hey the breakfast is
ready"... He was also done by then and He came out just with a towel. As he
came out she was standing just in front of him...she just smiled a said in a low voice "sexy body hmmm.." he just smiled back and went to put on some thing. he just wore a t-shirt and came back in towel itself.

she was still smiling..they both took their plates and went to the recliner...we just started talking and the topic drifted to emotional side and in tht flow he asked her....."u have been relationship, but you said never met the guy" she replied "no, it wasn’t like tht we met sometimes but always on the airport coz he always had to catch the next flight" i again asked "so have you ever been kissed"...there was silence for a while and then she answered "no, whenever we met it was always too public"...and again there was silence.

She got up and said I have some cleaning to be done, you make yourself comfortable. Her voice was low. she walked with slow steps, like thinking something. Instead of cleaning she went into the room. He heard some voice like she wept. But he didn’t had the courage to go there. After an hour she came back and sat on the recliner where he sat watching t.v.. her eyes looked a little weary. She definitely cried.

She said, pretending to be normal, what were you saying, when I left. He just switched off the t.v and said, I asked “ have you ever been kissed” further he said "u know a kiss sometimes brings every emotion inside us releives us of all tht we can't let out." After saying this he just hated himself, why did he even thought of speaking it. That was it he thought, the next momet she would throw her out.

she sat looking to him for a while thn said "i dn't know why I m saying all this n also what would you think abt me bt i think u r the only person who have
the slightest possibility of understanding me...i don't know i love uor not but like talking to can u just love me for a moment and kiss me , make me forget the pain inside me." he looked at her and "I have never taken the feeling inside us to be bad...u asked me bcoz u think I would undrstand...n i do understand, i have been through the
same thing" with this i shifted closer to her, i could feel her soft hands touching mine...i looked into her eyes...she slowly closed thm n her lips were ready to be kissed... Bt I whispered not now every thing has a moment and moment is not this. Its too obvious right now..i just touched her soft face and she opened her eyes with a small smile n said "thanx.."

she gotup and asked whn are you going to the meetinge" he said "its
already 10, I think i should leave" "ok"she said...her voice was
shivering a bit...He got ready and said "hey close the door i m
leaving..she came and before i opened the door He went close to her and
placed a kiss on her cheeks and said "i'll be back"...
He went to the meeting but for the whole time He was thinking about
her..He came bck and rung the bell..she opened the door..her hairs were
wet and she wore a sweet looking skirt and t-shrt.. He entered and said “I can’t say any, you look sweet”...she just closed the door smilingly...He just went and changed into some loose clothes..
When he came out he couldn't see her..he just looked aroind and found her
looking out of the window...
He went close to her slowly and wrapped my hands slowly around and
softly laid my chin on her shoulders and his face touched her soft
for a moment she was taken aback thn relaxed knwing it ws him..he
could smell her hairs. She said "is this wrong wht i m doing" he just
turned he slowly and gently placed my lips upon hers, ...even he
hadn't kissed in a while and even he needed to relieve himself frm all
the emotions he had suppressed...
Her lips were soft and their touch sent a chill in him and even in hers as he could feel the twitch in her skin...he moved his hands slowly into her t-shirt touching her back and then moved to her hairs caressing them slowly, they were soft and could still smell her intoxicating aroma...she held me more close to herse' their bodies totally touched each other. There was sensation which he could not explain, but felt pure for that moment. He knew nothing bt he loved for that moment.. .he could the fast beating heart of hers against his..and kept on caressing her hairs to calm her down...slowly her heart slowed down and she was into the moment...their kiss became more intense they just wern't there anymore...

This continued for about twenty minutes and thn he slowly moved my lips
away frm still holding her...he just whispered did you feel it
was wrong....she just opened her eyes slowly, were shinning water
floated on the edge and she said.."i couldn't had been more right.."

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6 Jun, 2010
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7 mins
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