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Kitty CATastrophe
Kitty CATastrophe

Kitty CATastrophe

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Kitty CATastrophe

When Kitty CATastrophe was a little girl, she was normal just like everyone else. She was on a field trip with her class to the science lab. As she was there, a radioactive cat got loose and ran up to Kitty then bit her leg. She was immediately sent to the hospital to get cared for. Overnight, Kitty started to form into a cat, but she was a human sized cat that can walk on two legs. When she woke up, she didn't feel right so she got up and went to the mirror. She was terrified at what she saw. She was a giant cat. Kitty stopped going to school, she stopped going to church, she stopped going anywhere because she did not want to be made fun of. As she got older, she knew she couldn't hide herself from the world. Unknown City did not have a hero. It had a villain, Dog Man. Kitty thought that she could become a hero to help kids and animals so she made her own suit with a big orange KC on it and that's how she started fighting crime. Kitty has a power that she yet has to find herself. The day will come when Kitty finds it.

Kitty CATastrophe was in her bed napping from a long day. The day before, she was fighting against Dog Man because he was stealing dogs and cats from old people and little kids. Kitty doesn’t play when she fights. She is the toughest cat on the big, blue planet. She can unleash cats from her bag, but if you get her too mad, she will unleash tigers and lions.

“RING!” the alarm blared.

”MEOW!” Kitty woke up in fright. She turned to look at the clock to see that the time was 7:31am.

“Oh no!” she wailed. “I’m late for my next mission.” Kitty knew, after all the movies she has seen that has started like this, her day wasn’t going to be easy. Kitty immediately scrambled to her dresser to put on her lime green shirt, blue cape, and yellow pants. She tore down the stairs right when Whiskers, her maid, was scrubbing the floors. Kitty ran across a puddle then slipped and her face met the floor in a painful greeting. She got up to see what Whiskers has made for her breakfast. It was bagged food. Kitty HATES bagged food. She had to talk to Whiskers after her mission. She devoured her food and dashed out the door. Kitty was halfway down the hallway, when she realized that she forgot something. She forgot to check to see if anyone emailed her next mission. She ran inside, walked over the puddle, and zipped up the stairs. She ripped her computer from the case and accidently threw it across her bedroom. It slammed against the wall and shattered into little pieces.

“Can this day get any worse.” She said sarcastically to herself. Kitty got out her super cool cellphone to call Professor Wilbur. Just so you know, all of Kitty’s friends, her maid, and everyone she works for are all cats except her agent. He is a human because there are no cat agents out there, yet. Professor was furious with Kitty when she called.

“Why haven’t you answered your email?” he questioned Kitty. “It doesn’t even say you opened them either.”

“Sorry sir today is just not a good day.” She said “I broke my computer and-"

Professor cut her off. “No excuses.” He said. “Now for your next mission. Today you will have to find and catch Dog Man again. He has broken out of Unknown City State Prison.

“Wow.” Kitty said. "He just never learns. I just put him in prison yesterday." Then out of nowhere, a bird hit her in the head and she fell on the ground.

"Are you okay?" Professor said.

"I'm fine sir." She said.

"Now, go to the sanctuary to get your weapon then go to the garage to get your vehicle of choice and get straight onto your mission. Got it?" He asked.

"Yes sir." She said with full confidence. Kitty walked out of the room and started walking down the hallway. She walked past the garage, and past the lab. At the end of the hallway was the sanctuary where all the weapons were held. Kitty put in the password and opened the door to see all the different weapons big and small all over the wall. The room was the shape of a giant cylinder and to get to the weapons on the top you had to climb the ladders. Kitty wanted one of the best weapons which were placed on the top of the room. Kitty started to walk up the ladder. As she got just above half way up there, she was starting to get tired, But Kitty would not give up. She kept going up and up until she got to the top. She picked out the smallest gun. The gun was small, but it would hurt worse than anything if you got shot. Now Kitty had to go down the ladder. The ladder was a little slanted so the ladder did not go straight up. As she was going down, she missed a step and started thudding down the ladder. Good thing she landed on all fours.

Kitty then walked down the hallway again and went into the garage full of different vehicles. She picked out the fastest car which was the weaponized Lamborghini. She started getting into it until Professor came in.

"Ahh ahh ahh." He said. "The Lamborghini is off limits. You have to have one of the cars over there.”

Kitty turned to the motorcycle and hopped onto it. The garage door opened and Kitty slowly rolled her motorcycle out. As she was doing that, she rolled into the bushes. After she got out of the bushes she started on. Right as she was going onto the road, she saw Dog Man's dog animal catching vehicle drive past.

"What an idiot." She thought to herself. "Does he know he is driving past C.A.T. headquarters?" She just let it pass and she sped onto the road and blazed of to catch Dog Man. She got up to the rear end of the vehicle. Dog Man looked in his mirror and picked up speed and sped down the road.

"Ooo what does this button do?" Kitty said. She tapped the button and a whole bunch of guns just came out of the sides of the bike. Kitty chuckled and tapped another button that said fire. The guns were shooting at Dog Man's car and he was swerving to miss the bullets. A couple bullets hit his tires and he made a sharp turn and his car flipped over and over 5 times. His car was demolished. Surprisingly he was ok. He got out of the car and started running. Kitty had no choice but to let the lion and tiger loose. Dog Man was fast, but the big cats were faster. The tiger pounced and knocked over Dog Man to the ground.

"Good job boys." Kitty said to the cats as she was rounding them up. Just before she could call the cops, Dog Man clapped his hands together and two wolves walked up to him snarling at Kitty CATastrophe. Kitty grabbed her bag and started running to Dog Man. Kitty tripped on a rock and her bag hit the ground, and opened.

"Oh no!" She said. The bag started to shake and a whole wave of cats came out. Even her lion and tiger. She watched in amazement as the wave approached Dog Man. The wave crashed onto him and they were scratching and clawing at him in his wolves. When the cats were done, one by one they were walking into the bag. Kitty quickly called the cops and in matter of minutes they were already there. The cops cuffed him and threw him into the cop car. Kitty walked up to the door of the car because Dog Man was hinting her to come over.

"What do you want Dog Man." She said.

"I'm sorry Kitty for all the bad deeds I have done." He said

"Well you can tell that to the judge." She said and she slammed the door shut and walked away and didn't look back.

Afterwards, Kitty needed to go to Walmart to get a new computer because she broke her last one. She walked down the computer isle and she thought she saw Dog Man walk past the isle.

"That can't be him. He is in prison." Kitty said She picked out a computer and checked out. Once Kitty got to her house, she got everything set up on her new computer. Kitty was tired from her big day so she didn't eat the dinner Whiskers prepared. She got a call from Professor and she answered it.

"Great job on you mission today. You did very well so you will get points added to your record."

"Thank you sir." Kitty said

"Did you get a new computer." He asked

"Yes I did sir." She chuckled

After the call, Kitty put on her pajamas and got into her bed and went to sleep.

Unknown City was once again saved buy the brave Kitty CATastrophe and Dog Man was back in prison. For now.

The next day when Kitty woke up feeling like something wasn't right. She heard a loud boom outside. Kitty, all tired stumbled to the window and looked to see what the noise was. What she saw was a huge cloud of smoke right next to the tallest tower in the city.

"This can't be happening." She was worried. The wall of smoke was by the C.A.T. headquarters. She had no time to get her suite on. Kitty ran down the stairs and grabbed her bag and tore out the door. Everyone was outside calling for help, screaming, or running. Kitty was sprinting to the tower before anything else happened. She tried to get to the tower in time, running past people, jumping over cars. Kitty heard another explosion. This time it was in the tower. She saw the whole top of the building blow into pieces. Shards of glass were raining down like the ash from a wildfire. Kitty could still get into the building, so she still ran to get in it. When she got in, she could see people crying and running out of the tower. She had to go see if Professor was alive. She got out her lion and tiger so they can sniff him out. Kitty took the stairs to get to the 112th floor where Professor's office was. She kept running till she got to about the 9th floor. Kitty got stopped by Dog Man.

"Hello Kitty." He said. "You thought I couldn't get out of prison this time didn't you?"

Kitty hesitated to talk. "I..I guess. Just then, Kitty CATastrophe's lion and tiger came up behind her and Dog Man's wolves came up behind him. The cats pounced on the wolves and they got into a fight. Kitty saw with her eyes, her tiger fall down the stairs. She ran down to the tiger while the lion was still fighting with the wolves. Kitty saw her tiger and a chill went down her spine. She put her hand on his leg and it felt like it was broke. Same thing when she felt his ribs. A tear went slowly down Kitty's face because she thought her tiger, who was by her side all of her crime fighting life was going to die. She put her hands on the tigers side. Kitty's hands started glowing and she could feel the ribs go back into place. She put her hand on the tigers leg and it felt like it wasn't broke anymore. She looked at her hands in amazement. The power that Kitty was supposed to find has been found.

"So what if you have the power of healing." Dog man said as he was slowly walking down the stairs. "It's not like it's going to stop me from killing you."

"There won't be any healing when I have finished you." She said as she got up. She turned towards Dog Man and he looked at her. She ran up the stairs and threw a punch at Dog Man and hit him in the face. Dog Man fell back and hit the ground hard. He quickly got up and tried to punch Kitty but she blocked him. Kitty took Dog Man by the shoulders and threw him out the window that was next to the staircase. The glass shattered and she looked to see Dog Man fall to his death. Kitty was a good runner and she started sprinting up the stairs again. When she got to the 100th floor, things were on fire and destroyed. Kitty was afraid to see what the 112th floor would look like since it was the top floor and the floor where the explosion happened. She was afraid to see if it was even there anymore.When she got up there, the floor was destroyed. There was glass all over the place, the floor was destroyed same thing with to ceiling, desks were demolished, things were on fire, and half the room was gone. She needed to get Professor before the tower collapsed or if it was going to.

Kitty saw a pile of rocks on the floor and she looked to see if Professor was back there. Professor was back there but he was trapped with pieces of building over his legs. Kitty dashed over to Professor and started picking up the debris. She checked to see if he was still alive and thankfully he was.

"Can you still walk?" She asked Professor

"I think." He said

"Good, we need to get out of the building before it collapses." Kitty said. She took Professor by the hand and started going down the staircase once again. Professor was limping as he was walking down the stairs. When they got to the bottom and got outside, an ambulance was waiting for them. Professor was sent to the hospital and Kitty decided to stay behind and help other people. The firefighters got the fire out of the tower before it collapsed. Nobody died in the tower except Dog Man because he fell out of the tower. Kitty left the building and went home and went back onto her computer. The first thing she saw s an old email from Professor saying that she had to get to the tower because Dog Man has escaped prison again. Kitty just turned off her computer and went back to bed. Kitty was relieved that Dog Man was gone for good and she didn't have to worry about him anymore.

This doesn't mean Kitty CATastrophe is done with fighting crime because there are plenty of criminals to put in prison and many more times to save the Unknown City.

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