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Kitty From The City
Kitty From The City

Kitty From The City

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

My pretty mommy Kitty

Went to the gritty city

And bought me a cutey kitty.

After all, it's a pity

If you go to the city

And come back with no kitty.

This kitty from the city

Is an itty-bitty kitty.

Thanks to my mommy Kitty,

Now I have an itty-bitty kitty.

My itty-bitty kitty is pretty

But is she at all witty?

Yes! My kitty is witty.

I have a pretty kitty

That is itty-bitty and witty.

How witty is your kitty?

Have you ever seen a kitty

Spray graffiti in the city?

"I saw in the city,"

Said my pretty mommy Kitty,

"Nifty graffiti by a cool committee

Of fifty graffiti kitties."

My kitty is itty-bitty

And my kitty is pretty

But my kitty is busy.

I have a busy kitty.

"Where is my kitty?,"

I ask my mommy Kitty.

"I think kitty's in the kitchen,"

Says my pretty mommy Kitty.

Have you ever seen a kitty

Busy cooking in the kitchen?

My cutey kitty from the city

Was feeling really chilly

So she made some hot chili.

Then my cutey kitty cat

Ate my pack of Kit Kats.

"You are a cutey kitty cat

But you shouldn't eat Kit Kats!,"

Say I to my itty-bitty pretty kitty cat.

My kitty likes kites.

My kitty cat likes kitty kites.

My kitty flew a kite.

I like kitty cats and flighty kites.

My kitty sings a ditty.

My kitty plays a ditty.

My kitty dances a jiggy

To a nifty ditty.

Have you ever heard a kitty

Sing a nifty ditty?

And have you ever danced a jiggy

While a cutey kitty

Sang a nifty ditty?

So goes this ditty

About my cutey kitty

Who came from the city,

Thanks to my mommy Kitty.

© Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
6 Aug, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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