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knock knock

knock knock

By haleyhayseed

As their mother was leaving, she told her children not to open the door under any circumstance. If anyone knocks don't answer it she told them. But the boy and his sister didn't pay anybattention to their mothers warning. They thought she was being to careful. They thought they could take care of themselves in any situation. About an hour after their mother left they heard a knock knock knock at the front door. They decided to ignore it. But again they heard a knock knock knock at the door it happened again and again and it grew louder each time. Eventually the girl couldn't stand it anymore and she told her brother she was going to answer the door. When the brother reminded her of her mother's warning. The girl just wouldn't listen. Again they heard a knock knock knock at the door. Finally the girl went downstairs. Her brother lay on the couch watching tv. He heard his sister's footsteps as she went downstairs. He heard her asking loudly who is it. He heard her open the lock on the front door. Then he heard only silence. He lay there for a.while listening for any noise but heard nothing. Eventually he started getting scared his sister still has not returned. He was afraid to call out to  his sister. So he sneaked out the back door and made his to to their neighbors house. When he went into their house his neighbor was watching the local news channel on TV.  The news anchor was talking about a murder. Then they showed a reporter live at the scene of the murder. The neighbor Then said to the boy hey that looks like you house. The boy was shaking with fear. That is my house. And that's my front door and then he saw her his sister dead lying on the front doorstep spliced open.

Author Notes: I hope you all like the story

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26 Mar, 2015
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