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Knocking on Heaven's Door
Knocking on Heaven's Door

Knocking on Heaven's Door

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looking at my wrists seeing those deep cuts that I myself made because of the agonizing pain.
I get into the shower and wait for it to sting, but something is off, it doesn't sting I don't feel the pain but I see the blood running down from my wrists to palms and into the water ... the tears cover my eyes and I see nothing, I cover-up so that my parents don't worry
when I get to my room I get dressed and switch off the lights and wait for the PTSD to kick to do its job and terrorize me making me remember every single memory.


I close my eyes and I twitch that's what I do it's uncontrollable, eventually, I drift off to sleep yet there's nothing but light sharp heavy white light maybe I left my nightstand light on nope ...

I walk towards the light and there's a door a big brown oak door that's covered in gold frames with pearls I knock an angel answers, it tells me " turn around there's a mirror, and when you're done you come back okay darling ?"

when I turned around there was indeed a mirror as walk towards it I obviously see myself, but it reaches out and I decide to connect my hands with it, I don't realize that tears start to roll why may ask, well she's happy that smile that lost is on her and damn it looks good, a bunch of memories flood my brain it feels like deja-vu, yet it feels so nice I look closely and it's smiles and laughter all the way with my friends and family, I look so happy.

the angel appears and asks me "so do you wanna stay, I really would like to see you grow up " that's when I realized this was no ordinary angel it was my deceased aunt ... "I'm always gonna be there for you I love you "

I jump awake and realize it was just a dream, but felt so real for a moment ...

Author Notes: I love you ...

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17 Nov, 2020
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