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Kristen, Maybe the "One"

Kristen, Maybe the "One"

By Nguyen

This is just a story about me, a shy quiet but strange asian-american boy thats a freshman at Germantown High School and also plays Football for the school.

It all started when she was transferred to my school. I was shocked to get a new student 20 weeks into school. Her name was Kristen Pacstin. It was strange cause on that very day i was partnered up with her for a group project in class and at first she seemed like a very cool guy that probably would never give me the time a day for anything. After about 10 minutes into class she was on her phone texting and then just started talking to me.

Her : Hi! Whats's your name?

Me : Hieu and you?

Her : Oh cool, My name's Kristen.

(Ambulance noises outside)

Her: You hear that outside?

Me : Yea, i wonder whats happening.

Her: Well apperently, some girl just passed out.

Me: Oh, wow..

Well anyways you guys and girls probably knows how it goes with the short talks. After a bit of talk we just left and i thought it was just a normal day and she probably never tlk to me again. Surprising enough the next day we got partnered up once more and she was both cool and smart (Qualities Rarely Seen Together) and i'm here like "Wow, i can't believe there's someone like this girl here in such a place. Then we just got cool with each other.

Days later we were working together once more and then this loud mouth retarded guy name "Kameron" decides to just barge in and tries to flirt with Kristen and usually the girls would go along with it, BUT!! surprisingly enough she just hated him with all her guts like WOW!! i can't believe it! right then i knew she be a perfect girl.

This is where my amazing friend Jenny comes in. Jenny has a BF already and i don't really like him, but whatever for now. She apperently knows Kristen and talks to her and thinks she "ok". So me and my stupid self still thinking she still one of those Popular Girls, couldn't possibly do anything. Jenny started telling me things about Kristen that only made me like her more. She told me she does gymnastics and the girls is weird, i just think its attractive and funny! Jenny helped me most throughout all of this so she is the best!

Well skip ahead through some boring weeks, and this is when i made the best choice ever made! This annoying boy named Orlando sat near me and was always annoying me so i asked to be moved, and What luck!! i was moved right next to Kristen. So then on me and her got to talking more! then later on without saying anything she automatically chooses me for anything we no matter what anyone says im with her for the class stuff it was the best and she always had me rolling on the floor laughing (rofl) and i also made her laugh at times.

I finally got the guts to ask her to a school event 2 days later, and it made me sad that she told me that day that she couldn't come because she had to go out of town for some stuff she wouldn't tell me. What happen the next day shocked me!! She passed on it and went to school!! So, as you can tell, she went with me, by the way it was a school talent show, and we had the best time ever! We were laughing throughout all of it by how horrible the acts were! OMG I still can't stop laughing!! One of the greatest moments ever!

Well afterwards, we left and that day i finally got her number, WITHOUT ASKING!! It only gets better from there with her calling me her Bestest Best Friend to my friend Jenny and her friends, and sorry but the story ends her cause i cant see or speak to her till monday at school, cause apperently her mom took up both her phone and iPad so it sucks bad. My plan is to(if succeeds)ask her to stay afterschool wednesday to actually make her mine. All i can do for now is hope and hope.

Thank you all for reading a sequel will come whenever it happens!

to be continued........

Author Notes: to be continued.........

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About This Story
13 Apr, 2013
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3 mins
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