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By Krystal - 1 Review

Kurt Baronair: Chapter 1

A Chapter by Willow

In the late 1900s, well near the end a young man started what would be known as one of the worst crimes in American history. His name would be linked to death and destruction for all time. Kurt Baronair was just an average man, he was a follower of the law but even the best fall from grace. His story starts on the night of his first kill.

It was raining that night. Kurt, a tall and slender man was running. A group was chasing after him. He ran all the way around a corner, only to trip and fall. He tried to get back up but the men grabbed him first. They threw him against the wall and start beating him.

He tried to fight back but the scrawny figure of Kurt was not met for fighting. The men only stopped when they heard the familiar siren of the police. They ran down the alley, leaving Kurt to bleed out from his wounds. He lost a lot of blood, no one thought he would make a full recovery.

He got up though. He fought on. He was determined to make sure he survived. Kurt trained his still healing body. He got stronger from these events. In no time he was released from the hospital. The police never found his attackers.

One day while throwing darts he comes to a realization. He walks on over to the dartboard and pulls the dart out. He turns it around in his hand and smiles to himself.

Walking out he drops the dart in the garbage. He walks on over to a group he knows know what he wants. He walks on right up to the gang. They look at him, shrugging him off just off a glance.

"Hey! Don't look away from me!" Kurt yells.

The leader of the gang turns back to him. He taps Kurt in the cheat. Kurt falls backwards a little. "Scram." the man says.

"As soon as you can tell me where I can find the people who attacked me." Kurt replies.

"You think we know where they are?"

"You're the Raging Tigers, of course you do. Talk." Kurt demands.

"Nobody tells a Raging Tiger what to do!"

"Oh yeah?" Kurt moves right into the man's face. "I have nothing left to lose, what about you? You got tons to lose so why don't you just tell me what I want to know!"

The man smiles. "I like you kid. Maybe if you where younger you could be a dishwasher for us." the Raging Tigers all burst out into laughter.

Kurt grabs the man's face and slams it down onto the table. Everyone stops laughing.

"Still think I'm a joke!" Kurt pushes harder.

The man taps the table. Kurt doesn't let him up. "Tell me where I can find them!"

"Alright, alright. They call themselves the Wild Rockets! I swear it, warehouse on East side, number 67! I swear to my mother!"

Kurt slams the man's head once more before walking away. A while later he arrives at the warehouse. A group is gathered inside. The same group that attacked him earlier. He walks on up right to them.

"You! Isn't that the guy we attacked earlier?" one guys says, pointing at Kurt.

Kurt just smiles as another says, "Yeah that him. What asshole wants another beating?" the guy cracks his knuckles.

"I've been training." Kurt says. "I took up boxing, unbeaten these days. I've never lost a single boxing match. Of course all of this was after you attacked me."

"So what you want revenge or some s%!#?"

"Some s%@!." Kurt answers.

Kurt grabs the man and knees him. Before any of the others can react properly Kurt punches the man three times in the face. He then puts the man in a head lock while he knees he repeatedly in the balls. Finally. Kurt cracks the neck, dropping the body to the ground.

By this time everyone else had gathered around. Too afraid to do anything as the beast had already been unleashed upon them.

"You have two choices!" Kurt yells. "Work for me or join him!"

Author Notes: I made few mistakes....

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10 Oct, 2019
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