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Everyone has that point in time where everything goes bad in life and well her life went downhill when she realized that all the dates on her arm were the same. Today was the day… The end she called it because it truly was the end of everything for her. At 12:00 PM everything was supposed to happen at once. The end of the line and there was nothing beyond this day unless she stayed as a ghost. She’s only 16 years old. Her name is Dawn Jae Cullen.

“Dawn! Come here!” Her mom yelled from downstairs as her mom started to make Dawn breakfast as her mom then realized what day it was. Her mom was hiding her tears because she knew it was the day she was losing her child to an unknown cause. Her parents have been preparing for this day for a very long time because they knew they were going to lose their child. “Fredrick… Today is the day.” Is all her mother could say to her husband as he read the newspaper at the table.

Dawn was hiding on the stairs listening to her parents talk about this and she didn’t want to hurt them in anyway. She came to a conclusion that seemed very logical to her but it probably wasn’t the right answer. ‘Run to the library.’ She thought to herself and it was like running away before she had the chance to hurt her parents. She didn’t want to die in front of them and she sighs softly as she creeps back upstairs. She straightens up so she isn’t crouching anymore and she walks down the hall. The familiar beige walls seemed to never end as she walked down the hall. Her thoughts all revolved around what would happen first.. ‘Soulmate? My life's goal? Death…?’ She thought to herself and finally after what seemed like forever she reached her door. She opened the door and she looked out the window as the rain poured down. She shakes her head slightly knowing this was the kind of day people expected to die on but she pushed that thought aside. She puts on a jacket and she opened her bedroom window. She climbs out the window and thankfully she had a latter to climb down. Once her feet touched the mushy ground, she took off running out the backyard then down the street. Fast. Faster than she’s ever moved before. As she ran down the street, she ran into someone and she hit them hard. When she hit the ground there was a light thud and she looked up at the person “I’m so sorry!” She exclaimed scared the person would yell at her for running into them.

“What has you in such a rush?” A familiar male voice brought her out of her thoughts with a small smile the man helped her up quickly. “We don’t need you getting sick.” He said softly with a soft chuckle.

Dawn looked up at Avery, the man, and she chuckled to herself then she nods with a soft smile spreading across her lips “That would awful if I were to get sick.” She said almost in a teasing tone and she moved so she was standing beside him.

The two started to walk and talk as they headed to the library because they were both working on a book that was their life goal to complete.. Odd, Right? We made it to the library after thirty minutes and they walked inside while laughing. Two people glared at them for walking in while laughing. It wasn’t highly appreciated but they didn’t care almost like they were breaking the rules on their last day on earth. In a human form if they did come back in another life.

Dawn walked towards a computer and she turned it on as she sat down in a chair with a small smile still on her lips. She takes a deep breath as she logged into the computer then she went to google docs. She looked over the documents and she opens the one that said ‘For the love of the fallen.’ It was a name she and Avery agreed on. She looked over at Avery for a moment then she started to type while Avery gave her ideas for the book. The two soon decided that the two that were in love were going to die together… It was close to their story and the two looked up at the clock in unison. 11:49… is what the clock said and the two were coming to the conclusion that they wouldn’t leave the library.

Dawn stood up almost trying to admit she has been in love with Avery since middle school but she figured that it wouldn’t work and they weren’t done with the book. Avery looked up at her for a moment then he shakes his head slightly knowing the time was to come for both of them in eleven minutes… Was it so wrong to feel like you have failed in your life even though everything was supposed to be complete at a certain time?

Dawn sat down again and she felt a hand on hers then when she looked up at the clock it was 11:55… ‘Wasn’t time supposed to slow down in moments like these?’ She thought to herself as their fingers intertwined together as they sat there. The clocked ticked. Tick… Tick… Tick... The sound seemed to echo around them as they started to finish the story. As soon as they ended the story… They realized they were each other's soulmate.

Nobody was sure how exactly they died but they died in each other's. They were holding hands and they were close together. Dawn’s head was on Avery’s shoulder and they both seemed so peaceful. The book slowly became popular and it was like their love lived on through their book. Also, through their family. It was a happy ending for the two. Dying in each other’s presence had to be the best way to go.

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21 May, 2018
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5 mins
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