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Last Day of June
Last Day of June

Last Day of June

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30th June. My wife’s birthday. This day is quite eventful for both of us. She was born on this day. We met for each other on this day. We also married on this day. And just like every year, we were going to a picnic on this day. A picnic to where we had met. On the long open roads that connected our house to our spot, she told me to open the roof of the car. I did so, knowing that she would do what she always liked to do on this road. She stood up and let her hair loose. They started to fly in the speeding wind. I looked at her. The setting sun gave the sky a golden hue. Her silhouette against the golden sky was mesmerizing. She looked angelic. I realized again, that she was the best thing that had happened in my life. Our world, our small corner in the vast universe, was going well. So was our life together. She closed her and spread her arms to feel the winds of June.

But then, I heard the scream of a cruel horn. June called out, "Sam, look out!” I looked. And then my world came crashing down on me. Mashed, crumpled and black.

When I opened my eyes and my vision came back, I tried to sit up but failed. My eyes went to the desk calendar that read 4th of July. I could hear the parades going were going by the hospital. I called for the nurse. She came almost running, happy as if she saw a dead man come alive.

“Where is June?” I said in a shattered voice. Instead of answering me, she called for the doctor. He came and asked me how I was feeling. “I’m fine. Where is June?” They looked at each other. Then the nurse came and helped me to a wheelchair. It was then that I had noticed that my legs were fully plastered.

When the nurse turned the wheelchair towards the morgue, I did not want to believe. But when I saw her body, I could not but burst into tears. Her face was beautiful as ever. Her body, perfectly still. I told the doctor to call her parent. And soon her funeral was held.

October 18th was the day I was finally discharged. I could walk again, albeit not like before. My friends had come together and cleaned up the house for a heart-warming reception. They tried to setup a happy mood though they themselves were not that happy. And I knew why. June’s friends had also come to help me cheer up. But it was impossible for me. Now that she was gone.

When they left, I sat down in my study room. Recounting the days when she was with me. The days of us walking the same road was over. Our big house seemed completely barren without her. I remembered the one time we had an argument. She had asked me what I would do when she will die. I had become angry and hadn’t talked to her for the rest of the day. But that was the only time we had an argument. Our love was unbreakable. I wanted to be united with her again. My eyes went to a picture of her, kept on my table.

I remembered the last day of June. I savored every moment. It kills me to think of a future without her. My mind kept drifting to the past. To that day. To the last day of June. I wanted to relive that day over and over and over again. I wished that my life had ended that day. I gathered all her belongings and stored them neatly in her study. It took me almost the rest of the day. I, then, went to the study locked myself in there. I sat down on her study table. Lights out. Eerie silence. I buried my face in my hands. The wall clock ticked away. In my head I kept replaying my past with her. The world, slowly but surely, fading away.

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17 Apr, 2020
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3 mins
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