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Last Day

Last Day

By Poet

On the Last Day of school, Melony was rushing to avoid chaos in the halls. Except the cute, new guy was in almost every class she was in. His name was Brad. He was tall, skinny, nice, his eyes were a dark green. He seemed to always be trying to hide the fact that he was texting people, in his locker. But who? Melony really had no friends, or a boyfriend. Brad had one friend. His friend was the captain of the football team. Brad turned around, closed his locker, and smiled at Melony. He held out his hand. "I'm Brad," he said, kindly. They shook hands. "I'm Melony," She smiled, not trying to give herself away about the like thing. "I am so glad the last day has come. I have been here for about two months, you?" Brad asked. "Uhm, Yeah. Me too," She lied, (She wanted to keep a conversation flowing) "That's cool. I'm 17," Brad said. "I'm 16, What is your next class?" Melony asked. "They changed my schedule on the last day, so i don't know where this class is, Advanced Math?" He said. "Oh, okay. It's on the way to my class, I'll show you where," Melony said, sweetly. Brad followed after Melony. When they came to an open room full of people, Melony said,"Here it is. See yah around," Melony scurried off into another classroom, but Brad just watched her. He thought he liked her too.
Melony walked out of her class, realizing her stupid words, earlier. She tried to avoid Brad. She quickly ran passed the door. The principle was coming down the hall and told her go to the office. She glanced in Brad's room. Brad wasn't in there. Melony walked slowly to the office and sat in the chair. In walked Brad. "Hey, Brad. What are you doing here?" Melony asked. "I was talking in class," Brad replied. "I was running in the halls," They both laughed, as Brad sat in the other empty seat. "Thanks for showing me my class. I would have been given detention for being late. You really saved me," Brad said. "No big deal, but Your Welcome," Melony said. Melony dropped her purse and she bent to pick it up, but hit Brad's head on the way coming back up. "Sorry," They said simultaneously. But Brad waited long enough. Brad said, "Look, Melony I like you," Melony was shocked. "Really? I like you, too," The principle walked in and farted on Brad. Brad yelled and ran to Mexico.

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About This Story
11 Apr, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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