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Last Moments
Last Moments

Last Moments

2 Reviews

And in that last moment when everything was coming to an end, the sky looked so clear and blue, like the blue of a crystal lit by the rays of the morning sun. All the memories ran before his eyes in a last moment, in that moment when everything always seems to stop, as in the various hero stories he had already read as a child, in his peaceful days, before everything started to speed up, slipping, breaking around him, in shapes and passages that he could never or would ever have the courage to forget, however painful and cruel some endings had been, it was because of them that he had arrived there, at the end.

Author Notes: And here I'm again with some inspirational moment kkk. Well, that's a first for me (again), because I've already thought about some stories like this, but never wrote it down. So, hope you like it :3

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4 Sep, 2021
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