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Last Roots of Heaven

Last Roots of Heaven

By EchoReckless00

We were in the middle of war and it seem like it never ended. It was an eternal war that had been going on for years now and I wonder how we got till this point but that did not matter. Blood and sweat has already spill around the whole world and there was no way to stop this from happening and yet here I was standing in the middle of it wondering how to save it one last time. I know I had made a mistake when I first laid my eyes on her, it was as if my biggest mistake was to be her angel because we both knew that if it wasn't for the fact that I was her angel she would had never made such a mistake and everyone would had been alive now.

Ricky had been known as the darkest angel and everyone hated his guts. They knew that he was not meant to be an angel because he was born out of a sin. The worst sin. The gods looked at him with fire and hatred , more hatred than the devil himself but it seem fit since he was his son after all. I mean, lets all admit that everyone would hate the son of the devil himself, even he hated himself. His wings were dark and had so much history of blood behind them. Ricky had a long hair that fall down his knees and he took great care of it. He did not care much of fitness since his body was created in the image of his father. Strong and powerful. Yet, with all the hate in the high kindom , God did not see him with hate at all.
Ricky walked into the golden gate, passing a beautiful garden and walking up in the golden stairs. He was wearing his war clothes as always and his special word for when he had a special mission going. His eyes looked up as he realized the sad eyes on gods eyes, he had already seen this eyes, the day his mother had passed away into life. The wind seem stronger than it usually was, a terrified beat pound his chest. Finally ricky took his last step and bow before god himself.

(to be continue)

Author Notes: This is my first story In a long while. Excuse me for any misspellings.

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14 Jun, 2020
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1 min
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